We are building a small but elite team to change how people teach, learn, and use programming.


  • Devtools-focused front-end engineer
  • Systems engineer

Email us at [email protected] with a bit about your past work, and what you're currently interested in working on.

What are we looking for?

We don't care about pedigree, as long as you're curious, always learning, intrinsically interested in computers, and would endlessly hack for hack value then we'd like to talk to you!

We look for engineers that build their own tools, have some experience in open-source software, and care about developers or programming education.


At the core we build fast, reliable, and secure in-browser programming environments for as many programming languages as possible. On top of that we've built a programming education platform where we've given teachers the tools necessary to deliver great interactive coding lessons. Finally, is also a place for building open-source communities. A place for developers to share code, students to collaborate, and teachers to share curriculum.

Our vision is to create a programming environment that blurs the distinction between learning and building. A development experience where the tedious setup and maintenance of the environment is taken away and whats left is the programmer and their creativity. This would be powered by what we're calling a Holistic Development Service: an always-on service that understands code in all its stages and can be put at your disposal anywhere you are regardless of your device, platform, or the programming language you're using.

Our infrastructure is built in Go and Docker. We assign a container to every user of our system. This is a challanging but fun problem from a security, reliability, and scalability perspectives. We call this system "Goval". On the frontend we're on the latest and greatest using React, Redux, Flow, Node, and Next.js. The IDE portion of the site is a challenge from a composability and flexibility, and performance perspectives. We're trying to both build a universal IDE that can work for any language and configuration while at the same time maintaining simplicity.

Who are we?

We are a small team with a passion for making programming learnable, accessible and usable. Amjad and Haya started working on the idea that would become in 2011 and by open-sourcing the underlining technology they helped launch the learn-to-code movement. Amjad then joined Codecademy as a founding engineer to make it easy for people to learn coding online. Afterwards Amjad joined Facebook where he worked on React Native to make mobile development more accessible.

In 2016 Haya and Amjad got back to working on and decided to take it from a side project and make it a company. Shortly afterwards Mason joined them and since then we've been building so much and impacted so many lives. We're closing in on a million monthly active users and that's everything from students learning to code, teachers sharing content and teaching their classrooms, and developers toying around with their favorite language.


These are some of the benefits we offer our employees:

  • Your choice of equipment and software
  • Health benefits for you and your dependents
  • 10 years exercise window for your stock options
  • Autonomy at work