flych0605 (0)
DDR everyday
yo what is print "hello" 아시히ㅣ히히히히히히히ㅣ히히히히ㅣㅎ히ㅣ히히히히히ㅣ히히히히ㅣㅣ
Brem17 (0)
Adding a "cart" to a store website
How do I add a functional cart to my website? I'm making a skating store for a school project. I have a style file and the cart file so feel free to...
SameenaTaz (3)
Draft version, please check and let me know for any questions
NguyenAnthony (0)
Assignment 4 (String Shortener)
Assignment 4 (String Shortener) for AP CSA students on Edhesive.
NguyenAnthony (0)
AP CSA Assignment 3 (Crack the Code!)
Assignment 3 (Crack the Code!) for AP CSA students on Edhesive.
kingretracted (28)
Make A Coding Language
I wanna know how to make a coding language with Python or any other language ~Thanks
PDanielY (1125)
Mush Javascript Code
I was checking the code of and I realized all the js files were mushed. Like there was no spaces only semi-colons and now I am here to ask is...
archie1099 (5)
Guess the number
Try this game i coded. You have to guess the number from 1 to 100. any feedback will be appreciated.
NickLee3 (1)
Need to add a loop and decision structure
The program, however, must have: Two extra functions besides "main" (or whatever you call it) At least one decision structure (if or if-else or if-el...
AllenJarrett (6)
Autocomplete not working
I have a few students that autocomplete does not fill in when they are typing in their style.css file. How to I get it to start working. Thanks, Al...
AlecMorgenson (0)
for some reson every time i open it instintly creates a new repl with some name like the one this this commint is about. pleas help
PythonMaster202 (4)
A very trolly game...
(Geddit here: My staller and troller game will annoy you. A lot. (I didn't take time to make thi...
RyanDarkstormer (0)
How do you make a (y/n) in a program?
I want to Make a program with (y/n) and I am a beginner and don't know how...
Qwirrr (1)
Code not running at all
So yeah I am a learner and I don’t know how java works at all (coming from c#). I am trying this thing out since I want to code on my ipad and I have...
foxandstars (0)
JS assignment 16
I think I got some of this right but it's really confusing. Can someone help tell me what I am doing wrong? function exerciseTwo(cents){ // Exercise...
Tristan24 (0)
Errors in my code
how do i find the syntax error...
MrNym (0)
A spooktacular adventure!
A Beta of a text based horror game I've been developing. My python knowledge is fairly rudimentary and feedback is welcome!
ParthkumarGandh (0)
Devide and Search for number of Zeros in sorted array with only 1's and 0's
CS 610 DS and Algo Problem Set-3, Code 1 Approach: Same as Binary Search. the index of first 1 in array (0-indexed array) will be the count of numbe...
JordanDixon1 (372)
Login for Python
I made a login for Python. It needs work (Encryption isn't my strong suit.) but I'm still proud of it because I'm a "little" new to programming.
SaptarshiHalder (44)
Hi friends I have a question, I am new to java as some of you might know. Can you please answer it fast. It is urgent. HOW TO REMOVE THE REPEATED WOR...
CaraDirnberger (2)
Running HTML Preview
I am new to and am trying to run HTML files to preview. I am able to preview the index file, but not additional html files. Can someone guide...
Horrible Idea generator that kinda works
# I made this with the user [Kai Justice]( I decided that a few hours ago, I would ask you to [post horrible ideas](htt...
jrhemann (1)
Trying to loop through array with multiple object properties.
Im try in to loop through this array and return just the names of people over 16. Not sure how to loop over just the second property of each array el...
Coder4 (7)
This is a data-based platform. It connects a IP address to a file directory then assembles data from other files and appends it within the file being...
cumberland (0)
Drawing tool
Check the code it will tell you what to do .
Sagar535Shah (1)
Secret Key Location Not known...
I can't find the secret key in my account page. Need that for api calls.
GermanTs (0)
need help with explenations ))
Import values from the console to the user Separated by (,) (until the value is even). Then turn this value into a list, Then you divide this list int...
AlecMorgenson (0)
i am a beginner to pyhone and i want to make a chat bot but so far i can only make it so the bot can talk to you but you cant talk to it
ricardosanchez6 (0)
practica 2
Elabore el diagrama de flujo, el pseudocódigo y la codificación con lenguaje C++ (favor de comprobar que el resultado sea el le pide, puede usar Repl....
MrMinimax (139)
Termcolro is dead?
![image]( WHATTTTT is going on. It won't recognize ter...