gatorade322 (90)
Making a Farley Basic HTML CSS JS Web page, that will take a VERY long time to make
# Coding an HTML CSS JS Website (How to Code) Part One: Teaching the Basics of HTML I’m going to start by saying this is going to be HTML, so I hope...
ReshiramWolfu (87)
Ping! help needed This is my code for my bot already, I want to know how to post the ping (in milliseco...
Zavexeon (1070)
#WEEKLY: tHe MaGIk oF FraKShuns (Golfed: 23 Bytes)
So I just golfed this. Less is more, am I right?
TheDrone7 (1502)
Weekly challenge #4
Hello again fellow replers! Last week, we announced the third weekly challenge and you can check it out by clicking [here](
laksh5 (163)
About Me Website
# About Me Website This website is something that I made for the challenge. However, when I tried to submit it, I couldn't. Then I realized that the c...
InvisibleOne (703)
🤖 Mr. ROBOT 🤖
A chat bot that can talk with you. He can answer your questions, and if he doesn't recognize what you said, you can give it a reply when it hears that...
ironblockhd (411)
Replit search engine
[this post]( inspired me to make a search engine in node.js. Here it is!
KunalSehrawat (4)
i dont have any option for 'result' in console side for visual result
I was running a turtle program with import turtle file, but for running it i need a visual result window An example is shown in the given picture ![r...
arnavpandey722 (2)
How to make someone else owner of repl?
I got hacker plan on the wrong account by the github student pack. I want to transfer the ownership of one of my repls to that account so the repl is...
princeultim8 (0)
Help with this, URGENT!
The rest of my code is running. I just have a problem in my case m. It’s supposed to store whatever answer I get when I make calculations and then I s...
fm79 (4)
my homework
i have a homework to do however, the teacher hasn't uploaded it on the website what should i do?
deepakgk (2)
how to invite
how to invite someone in the talk
HahaYes (1284)
Yay I'm Learning AP Computer Science + Java
Hehe you think that I'm some immature kid that eats tang powder? Nah. Anyways, should I start a tutorial series that teaches Computer Science and Java...
HahaYes (1284)
Implementing a Login
@johnstev111 and I (hahayes) are making a login system. we are struggling a lot to make it, and we need someone that knows how to make a login...
NathanielLowis (36)
RSA Cipher (Need Help)
This is part completed code to make a working RSA Cipher. The problem here is that I cannot do one part. I have commented on the main program what t...
JiahaoCao (11)
random stonks
idk why i made this but it just starts making random line graphs when you run it.
qcm (3)
C++ SFML Examples with versioning
I made an improved bash script to the SFML environment which allows the example builds to run. Additionally it performs simple versioning for your sr...
jrmfitz (1)
FCC managing npm packages using package.json - 1
kaldisberzins (331)
Make multiplayer games with ease with this Colyseus template!
This is a template for people who want to start making multiplayer games with [colyseus](, an authoritative multiplayer server for...
Abafariduddin1 (1)
sOLar system
yeah so i made the solar system
dabs364 (277)
Why is the button going down when i click it?
IDK. I need help. Ill give you the cycles
KamilSk (1)
Making form In HTML ! sadsadsadsadsadsadsadsadasdasdsadasdsasadasdasdsadsadsa
Lamby777 (57)
Lambocorrect (Simple AC)
My attempt at making an Autocorrect. Yes, I know it sucks. \(Trust me, it turned "maek" \(typo of make\) into "meek"
NeonShadow329 (1)
A Calculator
For ppl who do math on repl, here you go!
an13 (8)
name a folder
I can make folder. but I just can't name a folder.
ParthChawla (12)
How to use for loops and while loops in python
Hi guys, I am wondering how to Use the for loops and while loops in python. Please write the full explanation that how did it work and please give me...
000022 (17)
Ask The Expert
In This Program, You Can Type In A State, Country, or Province. And It Tells You The Capital City Of That Place. Please Upvote This Program
justinallard (4)
Connect four
PySimpleGUI (16)
Other package installs using tkinter version
I'm using both the plain Python version and the tkinter Python version of (and LOVING IT) I've been experimenting with a package named pymunk...
RoyalCoder1234 (29)
Solar System Model
### Solar System This solar system is a model of the 4 inner rocky planets of our solar system. Upvote if you like it, and if you want the orbits of...