Classroom Sharing

Many of our teachers are creating high quality and easily re-usable content -- so we're making it easy to share classrooms with other teachers.


Cloning Classrooms

Teachers often use the same curriculum for multiple classes in the same school semesters, or across different semesters. For that, many of our teachers like to re-use the assignments, content, and unit tests that they put in the time to create for one classroom across multiple classrooms. And that's where the new 'Clone' feature comes in handy.


Links in HTML/CSS/JS

We have an honest implementation of HTML/CSS/JS on our site. The code you or your students write is uploaded to a server and then served as it would be in a real world web server deployment.


Auto-correction: input/output matching

In Classroom you can automatically correct (and potentially grade) your student's assignment submissions by one of the following ways:

  • Unit tests
  • Input/output matching

Here, we'll explain how the input/output matching feature works. One of the first things to learn about programming computers is how to provide programs with input. Command-line programs typically read text from the standard input interface (stdin) and display text on the standard output interface (stdout) -- both are part of the standard streams.