Meepcom (1)
How do I use pyglet module in python?
Repl.it allows me to install pyglet, but it complains that I can't create a window. Does anyone know if pyglet isn't compatible with repl or should I...
The_God_GuyGod (3)
Gold Clicker
I'm a young programmer. Programming is my hobby. I made this game prior. The two special thanks are my friends who helped me while I tested the gam...
thebestguy (1)
About me
This is a full profile about me. I h o p e y o u e n j o y t h i s
HarperframeInc (375)
NosDos (NDos) [Extreme Alpha]
### Welcome to NosDOS 1.0.0 **Please Upvote this post if you liked it!** *** I'm finally releasing a fresh, new, disk operating system and **discontin...
laksh5 (155)
Code Not Working on Repl.it But Working Elsewhere
Hello, I have tried to make an HTML program that mysteriously stopped working in the middle of when I was coding. I tried reloading the page, opening...
ccs1001 (1)
ok, i'll ask a question. So, why doesn't "repl it" run html?
AndreMoffett (0)
swift 5 ternary statements
I need to write a one line ternary statement that sets your AC's isOn property to true when the temperature is greater than or equal to 75, and sets...
CoolTomato (13)
Minesweeper Game
I made a Minesweeper game! It's not exactly like real Minesweeper, but it's close enough I think :D (All code is mine, including the two libraries I...
2908 (1)
Don't evaluate a person by its appearance , the person could be noble and warmth.
MuntahaIslam (1)
Guessing Game
#### This is a simple text-based guessing game. _You PC will determine a number and you have to guess to find it._ _If your guess is smaller than or...
MaheshM (1)
Roman Slave Escape Game
print("welcome to the outlaw story line game!") print("7:00 am, Pompeii, Roman empire, Jan/19/23 A.D: you are a slave of a noble and you've escaped t...
brfbox (0)
abniduhaiuowghdiuaggdkugakw my monke iotches s s s
Lahb (1)
polynome lea
alogorithme pour donner la forme canonique et la forme factorise du polynome
KeplerPierre (1)
I want to make every page have the rgb color, but it won't work HELP.
royalgreen50 (1)
auto run on line complete
i just don't what to keep pushing run button.
JiyoonChang (4)
Um this ruby code isn't working can someone help?
CodeSalvageON (591)
Primitive Social Media Site
A primitive version of a social media site. I used a chatroom tutorial on Repl to make a chatroom, and embedded Google docs to make it more interfacea...
JacobRogers (48)
My site is a random number generator for games. It can generate any number!!!
DhruvChawla (1)
Console not working
I wrote a code (python) and i clicked run, but it is not running
Lanna (40)
I have an issue with a coding programme
Sorry, but the course couldn't fix this issue (or maybe I didn't get that far) So, can you help me with this? ![image](https://storage.googleapis.co...
Baconman321 (161)
Which http error should I throw in the case of an error?
I have an emailer set up for a project I am making. I want to have an error thrown in the case of a wrong authentication (if I don't include authentic...
elipie (294)
Why is it not printing the second line?
So, I am prototyping a programming language called pie (my name :D) and It is not printing the second line of the code. The main stuff is in src/lexpa...
17prabkann (1)
Learning about using time.sleep() to make your program wait
Use 'import time' to import time function. Then when u need to use it use the line 'time.sleep()' to make the program to wait for specific amount of t...
EverettDelonga (1)
Add a local image file
How do you add a local image file to a replit? I can do it with a website image url, but not a local image. Thanks.
pinkbanana6218 (8)
Worlds hardest game!!!
Can only let 5 balls pass! My high score is 5555555555552! Can you beat that?
wh0 (5)
What's the story behind the "Persistence and Takedown Requests" section?
That section of the docs https://docs.repl.it/repls/http-servers reads: > # Persistence and Takedown Requests > > Note that a repl's public link will...
eankeen (1388)
Dashboard Viewer Animation Thingy
so i made a little micro kubernets dashboard (that's micro k8s, with a space, not [MicroK8s](https://microk8s.io). it was originally supposed to be f...
AQDProjects (21)
Who is interesting in collaborating on a Digital Town Hall?
This would be an online meeting space and community that would be much more than just a chat room. Ideally, groups could be put together based on loca...
Stanlyhalo (20)
c++ Application
If I were to make a game in an application, is their a way I can import it into repl and have it run, just for future purposes, bcus when the challeng...
sosbacon (0)
Assist with error.
Hello community! I am getting two errors and I am having trouble understanding how I can fix them. I am new to c++ so any advice would be great, thank...