AniketParulekar (10)
how to open flask server online over repl in browser
I have started flask app and up the server but how can I access and port over web login ? is there any public Ip alloted ?
JessieSmetts (9)
Monopoly Dice roll
Basically a simple dice roller my first posted project on repl so yeah . if you roll the same number it will roll again
TommyIsAwesome (26)
Super Calculator
A python calculator that calculates +, -, \*, /, exponents, square roots, and cube roots. Pls don't judge, I'm a beginner.
LizFoster (598)
finding φ
The golden ratio (φ) is the number you get by doing this equation (when given a and b): a / b = a+b / a φ is approximately 1.61803398874989484820 (I...
konde (5)
Old Encryption
GaneshaSharma (32)
Blank repl template
# Ever wanted to create a text repl, markdown repl? Well, this can give you like 40+ more languages! Just fork, and add what you need. > ### Hint: >...
lzhang2 (4)
Text based role playing game
Adventure throughout the realm in this RPG! This was originally a project but I decided to have some fun but I went beyond by adding more cool featur...
V4D3Z2 (4)
Computer! I'm fourteen years old and I'm learning lua by myself. I've started to learn it a week ago. There's no limit with...
AlexanderTarn (270)
Mining Simulator
It's a stupid project I made in 2 hours to entertain you for 5 minutes so that you can push a button that will make me feel satisfied. So please, play...
vismodo (3)
C++ Quiz
This is a simple C++ quiz for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of random numbers. This is for beginners to start using C++.
AckoB (16)
I need some ways to die....
Hello, helpers!😜 I need some wys to die because we (@syflexer and me 😜) are making text version of Hollow, but not the same as @medcho's so write d...
coderwiz (4)
circle madness
i won a prize for this
kerphloo (6)
Python Benchmark
Hello everyone. I made a benchmarking program in Python, and would love some feedback. If you would like, you can download the file and submit the s...
LizFoster (598)
Wallis Product (π again)
And another one!! That was quick (Lol) Using the Product operator (𝚷), you can skip all of the confusing ∫ math in the Wallis Product for π. This i...
LizFoster (598)
Basel Problem
Alright, another way to compute π, done! This uses an infinite series (via the summation operator) discovered by our good friend Leonhard Euler, whic...
Jalcon (28)
Jalcon Corporation
This is a repl that me, @Galamphin, and @coderash have put hours into on this Jalcon Account, it has many games, utilities and much more! We have a b...
firefish (793)
Which is better? Lots of small projects, or large fortnightly ones?
Which is better? Lots of small projects, or large fortnightly ones? I am asking this because I used to make tiny jokes, but I'm now making (what was m...
rainbowglitch (4)
How to install Docker
Hello, I am making a discord bot and am using an open source one. I am required to install docker but am not able to. I am a newbie to repl and so I d...
firepuff13 (10)
Higher or Lower
Pick two numbers, and a random number between those two will be chosen. Then you have to try and guess that number, and the game will tell you if your...
littleboy (2)
A text adventure I made
I dunno I guess look at the title for info
Stanlyhalo (20)
(Python) Map Generator AI
Please read the read me.txt before starting.
ProgrammerAI (10)
My First Published C Program
Hi guys, ProgrammerAI here with my first official program in C that I made from scratch.
GameJam (3)
Bank Robbery Game
Hello everyone! We are a group a middle schoolers and this is our first time making a game. It's not that good but we tried out best. In this game, yo...
jkeane889 (4)
Space Hunter - You are the last battleship remaining, and the enemy is closing in...
# **SpaceHunter** #### *You are the last battleship remaining, and the enemy is closing in...* ------------------------------ ![freegifmaker.me_2f1QT...
RhinoRunner (141)
Battleship Commander
Try to complete all 5 missions in this text-based video game.
Pharouk90 (1)
CS50T Assignment
This is a very tiny webpage for the CS50T Assignment by Umar Abdullahi Bagwai.
fsinit (1)
How disable python plots and enable web server instead?
I'm writing a little chart api on python3 for myself. So I'm using aiohttp web server and pyplot, and when I'm doing `import matplotlib.pyplot as plt`...
coderash (279)
An awesome code generator, upvote to keep me making cool stuff like this! :):):):):):):):):):)
Bookie0 (4591)
Question with classes [Python]
Hello, So I have this `class` that i want to make. Basically, the repl is kinda like a house, where people enter it. So i want to be able to have th...