sumanth5591 (2)
Web scrapping to get email alert when price is on discount.
I'm Very beginner to Python, I've experienced in Manual testing and wanted to learn Python to automate the simple tasks. So here I've used Beautiful s...
dfnk (74)
my repl intellisense is not working for Nodejs is anyone else experiencing this problem?
HasheeshEater (2)
how do i do this?
The value of the mathematical constant e can be expressed as an infinite series: e = 1 + 1/1! +1/2! + 1/3! +… where ! means factorial n! = n x (n-1)!...
Baconman321 (801)
How to get Library on nodejs/html,css,js
I would like to know how to put a library I made on nodejs/html,css,js. I know a bit about how to do it in nodejs (just publish it to npm), but how wo...
Where can you get free Api (like a random API)
Hey guys, I just wanted to ask where you can get a free api, like with a refresh, you would get a different result. Somewhat like this: the ca...
finlay44111 (77)
Countdown Solver
This solves the numbers game from the TV show countdown. You get given 6 numbers and a target, and you have to figure out how to get to the target num...
ArhamAli1 (2)
Python Game
This is a very simple game where you write your choice. Instruction are in the game.
BrookeSobingsob (2)
The Doughnut with an Overlapped Sprinkle
oof. the sprinkle is overlapped :\
Will_builder8 (6)
Loading like vscode models
So in a video I am watching, he loads models from his thing from a models folder in vscode, is there something like that I can access?
UnderScore39 (2)
So, Welcome, this is a Website developed by User_Under_Score. It's a collection of Useful Web Resources, Links, Fun Stuff, and Current Information. Th...
ins1d30ut (6)
# Python and Javascript Anyone want to start from the beginning? I know some OOP and Java...I want to learn javascript and python. Building on bitco...
ZakirMansuri (2)
zero the computer is here
tell zero to draw something, and it will draw it. (the circle takes a while though.)
vve (33)
WebTerm is an online terminal web app that you can use that I am working on. It supports links, tab completion, and you can switch to another shell (i...
softwarenginner (11)
How to go back
So If you take a look at my code in down I said Thank you for registering a bus. I mean I don't want to user stop the code and run it again. I just wa...
HackermonDev (1999)
Feedback Page
We really need to improve on the [feedback]( page and add more moderators to the page because people are literally d...
willuhmjs (13)
Looking for co-dev, anyone interested?
I wanna make a post it note application like Google's "Google Keep" or Apple's "Notes", but I want it to be more interactive (attach media, draw, mini...
c0nrad01 (1)
First repl
My first repl more complicated then a print command.
YeetDemFeet (1)
<websitename> unexpectedly unexpectedly closed the connection. the 1 django error
Hello! I am running into some problems when trying to run my django project (python library) on repl. The terminal does not show any errors, the only...
WilliamXing (8)
I'm making this project for a friend. Why doesn't it work?
pole55 (293)
For: Sum of ten numbers
10 numbers are given in the input. Read them and print their sum.
ELDER054 (24)
PyControl is out
My own python shell, supports most normal Python commands Only supports one-line actions A few added functions like - Version() : to get the version...
JosephHaws1 (1)
Index finder malfunction
I'm currently learning python on codecademy (python 2 unfortunately. Codecademy requires a subscription for the up to date python courses) and I decid...
ClaytonHickey (48)
Word Search Cheats (OCR)
A program that will solve most any word search (Latin characters). This version made it possible to "scan" a word search with AI Optical Character Rec...
theangryepicbanana (1689)
Import a Ruby repl in your repl!
With this small function I've made, you can import a file from any repl (it doesn't have to be on your account!), and it will import the file into you...
CSS Buttons
A few weeks ago I set out to become proficient in web development, specifically JS and CSS, so I present to you the fruit of my labor (not really :/)....
lilpeen (219)
Stranded: HTML Survival Game
This is a game I made like a 7 months ago. I couldn't finish it because the code was horrendous. You need to open it in a new window to see anything.
there are still signups available for my jam comment below if you want thelink
my own jam for a hacker plan or someother prize for you guys so pease sign up
Erise (3)
Cubes and Toads RPG An rpg-like game where you save a town from the evil Toads! C++
priyanknair (1)
Python | Strings
This repl is about strings, their functions, and their uses. It's about string and its index and how can we access each element in a string. Some of t...
tussiez (869)
How do I ping moderators? (moderation)
As the title says, how exactly do I ping moderators? Does (@)moderators work or do I need to ping individual people? # Correction Use [@]moderation