Repls Dashboard

Managing Your Repls

The repls dashboard is the place to manage and keep track of all your repls. Repls are listed in order of when they were created. Each repl has its own three-dot menu at the far right. Bringing up this menu will allow you to...

  • Edit the repl (change its name, description, and tags)
  • View its history
  • Fork the repl
  • Pin it to your profile
  • Delete the repl
  • Toggle privacy settings (Subscribers only)

Starring Repls

You can star a repl to mark it as a favorite. Starred repls can be easily accessed by clicking on the star slider at the top of your dashboard. There is no limit to how many repls are starred. Only you can see which repls are starred; they will not appear in your profile.

Adding Tags

You can add tags to your repl on your dashboard by clicking on the three dots to bring up the menu, and clicking on "Edit". From there, you can add tags, up to a maximum of five, separated by commas.

Tags are also visible to you only; they will not appear in your profile.


Basic Search

Typing keywords into the search bar will filter repls whose name, language, or tags match any of the keywords (separated by spaces).

Repls only need to match one of the keywords, tags, or special filters (language/title/tag) in order to be included in the results.


Search Query: draft repl python3

Returns: All repls that satisfy one or more of the following conditions:

  • has draft in the title
  • has repl in the title
  • is tagged with draft
  • is tagged with repl
  • is a python3 repl

Search by Language

You can search for repls in a specific language by using the language: filter. Typing in language: followed by the language you want to filter by will prompt you with language suggestions.

Your search term will need to be the language name we use internally, which is why we suggest selecting from the provided list. For example, to search for all C++11 languages, you would search language:cpp11. To search for HTML, CSS, JS repls, you would search language:html. This filter is case sensitive.

Search by Title

Since plain searches include results with matching tags, you can search within repl titles only using the title: filter. Your search term may not include spaces. This filter is case insensitive.


Search Query: title:best project

Returns: Repls that satisfy one or more of the following conditions:

  • has best in the title
  • has project in the title
  • is tagged with project

Search by Tag

You can also search by tags by using the tags: filter. This will result in only repls that match the provided tag. This search is case sensitive and looks for an exact match.


Search Query: tags:good

Will NOT Match:

  • repls tagged with "GOOD"
  • repls tagged with "goody"
  • repls tagged with "good stuff"

It will only match repls tagged with "good".