AlexZhang9 (1)
a webpage in the making
Ihteshamalion (2)
Python if else loops
In this i explain or make some examples of if or else to make it easy or to know it better
Majestic0LH (10)
Snake Game
Try to get your blue dot to the white dots, if you do, you will grow bigger. don't crash into the walls. use the arrow keys to move. Have Fun!
AarushThilak (2)
About me
this is an about me. i need at least 50 characters to post so
Wassu (19)
Data Collection for AI
Just play the game a little :) Thanks I'm just trying to make a simple AI and I need more DATA!
Majestic0LH (10)
Personal To do list
Type in your to-do. then, press add task. after you add task, the to-do will appear under the text box. If press your to-do after it is entered, it wi...
Meeran8 (3)
Demo Of My Game!
print('I'm making a game and i decided to release a demo! If you play and find any bugs please tell me so i can try my best to fix them :). The Full g...
eatdatomato (5)
Spirograph working spirograph with customization options
Majestic0LH (10)
Tic Tac Toe
The first player is O. This is a two-player game but on the same computer. Ask a relative or friend to play with you. It alerts you if you win, dismis...
bramley (255)
What would you guys want in a new programming language?
As the Language Jam/Grant ( starts, many are searching for inspiration and ideas, including my team. Currently, t...
Egghead21 (6)
how to convert a string with numbers into an integer?
Line 44, is the problem supposedly, it should remove the strings from the phrase to convert it into an integer.
Sushanth16 (1)
Minecraft BETA Version
**Minecraft Alpha coming soon and also it is similar to @lilpeen .** Control: Up-SpaceBar WASD or Arrow keys to move Right-click to...
PetraJarebrant1 (4)
Python Turtle on iPad
I´m a teacher and my students all have iPads. We don´t have any computers in class. I´m trying to do PythonTurtle with iPads. I have chosen the Python...
TristanMurphy (0)
Anyone know how to use .env?(
I'm trying to hide my token in a .env file so people can't get my bot's token, and I don't know how to get my token variable from the file. ENV: TOKEN...
xxpertHacker (768)
Bookmark Creator
Do you ever open multiple links often? Do you have them bookmarked? What if I told you they can all be opened at once, but from a single bookmark. Tha...
XanderK20 (7)
I made a calculator
So this is a very simple calculator which can only use the basic operators on 2 numbers. I did inspire this off of a calculator made by @josef24 who a...
Dart (1121)
300ms Button Delay on mobile for HTML?
There is a 300ms delay on buttons for mobile in html and i want to know how to fix that I’ve tried the non scrollable thing and the fixed position stu...
AyushMalhotra (6)
*GARMANI CITY GAME*MUST PLAY* Only 1% beat this game first try!!!
This is my **first project**, so please provide some constructive criticism! You arrive in a new city and you have to chose how to pursue your vacatio...
JollyJack8 (10) File Isn't Running 24/7 Even Though I Linked Uptimerobot To It
Hi there! I had just made a new discord bot using repl, and I hooked it up to uptime robot to keep it running, but the bot keeps going offline every t...
isaiah08 (58)
Markdown in HTML
Is there a HTML tag that processes markdown? I know that there is a way to do it with JS, but can you do it just with HTML? ```HTML <div markdown="1...
JoelTetteyWhyte (1)
[email protected]
This is my work and it took me a while to get it to work because some parts of these were incorrect and I managed to fix it.
RaidTheWeb (74)
Committing to GitHub Programmaticaly with Python 3
So @SpaceFire asked me to help him with committing to a GitHub repository with Python. So after deciphering some obscured json stuff i finally figure...
LittleNomster (112)
About Me
So im having some trouble with the challenge and i spent 30 minutes on google trying to figure it out yesterday. Can anybody help me make colored text...
riggz (3)
Instagram AutoPost Bot - Can anyone show me one or make one?
Trying to find a auto post bot for instagram so i can get 1M posts like all the cool people. Let me know
AbelMinar (4)
Why does Python ignore my “if” code?
I’ve been experimenting with Python, I am confused when I ran across this problem as I see nothing is wrong with it. When it asks the user to input ‘s...
Toaster123456 (2)
How do I remove my repl from a github repository that doesn't exist
So I'm trying to remove my repl from a repository that doesn't exist but I don't know how, any ideas?
ZacharySummers (1)
I made a python script to calculate big numbers
These numbers might be useful, they might not be. They might compile quick but most will take at least a couple months
bwoop (98)
PONG (pog?)
Pong in pure javascript. You vs. a bot. Who will win? You will have to keep score yourself because i cant figure out scores :(, but if you can beat th...
Will repl renew SSL Certificates for repl websites?
I have a repl website,(view it here: ) and I was looking at its SSL certificate data, and it says that it will expire....
JamesKelly3 (5)
Broken Maze I built it broken