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Just a 16 year old obsessed with programming and geometry dash.
App Development in Swift
posted to Ask by AshwinRR

You can only use the console with Swift on

Can i use my own ip on here in the prompt to setup a server to code on
posted to Ask by scottleeleescot

Repls have a default IP and afaik you can't change it

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Please stop posting spam stuff

enquiry about the reporting system
posted to Ask by abdultunde

@abdultunde that's not needed here on repl talk

Hello from's newest designer!
posted to Announcements by tangert

The icon thing is really cool

Assasination (attempt)
posted to Share by willbaker

Please don't spam in your description

how do i draw a circle or a square in java script?
posted to Ask by ikerf164

Khan Academy uses ProcessingJS which has those function builtin. Normal javascript does not have these functions, however there are libraries like p5.js that offer features similar to Khan Academy's Processing JS

How to download the program in a file?
posted to Ask by Danmolok

Click on the 3 dots in the file tree and click download as zip

[Solved, input still welcome] Best and fastest way to learn Python?
posted to Ask by AtriDey

Learning is not an instant process. If you'd like, you could always try Sololearn, which is an online tutorial website that has python as one of the languages it can teach.

Perfomance question
posted to Ask by aldienightstar

Every time you load a repl it creates a new container

how do i make it so my loop starts from a certain number
posted to Ask by ThAtPrOgRaMmEr

try for x in range(500, 1000000)

Empty 7: Jokes dead but ok
posted to Share by TaylorLiang

Please stop with this. if posts like this continue in the future they will be removed

Tutorials Challenge Results
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Challenge accepted

Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
posted to Announcements by mat1

Just a thought, this should be more visible to other people, as I don't think many people on repl talk are reading this post

New Sidebar Nav ✨
posted to Announcements by moudy

would be cool if the links to stuff like canny (feedback, bugs, and language requests) that used to be at the footer could be on the sidebar

What do YOU think of's new homepage?
posted to Announcements by 21natzil

There's a lot of empty space, and everything is kinda all over the place. If I could change where things are/what things are visible, I'd maybe like it, but for now I'm not a fan of it

Can you help me make this game???
posted to Ask by megaxboy

Please don't ask us to do your homework

posted to Ask by MergingPick5640

@MergingPick5640 Please try to be respectful here. Not doing so will result in you being banned from Repl Talk.

posted to Ask by DragonStrike406

Please don't ask specific users to help you, especially if you don't have any code

I need to get to Main.storyboard
posted to Ask by anthonycool

You can't make GUI applications on with Swift (because that can only be done on an Apple computer with Xcode)

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@lgoldstein133 please do not spam posts asking for help. Instead, ask for help in the Ask board

How do i save my work?
posted to Ask by afoy01

Your work is saved automatically

🚨THE THEME IS MUSIC🚨: WIN $5,000! We're having another competition!
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return of the banana

What happened to the newsletters and dev spotlights?
posted to Ask by Vandesm14

So basically, both community managers (timchen and katya) left to pursue other careers, so there hasn't really been anyone to do these things. Hopefully something can happen soon, but I think we should wait for the team to figure things out on their end first

Can someone colab with me? My JavaScript addEventListener method isn't working for some reason...
posted to Ask by ChezCoder

It is more helpful to describe your problem rather than asking someone to join a multiplayer repl

Building a CRM app with NodeJS and MongoDB
posted to Learn by GarethDwyer1

Linking to a tutorial does not count. Either make a tutorial yourself or remove this post please

What are the top programming tools you want to learn in 2020?
posted to Ask by PaoloAmoroso

I keep meaning to look into Go more, but I'd also like to get more into F#

Setting Up p5.js in Repl
posted to Learn by LeonDoesCode

Yey p5 is nice.

posted to Ask by dreamrOfficial
so this is basically reddit...
posted to Ask by SansUnd3rtale

It is in the sense that you can share stuff, ask questions, and talk with people, however you shouldn't make a post "just to talk" if that makes sense