JasmineIsBreakingUpWithPaulo = raw_input ("Jasmine is breaking up with Paulo, true or false: ")
PauloMadeUpHisMind = raw_input ("Paulo made up his mind to break up with Jasmine, true or false: ")
MikesFeeling = raw_input ("Mike’s Feeling, ‘confused mostly’ or ‘sadness and fear’: ")
MikexSandy = "Keep Going"
if JasmineIsBreakingUpWithPaulo is "true" and PauloMadeUpHisMind is "true" : PauloxLucy is "true"
else: PauloxLucy = "possible"
if MikesFeeling is "confused mostly" : MikeAndLucy = "The rebuilding friendship"
elif MikesFeeling is "sadness and fear" : MikeAndLucy is "The love" and MikexSandy is "Breaking Up"
if PauloxLucy is "possible":
      if MikexSandy is "Breaking Up" : PauloxLucy = "impossible"
      elif JasmineIsBreakingUpWithPaulo is "true" : PauloxLucy = "true"
print MikeAndLucy , "between Mike and Lucy is highly possible." ; 
print "Paulo x Lucy relationship is" , PauloxLucy + "." ; 
print "For Mike x Sandy,", MikexSandy + "." ;