TheDrone7 (1649)
Weekly Result - July 2020
# Weekly Result - July 2020 Good morning/evening replers! Hope you're all still doing good. 4 weeks ago, we started the third batch of weekly challen...
JDOG787 (426)
Simple π Calculator!
# Hi everyone ITS π DAY!!!! I made a simple π calculator for pi day. It can: - Find the circumference of a circle with a given diameter. - Find the a...
yeetuscleetus (35)
Graphics programming
Hey there! I've created a programming language. Unfortunately, it can only display colors, so hopefully you can give me recommendations!
sharpvik (70)
Infinite Sine Wave in Python (really simple)
In my university they made engineers write a program in C (programming language) that prints out the **sine wave**. Many of my friends do engineering...
Whirlpool (166)
Please Tell how can I change my username in Repl.it?
I had just a thought that I had to change my username and so please help...... Please any one tell me how can I do that
AmazingMech2418 (1014)
#WEEKLY Weekly Challenge 1 #1 - JS Solution
This is the JS version of the weekly challenge. This version can also use floating point numbers of ANY precision and this is even better than using t...
AdCharity (1360)
Serverless Repl Auth
## This project is in no form endorsed or created by Repl.it. I am not responsible for any: leaks of data, misuse of data, etc. If it doesn't fit or d...
TamingTheTech (14)
Over half of my files just disappeared.
I was working on my biggest HTML CSS JS project last night and all of a sudden every file alphabetically higher than "i" disappeared. It looks like th...
programmeruser (528)
Basil Template
This is a template for Basil, the winner of the programming language jam. If you see `exit status <x>` ignore it as it's a bug in the implementation.
FlaminHotValdez (355)
Are you a TRUE Percy Jackson fan?
The most obscure facts in the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus series that only true fans who have read the entire series multiple times over will reme...
fishers14 (7)
virus sim for a talking google crome
try out this virus free sim where your computer gives you advice and talks!
21natzil (1184)
App of the Week #2
# Welcome to App of the Week #2 Today, we'll be taking a look at the project and person behind the [PyRPG Editor](https://repl.it/talk/share/PyRPG-Edi...
Dart (1124)
Testing a bot for repl it and while I’m here does anyone know if you can get a bot to make posts
nywillb (26)
90s Website
pydevthon (36)
Caesar cipher bot
Encrypt your message using Caesar cipher. Enter your text and key, to generate the encrypted text. Has the Brute Force Decrypt option as well Link :...
TheCheeseCoder (61)
Among Us - Part 1
Welcome To... # Among Us (Part 1 - Selections System) Lots of people have decided to try to clone Among Us, but in text style. So I have decided to...
ChezCoder (1594)
[SPECIAL] Moral of the Story | HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! - Stop animation
Hello, welcome to episode 2.1 of Moral of the Story! If you haven't watched the previous episodes, click the links below: - [Episode 1](https://repl.i...
Geocube101 (613)
Custom Language Compiler
This program (which took around 4 or 5 months) compiles a custom language into python for execution. It's not the most efficient language but it was j...
Seth01Master (5)
Can lua language be added please?
I just started learning python code because I originally was doing lua language. Sadly, nobody really likes lua and it's really uncommon. I can only u...
ReinitaThomas (45)
Check this out guys!!! This is all about Auction.Have a play around with this....Have fun
this is useful and easy the bot send something when you send any thing
MrLane (3)
Java and C# Console window height has changed and is inconsistent
I have written a text based game engine in Java (then ported it to C#) that essentially turns the Console window into graphical canvas. And up until...
RayhanADev (1392)
LF: A Collaborator on the Repl.it User Search Bar
Well, I take no shame in admitting that I’m lazy in the matter of databases xD. I need a bit of help making this search bar an actual “search-bar” (as...
ConnorBrewster (4)
ReplJeweled • KaBoom.js • Replit Themed Bejeweled
Hello all! I haven't introduced myself here yet, but I am one of the new engineers on the Replit team. I primarily work on our container infrastructu...
pugstin (4)
my first game with python
a simple choose your own adventure game coded with python with several easter eggs
snekattack (11)
this is in alpha please comment any suggestions or bug in he commments. ### update 1.0.1: ### fixed bug where game wouldnt end ### update 1.1.1: ###...
headiscoding (941)
[OPEN] Anyone want to make a LOLCODE tutorial with me?
Title says it all. I need 1-2 people. You will be given credit. Need experience with repl.it's Markdown system, and need to know LOLCODE. lol
Reuben123 (27)
The Coolest repl.it project you've ever made
Hey fellow programmers, I wanna know what's the coolest repl.it project you've ever made. Send and share your craziest, coolest projects and I'll tr...
rafrafraf (1367)
shortest program
Here's an idea boys who can make the shortest and most efficient programs, we will post the program soon winner gets a upvote.
virenchangela (12)
i created calculator please give me reply or comment thanks