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Executing files in python3
Is there a way to execute another file from project files than just the
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Downloading repls
Hey, I know there is an option to download a single repl, but is there a way to download all of the repls at once?
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GNU Octave
Hello, are you planning to add GNU Octave?
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Languages I write
How can I change what languages I write in profile? I have created repls in 4 different langs and in profile I can still see only the original one whi...
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Snake - The Game
Just what the title says. Classic snake which saves your highcore. Please open it in a new tab. I would be glad for any feedback.
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Who wants to numerically integrate polynomials?
In this program you input coefficients of a polynomial and an interval (if you run it it will tell you how to do it) and it will print you results fro...