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katyadee (1151)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! waving Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what...
timmy_i_chen (988)
Rules for Posting - Read me!
Some rules and guidelines to keep in mind as you share your great work on our boards: 1 - Be kind and courteous to others 2 - Make sure that any feed...
MrEconomical (18)
2048 Game and Bot
2048 Game and Bot Hello! I have made a working 2048 game and a bot to play 2048. The game works like a normal 2048 game, except there are no fancy a...
NoR3gr3t (3)
Text-Based Game
Just a quick text-based game I made, first project in Python so don't expect to much. I can say that coming from java I don't like the lack of semicol...
Vandesm14 (921)
Fast & Lightweight Notebook
This is a fast and lightweight notebook for your note-taking needs. Your notes are saved automatically to your device each time you make a change. You...
CoolJames1610 (49)
PyLife (Beta 0.0.3.)
This is not done... The game gets updated nearly everyday, so check back to see what's new in the patchnotes in the project (under Patchnotes folder)...
PCL (248)
Chem! A programming language centered around chemistry!
The other day I was looking around a python wikipedia, and found that people make programming languages with python. Some are professional, while some...
CodeSalvageON (22)
Small Text Adventure
Small text adventure I made last year in sixth grade.
OathOfCode (14)
Project Ideas
I was wondering if anyone was willing to work with me on a text-RPG game made in the most recent version of Python on Repl.it. If you are interested,...
SkyyCivil (36)
Who wants a friend?
Talk with your friend and play pokemon… LOL not finished
enigma_dev (509)
Ask our new designer @tangert anything!
#Please applaude Submit all of your questions now, and Tyler will be happy to answer them for you! This is THE time to learn something new, so don't m...
AshwinBose (83)
Quick Game I made
Simple game I made. Use arrow keys to move. Avoid the blue boxes moving towards you Open in new tab to see full screen CHECK OUT MY OTHER GAME HERE...
securethebags (23)
Card Matching Game! Fully animated
This is a card matching game I made using this video from web dev simplified as a reference (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28VfzEiJgy4) and this one...
moudy (104)
New Sidebar Nav ✨
Hey all! You may have already noticed, we recently moved the site's nav from the header to the sidebar. The header was getting a little crowded... esp...
TylerBernardo (4)
Web Workers
Are Web Workers supported on the Repl.it html5/js/css code editor. I thought i needed to import it, but I never found any info on how to set it up. Is...
TheDrone7 (607)
An introduction to the repl.it editor
Introduction to the repl.it editor The repl.it editor is a great tool for writing code but it can be quite difficult to use if you're a self-learner...
AllAwesome497 (207)
This is a test
This is a post for me to test a bot I am making, please ignore it. Why are people upvoting this???
LoneAce (119)
Python Public Chatroom
Hello there! Here is a small chatroom I coded with the Python Language. The method is very simple compared to other chatrooms so feel free to take r...
BrickBoston (6)
Attack Helicopter Simulator 2019
Attack Helicopter Simulator 2019 is a fun game where you are an Attack Helicopter! W: Go Up S: Go Down A: Go Left D: Go Right Space: Shoot
WillHarmer (4)
Low Budget Idle Game
This idle game is in Pygame. fork repl to save.
DJWang (224)
🌌🌌🌕 The Dark Forest 🌕 🌌🌌
Hi Peeps! Here is a game I worked really hard on. You are lost in the forest and you are trying to get out of it and find your way back to civilizatio...
tangert (34)
Hello from Repl.it's newest designer!
Hi everyone! My name is Tyler and I wanted to introduce myself to the community. I just joined Repl.it as a designer and I’m so excited to help make y...
Dart20 (21)
How can I run two programs at the same time on the same repl
AztecStudio (3)
My Website
You can play games, read comics, and do some maths on my website (more stuff to be added with time). If there is a game you want me to add, then reque...
Lethdev2019 (9)
My Antivirus!
my first repl post! really, this project is quite simple. It took me about a day to create because i have other projects on my PC that use similar cod...
CarlosNevarez (0)
object has no attribute
i don't know why i'm giving this error Object has no attribute when i try to use a variable from other class i need help, please
amasad (1504)
Framebook: The Social Network for Iframes
I was inspired by the "Crude, Vulgar, Really Should Be Condemned 'Social Media' site" to make a social network for iframes. The only thing you can pos...
21natzil (825)
🖥️ Bit Manipulation Tutorial! 🖥️
Bit Manipulation Tutorial Bit manipulation is a great way to save values and compress data into it's smallest form possible. Not only does it have it...
indominus123 (18)
Superhero Generator
Randomized Superhero! This is my first python creation.
PYer (2514)
A game inspired with the help of @Atari7! With a live leaderboard, you can compete with friends and compare your skills to other players! Complex stra...
Dart20 (21)
How can I program an Artificial Intelligence with the "Franzis Microcontroller Lernpaket"?
replitjeremy (15)
Feedback for git support + the new GitHub integration
Hi All! Git support + the new integration with GitHub is in the process of rolling out! When the feature is enabled for you, we'd love to hear how we...