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Terminal Colours
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@SPQR yeah should do. the escape character could be different though; here it's \033 but it can be \e or \x1b depending on the language or OS or somthing.

Terminal Colours
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@IsaacHarvey Could you elaborate a little?

plat level creation tutorial
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I made one!

It uses some RNG and the total height, width, and rung gap can be changed. (:

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<img src="" 
	position: fixed;
	width: 100%;
	height: 100%;
	z-index: -1;

My solution (:

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Super cool game. The particle physics is cool, It is very intuitive. I like the way it looks and plays, and enjoyed it. It also seemed very stable. But you don't know how disappointed i was after i defeated the whole map and had nothing left to do...

... perhaps if more clusters developed over time, or if they gradually came back stronger after being defeated? I also feel that it needs more feedback when you or an enemy takes damage, this means a health bar, or a change in colour. Perhaps the enemies should explode.

Repl Talk Discord Bot
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link tristan#4101

plat level creation tutorial
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@Fhillis i changed it up so that there is basically a 100% chance of winning but there are palatforms that you have to dodge. What do you think?

also i'd name it 'The Fall'

-- also in the css i noticed you defined the width twice
-- the score seems to go bezerk if you have a lot of collectables

3D Renderer and Physics Engine
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@Fhillis sure. At the moment it renders the shapes in order of their distance from their center to the camera.
The soting is done in render.js lines 20 to 42 it seems.

Weekly Repls #5
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Wow feel great to be noticed

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Not sure if this is an issue with the site, repl or my phone, but viewing it on my iPhone 5s lead the whole screen to turn into bright coloured bars and then to restart. Quite frightening; not sure what happened.

Music you guys listen to
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Tool and Karnivool.
prog metal.
it's beautiful.

also: Slipknot, SOAD and Korn
for heavy stuff

And some funky-jazz idek;