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Former High School CS teacher turned Repl.it Chief Snack Officer
repl.it staff appreciation post
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Thanks for the kind words, man. We do this for you guys, our users :)

If you could ask the Repl.it team anything, what would you ask?
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@theangryepicbanana Its our most popular language, and people commonly choose it for learning programming, which is good growth for us.

Question regarding the Hacker plan
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@heyitsmarcus private repls will remain private, and @SPQR file sizes will still be fine. 🙃

How to use a custom domain
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Thanks for writing this up! Solid!

So… who exactly won the repl.it Game Jam?
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PCPartPicker is fantastic for picking parts if you're building your own :)

Discord Bot Competition
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@AlexanderSmith8 What do you need help with?

What is polygott?
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Old Repl.it Languages:

Python has a python image
Node has a node image
C has a C image

Polygott Languages (eventually):

Python uses polygott image
Node uses polygott image
C uses polygott image

Node has access to python and C binaries, etc etc

Learning Web Development w/ Python Part 1
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Love it!

Repl.it - Secrets, Mysteries, and a New Update!
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@MarcusWeinberger Yeah sure.

staging.repl.it is where we test soon-to-be-released-code. It seems like a clone of repl.it because it uses production data.

eval.repl.it is the domain for our infrastructure. Any repl that runs on a container will connect to eval.repl.it @turbio can probably go into more details here

PHP website backend support?
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We made some updates to PHP (well, we made two new "languages"):

https://repl.it/languages/php_cli - New and improved PHP language for command line interface shenanigans. Supports multiple files.
https://repl.it/languages/php7 - PHP Web servers! Just like other hosted repls, this allows you to write websites using PHP.


Repl.it - Secrets, Mysteries, and a New Update!
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i work at repl.it and i dont know what most of those subdomains are for

okay i know like half

AILEE: Artificial Intelligence Lionux Exploit Environment
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We really liked the intro screen :D

If you could ask the Repl.it team anything, what would you ask?
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@lsambrook Most of us are at Repl.it HQ in SF, although some of us are also remote. Sometimes even people in SF work from home when it's necessary. Speaking personally, I do it for fun and to get paid ;)

Can you make the notifications page work?
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It's notifications for classroom activity, e.g. when a new assignment is posted (student) or when a student submits an assignment (teacher). We were thinking of expanding it to Repl Talk if it took off though. :)

Artificial Intelligence Competition
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@SPQR Love this idea. :)

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Yes, we do plan on adding this functionality eventually. We're a small team, but we'll get there :)

Build your very own URL shortener 🔗🚀
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Also, @dotcomboom your tutorial was referenced above :)

👾We're hosting a Game Jam! 👾
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@ItsYeBoiJ Then you get the joy and experience of building a game :)

Why is this site saving everything?
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@DavidMcConnachi So repls will be in your dashboard if you create one, or edit an existing one.

If you become an explorer, you can enable Folders for your dashboard. Extra hidden pro-tip - you can create a folder called 'Unnamed' in your home directory and any new repls will go in there instead of cluttering up your main view. :)

Better organization?
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Thanks for bringing this up. We have been talking about it lately and it's something we plan on doing soon - we just want to make sure we get it right the first time. :)

3D Random Maze with Pygame and PyOpengl
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Very technically impressive :)

Creative Challenge to anyone who knows basic Python
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I love these types of challenges! Here's one I made a while ago - the code isn't that long, but the runtime is ;)

July Competition: Create Multiplayer Games
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@LiamChurchill Yup that's pretty much it. If someone took all three weeks to make a super awesome game that didn't win the most votes, it should be recognized too. :)

👋✨Introduce yourself 🎉😀
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Hi guys, I'm Tim and I work at Repl.it - I like programming, teaching, and learning. Big fan of Javascript and Python, so feel free to ask any questions! In my personal life, I like playing poker, videogames, and biking.

Deploying GitHub Repos onto repl.it
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Oh man, thanks for writing this up. We're also working on some kind of github integration as well. :)

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I'd go to Hawaii. Again. How can you say no to these beaches?

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Repl.it Python is always stuck loading
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@smailliwretep The issue is that we can't really know with certainty what's causing the connection issue - it could be that our service is down, or it could be that a browser extension is interfering with it, or it could be that the network itself is blocking it (e.g. in a school or office), etc.

Refer a Friend for Free Hacker Plans!

@ChristianThone actually, if they exchange, they each get a month for free!