kingretracted (28)
Make A Coding Language
I wanna know how to make a coding language with Python or any other language ~Thanks
PDanielY (1125)
Mush Javascript Code
I was checking the code of and I realized all the js files were mushed. Like there was no spaces only semi-colons and now I am here to ask is...
JordanDixon1 (372)
Login for Python
I made a login for Python. It needs work (Encryption isn't my strong suit.) but I'm still proud of it because I'm a "little" new to programming.
Sagar535Shah (1)
Secret Key Location Not known...
I can't find the secret key in my account page. Need that for api calls.
NickLee3 (1)
Need an idea for a project
I'm supposed to create a new python project that hasn't been made yet and it should contain the following: Two extra functions besides "main" (or wh...
Wassu (19)
Pokemon Help!
Hey, so me and my buds are working on a Pokemon project in python and are looking for help. Know python? Know OOP? We need help. **LOL seriously thou...
frankie000007 (1)
Help from python users
Hello is Anyone who can help me to increase my python skills About *Desktop application python *Exploits python scripts AND best libraries can help...
Yugusuf (1)
When u type \n,is there more than one type of letter u can use for that?
My code is pretty weird if somebody can fix it then plz just help me by typing it in the comments or something,THANKS!PS:It mashallah!inly pops up in...
EdwardCooley (1)
RL Car chooser simulation
It says carname isn't defined, but it's defined at the very start
kess (2)
Working with While loops to remove an occurance
Lines 19 down. I wrote code to use a while loop to remove all occurrences of a specific string and print the remainder of the content in the list. T...
XavierDe2 (1)
I am here with my friend trying to make a text based single player uno like game with bots. Would anyone like to help us in the creation of it? The li...
prototyp037 (1)
Exactly fifteen lives!
Hi. I'm one of the starter programmers, I made a word guess game, it is tricky, and if there are everything in the brackets, just type in the whole wo...
shortperson123 (2)
just stopping in to say hi
hi, ive never seen this text thing before but its a cool little place to meet people. imma post everyday.😂😋😊☺😁😉😌😀😄😆
muazwalker (1)
All About Muaz Baihaqi @ Muaz Walker
(T^T) (C^C) I hope you like my website! I hope you don't insult my website...(T_T) This is my biodata...
KeaganLandfried (27)
HELP: gets() statement not working in C++
I was wondering why I am producing an error on line 11 of this code. In Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, this code runs fine. However, the gets() stateme...
rsrawley (1)
Making repls private in classrooms
I have a classroom in with students in it. Although, as the teacher, I am able to make my repls private, the students cannot do this for thei...
LukeShomper (50)
Reading 1 value from a list PYTHON
Lists are annoying but really good. Here is a simple example of how to use lists bob = [0, 4, "Te"] print(bob) the output or console should say [0,...
jujujlg (2)
how can i finish my programm?
i've got a homework in math but it doesn't specify what should i put at the end of my programm to make it works... Can you help me please? it's on Py...
SaharshS (2)
How do I create Python GUI on
Recently, my AP Exam project was accidentally deleted, so I want to create something even better. What I had created last time was a CLI where you sel...
jespino (1)
First about me code
First about me code
ChristopherWon2 (1)
Student Project for choice making, ifs, loops and etc...
securethebags (28)
This is an assignment for my web dev class, I plan on building on this project by working in the DOM and using buttons and such. I am still fairly new...
SaharshS (2)
I accidentally deleted my AP Exam code!
Hello, I accidentally deleted one of my repl's and that had what I had programmed 6+ hours for the AP Exam. I really, really need the code back, and I...
ArcticPi (1)
bash / assembly : link libc
Hi, I'm trying to link the C library to an object file which calls the printf and exit functions. Here the code : ``` .section .data helloworld: .a...
nishanajihah (1)
Help needed cause i can't get to the calculation part
I am writing a code where we input each customer orders cupcake and the it will show before discount and at the same time loop all program. They have...
AlpBerrak (1)
Star Wars Escape
You are a clone in the Grand Army of the Republic. You are on a mission behind CIS forces on the planet Malastare attempting to deliver vital intel to...
adelmedico (1)
Poker Hand Hi all, Im trying to create a deck of cards for a poker game for a project, but can...
teshome (1)
Machine learning project
can any one share me machine learning project ideas here? like the code below? thanks
loisbokern (1)
PO Lois Bokern
Dit is mijn repl. over biofriet. Ik heb ook nog informatie gebruikt van de website " Karels biofriet". Dit heb ik omgezet naar mijn eigen woorden.
schmidti (1) Not Working Again!
Hello, I keep running into this problem. I've opened it in different browsers and on different machines (MacBook & Windows) and still, it won't stop "...