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Spider-dot, Spider-dot, dots whatever a spider dot!

🚀 A Starter Guide to Pygame 📀
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Get in the corner!

📃 Poe - The Autonomous Poet (Major UI Update/Can now write Haikus)
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This is very cool -- also like that you named it Poe. A telltale clue that your a fan of poetry.

Sketch Identifier
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This is really cool, @ArpanDhatt! It was interesting to watch it update as I added to my drawing.

At full screen, the wheel covered part of the drawing space, but I used control+minus to shrink my text size and it displayed ok then.

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It might be cool to have an enemy counter -- I've killed all the big enemies, but there could be small ones hiding out there ...

Repl.it work dumb question
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I am enjoying working in Repl.it -- it's a challenge, some of the kids working on stuff here are soooo far ahead of me in programming, that it can be tough to help them. I'm learning new things all day every day, which is pretty awesome.

It's also been super-motivating for working on my own stuff.

The community is great (join the discord if you haven't already).

Repl does have an HQ in SF. I visited their previous HQ in SF, but they moved to a new one since I visited. Hoping to see it soon.

I believe all the full-time employees are in San Francisco, but there are a few contractors (like Katya and myself) who work remote.

Banking Simulator
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Nice progress. Keep working on it!

Code Jam Results!
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@theangryepicbanana Should have been "Bananos"!

Higher or Lower Game
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Hi chloe24603 --

I love that you thought to include instructions on how to play.

Try adding a "Want to play again?" option for the end.

And if you want to keep improving this, you could tell the player how many in a row they have and how many more then need. It will help build tension and suspense ("7 right, 3 more!").


[UPDATE AS OF 4/15/19]: 📕Language Learning Club 🤓
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This is great, @theangryepicbanana -- I think something along the same lines for printing "Hello World" and simple loops would also be great.

How Did YOU Find Repl.it
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@amasad One of my college classes used an IDE that wasn't on the lab's computer images, so we spent almost 15% of each class installing it ...
Repl.it would have been an amazing solution

I'm amazed more colleges aren't using it.

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@BSlaven The semi-colon ends the for loop and the console.log is treated like a separate instruction.

[SOLVED] My Repl is darker and I can't play it
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@ArchieMaclean It has been fixed. Thanks for reporting, @ETHANSIAO

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@themaka The game is a lot of fun though -- I also shared it in our Discord.

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@MatthewStirling The x and z commands are not really intuitive and they require you to reach down, which isn't too common in games. What if you used q and e for shrink/extend? Also maybe space in addition to w for web slinging?

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I've got Pac Man Fever!

Python Resources
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@SPQR - that's the plan. I'll probably ask the community to help build each list. My google-fu is pretty good, but people probably already have favorites for each language.

nohup: redirecting stderr to stdout
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Does it still happen if you fork your repl?

Please help me on this.
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[] usually represent an array.

Non-coding repl.it related question: posting with Share
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Sorry about that -- we spotted this error and began working on a fix earlier today, but didn't get a chance to deploy it. It should be fixed shortly.

i have this HW and the top one is the assignment and the bottom is what i have done on sublime text
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You're off to a good start.

Try writing out everything you need to do in psuedo code in comments. Like this:

//first explain the game
//generate random number
//ask for input and save it

Then start programming out each step.

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Looks like you're got a lot here, but it's hard, as a user, to see what is possible. It's hard to play with without that list of commands.
Looks good though! I liked the slowed down print speed -- it helped make it feel like a real conversation.

Text based game! First game I've ever made!
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Try adding some more information for your players. You ask which way we want to move, but don't tell us what the options are.

Plagiarism Check for Assignments
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We do not have a way to do this at this time.

Would you mind reposting this to our Feedback boards?

We encourage all feedback to be posted in our feedback boards at https://repl.it/feedback - this helps us keep feedback and requests organized and allows other users to vote on the ones they want. We can then prioritize those that are highly sought after.  

I'm sure there are others that feel the same way that you do!

Type - An Adventure Story Game based on your Typing Skills
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Wow this is great. You might want to increase the contrast in some spots though. I was fine until I got to this screen:

Between the small font and the very low contrast, I couldn't read the word above "about."

This is a very cool game - very different execution, with some story elements. I enjoyed it a lot!

Advice for new programmers!!!
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Practice. Even after you learn something, if you don't apply it, if you don't practice, you'll lose the knowledge.

Game Jam FAQ
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I don't think it was part of the plan, @finnbuhse -- I'm looking into it!

Coding Project Ideas
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There are lots of lists out there -- we'll probably make our own at some point, but here's one that looked pretty good: