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timmy_i_chen (962)
Rules for Posting - Read me!
Some rules and guidelines to keep in mind as you share your great work on our boards: 1 - Be kind and courteous to others 2 - Make sure that any feed...
katyadee (1135)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! waving Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what...
Seazyns (7)
Hero Legends - RPG Game
[Patchnotes] Go to https://repl.it/@Seazyns/Hero-Legends Fork The Game Release - V1.00 Characters (Wizard) HP: 75, Mana: 125, Primary Attack: Melee,...
mewant_taco (11)
Play against a bot!
I made a game in python, where you can play against a bot!
ZacharyWood (19)
Use this script to translate English -> (Other Language) I have 5 languages right now, but if you want more-- TELL ME
opLELscurrrr (1)
hoe do i delete win 32 exe
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nulll (34)
A simple idle game
This is something I did pretty quick and it's pretty simple, so if you want to post some feedback in the comments, that would be appreciated! As I sa...
dezi13 (3)
Hot Dog Cookout Calculator
Assume hot dogs come in packages of 10, and the hot dog buns come in package of 8. Write a program that calculates the number of packages of hot dogs...
pythonb5 (11)
Wolfenstein 3D style raycaster in JavaScript
This is a raycaster styled after Wolfenstein 3D, and is based on this tutorial. I'm planning on making a game with it sometime!
axelduch (18)
Particles with reactions (sand, veg, water and lava)
This is a prototype for what will later be a game. Pyramids, lakes and grass! Compile: > ctr or cmd + shift + o then type "osh" (open shell) > make >...
Will_builder8 (2)
Loading like vscode models
So in a video I am watching, he loads models from his thing from a models folder in vscode, is there something like that I can access?
Lokiwi (43)
Bruh bot
This is a discord bot that sends "bruh moment" when it detects any variation of the word bro or bruh in a message. It is so useless but it exists Add...
NityeshAgarwal (4)
Advice for self-learners: How to teach yourself, find motivation and project ideas
Hey there brave self-learner! First of all, I would like to insist upon how brave you are. Teaching yourself can be difficult, draining and frankly,...
SaptarshiHalder (23)
Element Dictionary.
Do you want to know about Elements and master them in every way # Possible? You have come across the right site. Just as Oxford Dictionary gives you...
TramAnhAnh (2)
How to make cloud and Bird
about cloud and bird you can find how to do it on here. Goood Luckkkk. I also post some if it ness
LoneAce (54)
Hax - The game
Hello there! The project below is a small game that I made that (unfortunately) does not do much... Do comment suggestions to improve the game and I...
21natzil (750)
What do YOU think of repl.it's new homepage?
In the past, when you visited repl.it and were logged in, you'd be redirected to your repls. While this was efficient, there was room to do so much mo...
AnthonyChang (12)
Some project
The game that I have created.
MrNelson (3)
Simplgui / Color practice
This is the link to my repl.it (https://repl.it/@MrNelson/U1L4-color-Practice) I am using repl.it to teach python to a group of high schoolers, we ha...
SansUnd3rtale (6)
so this is basically reddit...
right? . . . . . .
DeathTheKid665 (1)
import sheets data to python
how would i go about incoorporating my data from a google sheets file into my code. and get it so that i can search for specific information and get t...
mat1 (2518)
⌨️ Hacker Typer 💥
Type random things into the terminal and become a master hacker by using this program. It even has syntax highlighting, using my Highlight.py project...
MarsExplorer (1)
play tic tac toe with this easy to beat program. let me know about any glitches. experiment with move controls. hint: use numbers 1-9 to make a move.
SaptarshiHalder (23)
Google Play Store alternative: Game Store
Hi I have at-last completed making this website: Thanks to w3school for support. Here you can browse game and play them which are created exclusively...
Vandesm14 (704)
What happened to the newsletters and dev spotlights?
I miss them! Please bring them back! What ever happened to them?
mat1 (2518)
📈 The Stonk Exchange 📉
The Stonk Exchange The Stonk Exchange is a stock market simulator on Discord with a twist. Instead of investing in real companies, you invest in your...
malican1352 (3)
Thank you God, it's our first software.I hope you'll like this.
mat1 (2518)
double helix
its a thing i made in 4 seconds upvote for free happiness ok thank you
spillproff (3)
Repl won't wake up.
Was working on a this site for a school project and after a while it started having this problem where it wouldn't wake up. When I open the site in a...
pythonyalfa (1)
New Here
Just found this site excited to learn more python and java and some html I feel better now that I found a new site to learn from. Maybe ill find some...
PDanielY (131)
Keep Repl Online
This idea has been in my head for a while so I created it. This website allows you to keep your repl online forever. I know you can use uptime robot b...
artem220397 (0)
ofstream how to trasfer result to new created file.
Hi guys, I'm having a problem with my code. I'm trying to transfer my results to a newly created file. I know how to write a text , but not a result:...