Infinity Games/Arcade/Chat
This is Infinity Games/Arcade/Chat ! I know I have already posted this, but this time, I have added 7 games!!! Please give me suggestions! Aesthetic l...
katyadee (1259)
## This week's App of the Week is designed around creating the perfect music queue. Introducing: [Smartify](https://repl.it/talk/challenge/Smartify-A-...
WikingGaffa (67)
download single files
My python script outputs a .txt file... I want to download just the .txt file. Is there a way to do this? I only get the "download as zip". But I onl...
Spotandjake (20)
Repl.it Version 1 Running On Repl.it Version 2
With a few changes i managed to get the original repl.it running on the new repl.it, it is amazing to see how far we have come in the past years. th...
SpicedSpices (296)
Multiplayer Game 2
I made it in 2 weeks and learned a lot about servers and socket.io. Its pretty bad but I'm proud of it for being my first original multiplayer game.
indominus123 (21)
Superhero Generator
Randomized Superhero! This is my first python creation. Clear the outcome and run again to re-randomize
zplusfour (881)
Profile Creator!
# Hi! Welcome to my **Profile Creator!** ![image](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1602272992952_da38f18ef0997d1e51ca8a8a3351ac42.png)...
LiamDonohue (295)
Developers wanted for Programming Language
I promise this is the last time # Hi guys! I'm making a programming language named Iridium! ## It's basically me rebooting THAIL/Zoom for the last ti...
AlexanderBirabe (101)
I made a basic version of noughts and crosses where you can play against a bot or with 2 players
It's not anything amazing but I'm pretty proud of the basic ai
GalaxyWolfX (74)
Random question about repl.it categorization
Can other people see the folders containing repls in the "My repls" section? **EDIT**: To avoid further confusion, here's what I mean: When you go to...
Pandapip1 (23)
Glap.io BETA
So there *was* this game called glap.io. It died. I resurrected it. Enjoy! TLD: glap-io.tk EDIT: As people seem to keep on finding this, I would lik...
eidhernan (38)
Switch / Case in Python
I'm really proud of this. I've been spending a whole day working on this, and I would really like some feedback on it. If it can be improved, please t...
War Battleship
In this you have to find aliens and kill them more information you will get in the game only hope you like this!!!!
MrEconomical (2282)
click speed test
# Click Speed Test See how fast you can click in 10 seconds!
c4syner (82)
Python Discord Bot Template
A simple boiler plate discord bot for python. It has support for `.env` variables and a system to keep the bot alive eternally (without it falling as...
RahulChoubey1 (126)
My cursor's doing the funny
I was working on a repl, and at some point, my cursor was at first halfway in a character, and then one character behind! (The functional cursor was i...
VijayVadlamani1 (3)
This is just a simple running game, nothing much.
hoop4life (267)
One of my first python projects, so have mercy please :) But it still works so enjoy!!!
Madifleitas (2)
Shoveling the Snow
A program designed to allow a user to test the prices for different companies and find which one is the best be to use
TheDrone7 (1649)
LLC - Java
# Language learning club - Java ### Introduction Thanks to the [repl.it](https://repl.it) team (especially @amasad and @katyadee), we now have a lan...
LuckyOreos (186)
Sooooo yes this is MONOPOLY!!!!
Zavexeon (1178)
Well, here it is, my trash website. The current version has no blog up yet, I was really busy on getting the styles down. Scalability was a pain. I...
Acronymical (16)
Python Operating System
# Introducing AcroOS! I am actively working on an operating system in Python! Since this is a demo build, features will be missing in this demonstrati...
MohsinRazaKhanS (14)
Amazon Homepage
This is a copy of amazon website.I tried my best to copy this website with limited amount of knowledge of html and i think done some good job.
babibritob (2)
Atividade de Felipão
1️⃣ Quantos produtos temos da categoria 'artes'? 2️⃣ Quantos produtos tem mais de 5 litros? 3️⃣ Crie uma coluna nova que contenha a informação de volu...
mgher (22)
Hangman (125 words in database)
Created this simple Java program that simulates hangman. Currently there are 125 words in the text file, feel free to send in some more words to make...
OldWizard209 (981)
*BETA* Text Based Survival-Adventure Game
This is a Beta version of my Text Based Survival-Adventure Game. There are three story modes but only the first one is working so far. I will work on...
RohilPatel (1489)
Fake JavaScript in C++!
So i made a really bad library to show everyone what you can do in C++. It basically can "log" to the console, and it can use a "Math" class to take a...
ZenEmulator (0)
Why the temporary storage has been reduced from 100 GB to 1.2 GB?
I wanted to archive twitch streams with repl.it since deepnote doesn't allows me to do so, so I'm very disappointed that the temporary storage is redu...
mat1 (4365)
❌TicTacToe ⭕ 💻Terminal Edition ✨
🤔Ever wanted to play ❌TicTacToe ⭕ in the terminal 💻? Me neither, but I made it anyway 🤷because i want upvotes⬆! 🎮You can [play it here](https://Ti...