Game Jam


Jam Ended on Apr 19

Jam Theme: Cash 💸

Grand Prize: 1BTC

What is

Pronounced Rep-lit is a development environment that gives you an instant IDE to learn, build, collaborate, and host all on one platform.

  • Your code runs in our cloud; no local installation needed
  • A powerful platform that levels up with you
  • A friendly community focused on building and learning

Sponsored by Satoshi's Treasure is giving away 1 BTC sponsored by Eric Meltzer, founder at Satoshi's Treasure, an upcoming massively multiplayer crypto game of skill.


Eric's picture
Eric Meltzer is a founding partner @ Primitive, an early-stage cryptoasset fund, as well as a venture capitalist at INB. He founded Satoshi's Treasure, an upcoming massively multiplayer crypto game of skill.

Twitter: @wheatpond
Fawzi's picture
Fawzi is a passionate Creative Director, game designer, and retired e-sports player that has been in the gaming industry for over 16 years. As a game designer and director, he has worked on over 20 titles that have been enjoyed by millions of players worldwide (including Candy Crush Saga). He’s also the author of the first ever textbook to cover the topic of game design in Arabic.

Twitter: @fawzimesmar
Max's picture
Max Shawabkeh started as a Morrowind modder, co-created the original site, worked at Google on satellite imagery research, then at Riot Games on future games R&D and Stonehearth. Currently working on an unannounced indie game project.
Bayan's picture
Bayan Mashat is a game developer working on Proxi, an AI simulation game. She is currently a CS student at UC Davis

Twitter: @bmmashat
Sam's picture
Sam Lee is an indie game developer, also studying CS at UC Davis

Twitter: @sam_c_lee