Language jam
Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
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contact application
contact application 2020-1 Data structure
DominicBileci (1)
*Need Help*
Hi, I am the leader of Ploopy Inc. I am looking to acquire more members for Ploopy Inc. If you are interested, put it down in the comments...Thank you...
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Data Management with the CRUD Operations
Data Management with the CRUD Operations
MohamadAlshabab (12)
1.2. Input/print: Area of right triangle
to find the triangle's area which equals 0.5 multiply to the base and to the height
marandari (2)
Simple Hangman Game
Hangman is a simple word guessing game. Players try to figure out an unknown word by guessing letters :) enjoy it!.
NabilYakuba (4)
Coloured Snowflake
This is coloured snowflake for 5CSc, Stunt this is for you
TypingGame (1)
Making A Typing Game
I have decided to make a fun typing game for the community to play ! It will be a typing game which will have leaderboards and other features. If you...
JackMozza1 (2)
Running Exe
Hey I was wondering if you are able to run exe files in repl
DSANikolas20 (6)
a quick pygame for pacman it is kind of slow but will update controls are the arrow keys
RohilPatel (1168)
Is it possible to "iframe" a website even if it doesn't allow it?
Hey there! Is it possible to iframe a website, like Instagram, or Facebook for example, that doesn't allow it?
RohilPatel (1168)
iOS TaskManager
I hit again with another project im discontinuing. # TaskManager I feel like i have been inactive on repl, and thus, i should post stuff here on re...
Benji59173 (0)
Why i got a mail from for this :
Hi there, We're emailing you about being in violation of Terms of Service, specifically the following clauses: - Repeatedly fork or clon...
NyholmJ02 (1)
Learning how to do the Quadratic Formula/Quadratic Formula Calculator
A program to get the basics of the quadratic formula understood. At the end of the program, there is a calculator for the program. Copy and paste the...
SuperUser111 (12)
Finding website Host IP & Name
`Made using Java` #Website IP & Name finder [Website Host IP and Name Finder]( ~~I t...
bravalo (1)
Personal Assistant
A personal assistant to remind to-dos, birthdays and contacts. REMI GUI
UzayAnil (17)
Tetris NO LAG
This is a Tetris repl with NO LAG. It's sort of an RPG game imported into Tetris.
matthewlarrubia (0)
Can I have multiple tabs open in the replit work enviornment
When I use replit I usually close the file section on the far left panel so I can maximize my coding space. I also find it annoying to have to open th...
BenjaminNamika1 (25)
error with env files please help (might be repl's fault)
I found an error with .env files. env files do not work in python if you click on the "box with arrow" to run the program in a new window. Then the o...
SixBeeps (2988)
HtmlGrapher (a small little equation graphing utility)
I've been working on this for a few days just for fun, but I figured I'd share this anyways. Written in only a few lines of pure HTML, CSS, and JS, th...
CodingDoge (66)
My First Python Program :)
Hello! this is my first Python Program! pretty simple, but fun to make! Upvote if you like! @ETHANTHOMAS9 lol
Science (2)
Showdown text.replace() err
So i am using showdown to convert md to html but meh getting err `text.replace() is not a function` which is a internal showdown err. So i made a way...
EllaGraceGrace (1)
how do I put my name on the
if you find out plz let me know
21natzil (1131)
#BuiltOnReplit (Edition #43)
Goooooooood Morning everyone! As @katyadee mentioned last week, Weekly Repl Highlights is now #BuiltonReplit, so if you post your projects on...
CodingNix (4)
Rock Paper Scissors
Python written rock paper scissors easy to play. Like real life!
GoodCoderBadBoy (2)
Is there a way of making an 'Repeat until input'?
I'm making a game in python and I'm aiming for a title screen similar to the original Super Mario Bros I know how to make the "press enter to start" f...
SandyBurns (0)
What is everybody's name?
I would love to get to know the community!
JakeHu2020 (5)
Free Browser!
I made a Free Browser on Some Websites do not Appear on the page because Sometimes because they refuse to connect, but others still work. Thi...
DamDanielDaniel (2)
I am trying to make a working corana virus model with social distancing
I was wondering if there was a feature so if you select a line of text that repeats often in the code you can change all of them at once (NOT a variab...
Cryptos100 (54)
[WORKING] Survey (in Python)
Second time typing this... ### ***Alas! ZinX is back at it again with a new Python project!*** This time it is a working survey that has been create...