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Yellow Stone Zombies: An Apocalypse Game (300 Cycles Special)
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this game is hard to play
but thats the point of a good game right? to challenge the players

How to hack Google dinogame!
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have a upvote for your genius xd

Yellow Stone Zombies: An Apocalypse Game (300 Cycles Special)
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@BobTheTomatoPie ok i upvoted all your comments to make it 400 cycles. looking forward to your 400 cycles special!

Text Battle Royale
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this is rather interesting

G.O.O.S.E (100 Cycles Special) :)
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and oh, err, access is spelt wrongly(at the end after you solve)

Is there a way to keep a repl running constantly?
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@CoolJames1610 how do you do that?

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i was making some loading screens for myself(based of some of yours) and i realised i have a qn for you. where did you get the text for loading screen 1?

Text Battle Royale
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negative ammo?

Sanctuary Simulator (Beta)
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patrol and unfair is spelt wrongly
suggestions for future updates:
everyday, have a task for the user , the founder of the sanctuary, to do(like whether to take someone in, solve a problem, judge criminals etc) even if user are not the leader.
have more modes of punishments
add more modes of food (farming)
add whether to have a peacekeeping force
add options for weapon availability (american-style any one can have weapons to communism style no one but a few people have it )
add options for multiple leaders
add options for scouting(send people to search for people outside of the sanctuary)
add a backstory to explain the sanctuary (maybe a post-apocalyptic world caused by corona?)

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nice. but i suggest adding a option to restart the game when you lose like:
<text> Try again? y/n
so the person dont have to restart the shell. you can do it with a function and call back the function every time y is pressed
also on more thing: i noticed if the user input is not capital, the game stops
maybe add something like : if choice1 = 'Crowbar' or choice1 = 'crowbar'

Colour Thingy
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<points a gun at you> always has been @ImmaEatYouMan

Simple maze-solver.
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nice. very nice i like seeing ai learning

The Fishing Game (fixed)
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best combination

ideas, more ideas
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im not familar enough to make anything with it @TheForArkLD

Does anyone know why its doing this?
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i forked the repl and will look at it when i can

Does anyone know why its doing this?
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based on these, i dont think its just the '3' part. the computer is screwed too.
on the code, its too complex for me to work out in 5 min. maybe wait a day? (i have school too...)

A chaotic generator that makes the funniest (and occasionally cringe) sentences
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some suggestions:
use f string to make your code faster(it could be me, but the code is slow).
fstring example: f'kid i dare you to {variable1} {variable2} {variable3}'.upper()

add a function so that the user can press enter and generate another dare

colours would be nice.(for each variable)

Guys I think I broke C++
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i dont understand c, so sorry

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nice! add a loop so that the user and press enter to see another quote
while True:
[code and more code]
input('press enter to go again!')

when user press enter, it will go to next line

Color Search
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nice @ZDev1

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bananas rule

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food menu
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roasted dinner is spelt wrongly

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instead of using this whole painful string, use a f string.
f'+{Agrade}=A\n....[rest of code here}'
enclose variables in {} and put a f at the start

For kids
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use f strings for your poem

why my update is error
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now there are errors regarding the package installing...

How to input numbers
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while True:
s1 = input('number goes here')
try: int(s1)
print('pls enter a NUMBER')
[*insert rest of code here*]
2K Cycle + End of School Special!!! 🎉🎉
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this was posted today. how did it get 33 cycles in less than 24 hours?