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@theroadtocode (17) • Woodrow Wilson Middle School
Read, read, read!!
theroadtocode (17)
Want to join my new team?
This team is for coders, no matter their coding status (beginner, rookie, pro) to work together and solve error messages. Error messages can be especi...
theroadtocode (17) Lingo!
Hi! I have a few questions about what people mean when they say things. *Warning: some of these may be so dense that they will blow your mind* Mkay...
theroadtocode (17)
Anyone want to collab? (python)
Hi! It's @theroadtocode again! I'm looking for someone to help me on a choose-your-own-adventure game ~~'cause I suck at coding~~. The only catch is,...
theroadtocode (17)
My first project!!
It's here!! The project that I've been spending time on all month! To you game devs and experienced coders, this might seem like something you could c...