scottjames (2)
How do I sort my input?
im new here so still learning and figuring out some stuff. If I input my data then it comes out but in a weird way. Some data you input comes out the...
bearbearmo (194)
Small Game Website
This is a small website with several games on it, enjoy. If you enjoy the games ***please upvote***, it would be much appreciated Thank you. https://g...
sarathraj (2)
Chicken biryani-sarathraj
This page is done by me. My name is sarath(sarath raj). This is my first webpage. Thankyou!
MatthewHou (6)
Why does the cpp and js part not work
look at title is it because like the exec runs it in python or something?
yyay (1)
Mitch McConnell Simulator
a little platformer i made on canvas. you gotta be Mitch mMcConnell. idk really
CodeSalvageON (608)
1source1code, the best anarchy multiplayer on
A version of 2b2t for It took 5 minutes for me to make.
HerculukeZeEpic (189)
Can you guys help me out with a few funny coding ideas?
Just put your idea in the comments and make sure that it is possible in python and without turtle!
crofeceb (2)
run the program
sir,,i had save d the 1 st file , and when i write programm in a new file ,,when i click on run ,again 1st program output is ru...
Lost0Soul (105)
Corona Virus Updates with Python
Hello, I was trying to learn the "Beautiful Soup 4" library and have made a code with it. Tip: Restart the code when you come on the site for better e...
andersoncliffb (0)
Loading NPM Package / NPM returns code E404
Hey All, I wonder if someone could help me with figuring out how to load a NPM package. I'm trying to run the 'Hello, World' example from wink-nlp (se...
WillJ277 (1)
Vending Machine [WIP]
A vending machine glowing in the dead of night is always welcome
MarkKreitler (61)
Start of a simple, Ultima-style RPG. This is just the world map generator. ![Uploading Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 10.00.14 AM.png...]()
Sasheek887 (6)
My first game
This is my first game. Use wasd to move: Press w, a, s, or d (please nothing else), Press enter. The goal is to get to the $ sign.
[WORKING] Survey (in Python)
Second time typing this... ### ***Alas! ZinX is back at it again with a new Python project!*** This time it is a working survey that has been create...
Jman903 (2)
Math AI
Follow directions in repl.
KyleStrachan (2)
Cant get beautifulsoup to run
I get the following error when trying to use beautifulsoup, and yes I've tried isntalling it by using the packages tab. `Collecting BeautifulSoup U...
CodeSalvageON (608) - A simple clicker game. is a simple clicker that drew inspiration from the now almost gone retail line called Kmart.
Coolguy975 (4)
Text Adventures
Can someone help me figure out why this code doesn't work?
CodeLongAndPros (1580)
Vim autocmds: Inserting default code
# How to setup mappings and default snippets for your source file Today, I worked on setting up Vim for `d` programming (Whole other story), when I g...
Hector_EnriqueE (2)
Hello, I'd like to run some scrips using Pandas, do you have any plan I ca suscribe for it ?
pinkbanana6218 (8)
Murder Mystery Game
This is a game about a murder mystery. The highlight of it is the House art I made!
masonyorston (2)
ending code
im trying to end my program but its not working what do i do based on user input
zachriggle1 (3)
Is there a way to cache the installed dependencies?
Most of the time in this REPL is taken installing dependencies on-demand. Is there any way to "cache" the installations server-side so that clicking...
Bananababy17 (1)
Fall Dude
Say if you want him to fall
MocaCDeveloper (530)
Update on the Brew programming language #9(String Decorators)
Added in a few new syntax and features. *_Sadly, I haven't gotten to any of the brand syntax yet. But I am planning on done that when I am doing with...
KuGaming2 (10)
Cool Circle
In this repl, i will be making a cool circle once you click run.
TheCoiledViper (73)
What is the best way to display a variable as part of a string?
I would usually do it in the following way: print("example text" + variable1 + "more text"), however I've heard that there are more efficient ways to...
GarryHo (6)
Yes I made it
It's just a copy of the python version in node.js. Sorry.
08KINPLIX (78)
What do you think I should learn lua or lolcode
flameSpectrum (2)
BATTLE release ver!!!
the program below is the release version of battle, and I hope you like it!