PattanAhmed (1387)
Play GTA 5 in text
# Play GTA 5 in text Version 1 Hey everyone. After a lot of trials, 950+ lines, I finally like to introduce my new game called **GTA 5 (in text)**....
TechnoChannel (10)
23-02-2021-Aritmetik İşlemler ve if-else Kullanımı
23-02-2021 tarihinde Hazırlık B sınıfı ile gerçekleştirilen Aritmetik İşlemler ve if-else Kullanımı konulu dersin notlarıdır.
Baconman321 (809)
My portfolio (complete with a full-scale error reporter) - 500 CYCLES PROJECT (HUGE)
# EDIT: ALL RIGHT NOW WHO'S SPAMMING THE VIEWS COUNTER? # Wow, this took a LOOONG time to make. What is this? It's my portfolio! I used google...
httsmvkcom (30)
Quake 3 Arena launched on ![изображение](
robowolf (406)
Actual Brute Force Password Cracker
Not the most efficient way to get a 4 digit password. There is a list of characters available to use in your 4 digit password. It basically goes throu...
badst (667)
Online 3D Game
made using and three.js in 2 days. click to shoot, w to move, cone faces mouse. yes, i know collision is client side. yes, i'm bad at netwo...
PattanAhmed (1387)
# Pong! Hi everyone! This is basically just a pong game from the coding world. **How to play:-** Just simple. Try to move two paddles so that it ca...
PowerCoder (734)
📜 Trivi - the Customizable Quiz Creator📜
The quiz creator comes with a broad variety of categories and thousands of quizzes. Quickly fill out a brief form to customize your quiz. This was o...
IcingHackz (287)
Maze Game🎮
# Maze Game🎮 ## About This is for **you folks** to add on to. This is only one "level" and VERY boring. But you guys can improve on it. (such as add...
ExplosionScratc (254)
A cool loading animation
How do you guys like it? Any feedback?
InvisibleOne (2418)
## How to play! Use wasd to move around, everytime you move the red gets closer, don't touch the red or you loose. You also get ten points everytime y...
RhinoRunner (646)
memes I made
I was about to go browse some memes when I thought: ### why can't I just make 'em myself? So I made ~~10~~ ~~20~~ 27 coding memes with imgflip. I pu...
Cooolcoder (102)
My online countdown
For the past few days, I have been working on this countdown. I spent over 7 hours working on my project, and this project is my biggest yet. It is mo...
KeeganPowers (109)
189 lines of code just to say "Hello!"
The title says it all! Thank you for all the support and comments! I really appreciate this.
Bookie0 (5676)
🦃 Turkey Translator!!! 🦃
# Gobble Gobble Gobble! 🦃 🦃 🦃 Gobble Gobble, Gobble Gobble Gob-- Sorry, forgot that I'm on, not [_turkey-it_](
Bookie0 (5676)
[1] Python Made EZ! 🐍
# Hîïíīįì everyone! Hope y'all are doing great! School is starting real soon, so I hope ~~you have been studying to get ready~~ you are enjoying the...
DSAAlexa (21)
Create a Character!
Hello everyone! In this repl, you can customize a character's clothing, hair, and even eye color and shoes! If you have any questions, comments, conce...
badst (667)
Online 3D FPS, csgo based
A pretty scuffed version of CSGO for the browser, online. App is live at: Server is hosted on Original:...
fuzzyastrocat (1505)
🐍 I made my own version of Python in C! 🐍 + ⓒ
You know those "Python interpreters" which are really just `eval(input())` (or `exec(input())`)? Well, I decided to make the polar opposite of that —...
Wuru (41)
x86 Assembly Tutorial Part 1 (it’s big I promise...)
Hey. x86 assembly time. And yes, I know @JustAWalrus made a tutorial on this already but as much as you may or may not be a fan of him I think we ca...
TheDrone7 (1654)
Developer Spotlight - Ara Ara Ire!
# Developer Spotlights : Ara Ara Ire! Good morning/evening replers, hope you all are safe and doing fine! Before anything else though, here is a bl...
TerrorbuildLuna (38)
Random human generator!
Hi guys, this is the brand new, human creator 2000! It will create many random humans (as many as the amount you entered) using ascii text. I've only...
CodingCactus (4119)
CC Fanclub Code Jams!
Hi! ###### wow its been a long time since I've posted But don't worry! I've still been here the whole time deleting spammers. # Anyway... moving o...
Baconman321 (809)
Is gathering (or simply collecting) IP addresses REALLY illegal (against replit's rules)
I know other people have said yes, but I went a bit more into depth. In no way am I trying to break replit's rules, but IP logging is quite important...
RolandJLevy (759)
👇 Algorithm to Randomise Words 👆
Type in some words and see the letters randomising until they resolve and match your words ![Screenshot of word randomiser](
Whirlpool (167)
How to hack Google dinogame!
# Hack Google Dino Game! ## ------- # Step 1: ## Open chrome and start dino game: just goto chrome and type "chrome://dino" and the dino game will st...
Coder2404 (362)
How to make a top nav bar
Here is an example ![94E526BF-46ED-4FE7-B2CB-CCB822AE2A07](
jkearney01 (1)
Text Adventure RPG
A little Text Adventure RPG
potatojs (822)
[GAME] survival game (the best game ever existed)
# hi hi # *[the story](* every one is dead :) ###### wich is nice by the way :D ### what happend so the U...
tankerguy1917 (159)
Oh, a game to play when your bored
# About This game is a recreation of a game me and my friends use to play in school. The reason why it was called doodle wars was because we played i...