Name12 (159)
Fibinacci calculater
this is an easy little program I made when I was bored. Please time my ideas on how I can improve it, and consider giving me an upvote. thanks. (^_^)...
Alice688 (102)
# JEOPARDY!! ***Check out my new code, spent sooooo long on this.*** For Jeopardy lovers! ***
FindingNemo (2)
Repel Policy Help
Hey, guys. I would like to ask a question about the policy here. You see, when I asked a question about "How to Crack Roblox" which was against the po...
ironblockhd (420)
Comments in readme files and your website!
This allows you to add comment sections to markdown files and to your html pages, including basic moderation. Additionally, it can be downloaded. ![c...
ebp11 (39)
You all probably know what W3Schools is. But I created my own CSS framework, and W3Schools does not support it yet. So just make my own cite. To learn...
JeesooPark (4)
2017 travel
My website about travels in 2017
08KINPLIX (78)
C++ or C#
In your eyes which is better c# or c++
JosMag2019 (20)
how 2
how to add numbers beside your name? i have 0 for some reason
GrayArcticFox (7)
HTML tutorial for beginners (less than 5 minutes)
# HTML tutorial for beginners (less than 5 minutes): *This's a short HTML tutorial for beginners:* **How to add paragraphs/text:** To add paragraph...
VulcanWM (2285)
This is my snake game, not all mine but some of it at least. Tell me what your high score is, in any of the modes.
Nediakstudios (89)
OS in html on!
# Simple OS (Sorta just a fancy webpage.) Simple os is here! And was made like sorta android. Upvote if you like and 😊 enjoy!
RohilPatel (1519)
Custom Webpage View Counter
# Custom View Counter > Hi, I decided to make this project because I had tried to look it up when I was like, really bad at NodeJs (I'm not saying I...
Jonas25 (11)
My first code!
I’m trying to learn how to code and this is my first time
JohnJoel (18)
Plugin Crashed
Is anyone getting plugin crashed for the code editor?
apeaceoftrash (4)
Finnished Do you want to be a MILLIONAIRE!!!!
12345678901234567890123456five words long no u 1234567890987654321234567890
WiNDfaLLx (28)
DRAW with python turtle!
I managed to program a basic drawing app using only the python turtle module! It was pretty fun to code. I attached some drawings I made ^-^ EDIT: WO...
Dominicl645 (429)
yall, i think im overthinking this, but i need help
so i am having to do this: Write the code to multiply the numbers 1 through 7. The output should look like: 1x2x3x4x5x6x7 = 5040 remember you can use...
ThomasS1 (66)
How to program MineSweeper in Python! (fully explained in depth tutorial)
# How to program MineSweeper in Python # *** *Difficulty: fairly easy* ##### Welcome to my tutorial on how to program the classic game, MineSweeper,...
Alexa Remade (4500 lines)
KaitlynGouldby (1)
Computer Sci Questionnaire Loop
Some questions for ya to answer
AndyKillorin (14)
Change repl language
An html project that I imported from github is trying to run in bash. How do I change the mode to html+css+js? Thanks!
SpicedSpices (296)
Piero's 1st Ever Hackathon Submission: Pic Me
This is a website that I made for Piero's 1st Hackathon that he started on July 9th. It is a sort of social media platform that you can send and recei...
Madifleitas (2)
Shoveling the Snow
A program designed to allow a user to test the prices for different companies and find which one is the best be to use
MrTrout (5)
Im looking for a team
Hey I am looking for some beginners in python who would like to do some python projects and learn together! I personally am a beginner and cant wait...
python88 (298)
life -a game
make decisions as you go! hope you enjoy! :)
badvillain01 (94)
How to use and setup UptimeRobot
# What is UptimeRobot? Uptime Robot is all about helping you to keep your websites up. It monitors your websites every 5 minutes and alerts you if...
HarperframeInc (439)
⌨✨Try This!✨ See how fast you can type ⌨
# How fast can you type? How fast can you type? Want to know or want to exercise your typing capabilities? Try to type as fast as you can before time...
Ciang (22)
Maze game
Use the arrow keys to navigate the three levelled maze. It will keep repeating.
AdCharity (1362)
### Why tbh I don't work for repl so I just built this on top of @turbio 's to make it slightly more pretty. It's kind of harder to use (oof) since I...
Coder100 (15769)
# WEEKLY 9 IDK if I'm ok anymore... Anyways, here's my entry that I worked way too much on. Enjoy! I don't shoot photographs, I ***take*** them. Ap...