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mat1 (2995)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
# **Rules** The Repl.it community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making i...
21natzil (985)
What is AMA?
AMA (Ask me anything) is a board to ask any questions you have about repl.it to get answered. You can ask *anything* as long as it follows our Rules &...
katyadee (1163)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! ![waving](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1561489787610_61c528ae0267ed2696f0c625ff66db6c.gif) Use this space to share anyt...
eidhernan (6)
I made a text rpg "engine", and here is a little "game" to demo it...
It works, but I'm kinda annoyed with the backend side of things. You can copy my code if you want, but it's a slight mess. The only thing I'm proud of...
JoshuaKing1 (21)
This is a pure javascript animation that will create a complex spiral and... 😴😴😴 Go [here](https://hypnotize--joshuaking1.repl.co/) for a fullscr...
MoreFlameFire63 (23)
Hey, this is under process. But ITS A GRRREAT HUB. #CHRISTMASHUB! Comment below for a chance to help me code more of this epic site. # Upvote if u li...
Nettakrim (247)
Island Generator
creates an tropical archipelago-like set of islands with a whole load of parameters controls: wasd - move island 1 - zoom in 2 - zoom out q/e - rotat...
RohilPatel (398)
Social Media Website
# The basic social media site ## See link below Hey everyone, I made a social media website.....or what could be one, and I have made an interesting c...
Zexogon (651)
A leader board of the top 100 users and info on them!
just something i made to test out @mat1's repltalk replit api i think it will find your user info if you are not in the leader board first time fi...
Makrayne (32)
Code Clicker - Incremental Idle Game
Simple clicker game. A work-in-progress. I will add more features. Any feedback, constructive criticism, and tips are welcome! Please report any bugs...
Nettakrim (247)
minecraft end portal finder
tool to help find end portals with 1-2 ender pearls usage: HAVE F3 SCREEN OPEN FOR THE WHOLE PROCESS get somewhere high up, throw an eye of ender and...
Giorno and Gang need Your Help!
Help giorno and gang defeat la squadra and diavolo to save naples from the evil gangsters!
Zavexeon (932)
[WARNING: ONE LINE POST] Code Golf: 99 Bottles (JS: 182 bytes)
This is one line, but a surprising amount of effort went into this one little line. For those unfamiliar with Code Golf, the goal is to make a progra...
cgolden15 (21)
Matrix Rainfall
I haven't seen a decent matrix rainfall in python in a while. I managed to work on a few older versions of rainfalls and came up with this. Any sugges...
MarkRatcliffe (12)
Simple OS: A simple OS!
Simple OS is a operating system made in python binary. I call it simple because it is made of just 7024 1's and 0's. This OS is all text based. Here a...
SixBeeps (1066)
# pyPiano pyPiano is a game kinda like Piano Tiles. In the game, there is a board with "notes" on it, and you have to press the specific keys on your...
mat1 (2995)
Running Searx on Repl.it
Using Repl.it git integration, I managed to get a metasearch engine running on Repl.it. **Disclaimer: I did not make Searx. It is an open source proj...
Grify (120)
Will repl.it have an easter egg hunt or hidden event on easter?
Will repl.it have an easter egg hunt or hidden event on easter?
IreoluwaRaufu (160)
## The Mysterious Magic 8 ball! Speak your *greatest* queries into the Magic 8 Ball and have your mind put to ease knowing that such a powerful and k...
NodeJSAcc (0)
Kinda Interactive C++ BEGINNER TUTORIAL Pt1
C++ Beginner tutorial Pt1: Covers -- print statements -- starting of cpp file -- examples and activities Note: Sorry about this but for the second ac...
maazzubair99 (110)
ignore this
working on learning mat's repltalk api ignore this post it's not important
CodeSalvageON (271)
Amjad is Eminem. There is proof.
@amasad Amjad has the same chin as Eminem Both wear similar clothing(leather). Both have the same haircut Both have the same hair color ![Repl.it logo...
TimothyAnderso1 (82)
3D rotations in turtle
I am back, and god dammit do i wish i wasnt This was only possible thanks to this article: https://www.khanacademy.org/computing/computer-programming...
Coder100 (768)
Repl.it api example
Hi everyone, so I asked a [question](https://repl.it/talk/ama/replit-API/28874) on AMA and here is where I am now. # Introduction To learn graphQL, go...
KalebMuhlestein (3)
An h3 tag broke our code
We are doing an assignment for school and we added an h3 tag for the additional text "and the dangers within", but it didn't appear, so we added an h2...
Roar123 (47)
# Mastermind in Python The classic game of Mastermind is now implemented in Python, meaning you can play the codebreaking game in the comfort of the...
52eagle (19)
Play with legos!
N: Makes a new lego birck X: Deletes selected lego brick T, -, + : Navagate selected lego bricks WASD, Arrow keys: move lego brick Q: Hide cursor E: s...
MrMinimax (130)
Id like to annouce.... SLIDE
This is a game called slide. I was inspired to do this when I saw a post a loooong time ago on this chat. YOu can move with the arrow keys. You can pl...
Evanlicious (70)
Web Unblocker
After consulting with a guy who had a 3 line version of something that was on the Repl.it blog, I discovered that I could convert it to one line. So,...
CatR3kd (15)
"First" Repl
This is my first OFFICIAL repl, just a spoof website. Hope you enjoy!
JamesGordon1 (73)
I hate that this works
I did a thing now I hate it. This is just a quick think I saw and remade to see if it works and it does and now I don't like it anymore
mat1 (2995)
Minecraft Paintings Gallery
So a while ago I saw this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRFrCfjkFXw that showed the Minecraft paintings and some of their original forms. Howe...
Coder100 (768)
repl.it API
# REPL.IT API as the name suggests, will repl.it ever create an API for use to use? An example would be ```javascript const repl = require("repl"); co...