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$10,000 grand prize
Angelos_ThomasP (3)
There is an error in line 85 please help fix it
DanielSchumache (26)
Daniel's Journal
Here's a way you can stalk me. I hope you will use this for other purposes though...
kess (2)
Working with While loops to remove an occurance
Lines 19 down. I wrote code to use a while loop to remove all occurrences of a specific string and print the remainder of the content in the list. T...
Raniconduh (16)
Python Password Brute Forcer
A project I made that will brute force any password containing only English letters A through Z (both uppercase and lowercase) and numbers in only 19...
rsrawley (1)
Making repls private in classrooms
I have a classroom in with students in it. Although, as the teacher, I am able to make my repls private, the students cannot do this for thei...
Science (2)
How to make my own Template in
I have doubt like i have a idea on making one but how to its ok to make and fork it but how can i display it in /templates site
JulieRapley (0)
Embedding repl in a "per-user-only" website.
I would like to display all my students' repl projects (Java and Python with Turtle) via a school website. I know how to embed the code in an iframe,...
BrendanFeng1 (0)
@♥Pokemon"I⌚ SWICH"🐱💕
I am Brendan and I like using "" and ""I am going this is my post.
jujujlg (2)
how can i finish my programm?
i've got a homework in math but it doesn't specify what should i put at the end of my programm to make it works... Can you help me please? it's on Py...
JaiChawnMullin (0)
Help me make my own fortnite lobby pls
I’m making my own fortnite lobby pls help me make one of you did make your own
KeplerPierre (1)
I want to make every page have the rgb color, but it won't work HELP.
JacobRogers (48)
My site is a random number generator for games. It can generate any number!!!
razetime (1)
Unable to use rails commands
I'm unable to use rails commands in the ruby on rails workspace. Why?
TheDrone7 (1326)
Developer Spotlights : I'm Chuck Bass!
# Developer Spotlights : I'm Chuck Bass ![Bass]( Good mornin...
synergyedge (1)
Pls Help me
What is the code needed to ask the reader to input a username and password then store it in a CSV file with another part of code added later on?
AmeliaBlackwell (1056)
mastermind code guesser
EverettDelonga (1)
Add a local image file
How do you add a local image file to a replit? I can do it with a website image url, but not a local image. Thanks.
DylanBird (1) icon font!
Could someone from the team create an icon font so we can add a stylish icon link to our social links section of our personal websites!
I seem to have a problem i dont know how to fix with my program
It seems to be with the last 3 lines but there's no spelling errors or anything. Its going to be a guess the number game but i'm stuck with this erro...
AhmetEmre90 (1)
How To Export My Repls To Github Account?
Hi, I signed up with an email address. How can I export my code to github account or integrate both my accounts. Thanks
TimothyKeenan (0)
Run other files besides index.html or
Hey All, I'm teaching two groups of students virtually. One class is working on HTML and the other class is working on Python. Most of these students...
nsedler (21)
Any plans to add cargo.toml for rust dependincies?
I'd to do some rust on this site but I can't even generate a random number.
Deacon_Cronin (67)
Problem with local variable
First off, here is the link: I'm working on this as a project. I'm a high school freshman right now,...
useratl (0)
Basics Needed
Brand new, starting out. Can someone please direct me where to find specific guidance on using the editor window? It took me two hours to *d...
bburd (1)
Find open source classrooms
I've forgotten how to find open-source classrooms, and poking around on the website doesn't work. I'm looking for auto-graded JavaScript classrooms. T...
SimplyMiah (0)
Better Sum CodeHS. Please help :)
Hello Repel community, I am stuck on a CodeHS question titled: Better Sum. Can you guys please help me with this, it means the world to me, thank you...
xanthsalas (1)
i have some problem about queueing in python ... heres my source code and i dont know how to fix this ... class queue: def _init_(self): self....
kaldisberzins (318)
Koi pond
A pure js simulation of a pond of fish. Watch them swim. If you are interested in how this works [here]( i...
likeray (0)
have an assignment, conditional dice roll with average
must create a Web page that simulates a large number of dice rolls (each dice roll involves rolling two dice) and computes the average of the dice tot...
Lvhau_1529 (1)
Problem with console
I want to show it all inside HTMLCollection {}. What should I do? ![ab](