Language jam
Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
Techie4 (0)
Guess the Number
The computer will generate a number between 1-100. You have to try to guess the number. Good luck!
KellerWorthen (40)
Help html/javascript not working so simple plz help
This code is not working and i don't know why. I am not very good at JavaScript, and this is just supposed to print whatever the user types in the inp...
BraylanBB121 (80)
How to call functions from different files?
I am trying to make a slow text outputter for other projects I would like to link, so that I just have a template, but I tried testing it, but it does...
ike_fite (6)
Why am I getting the syntax error
I can't see what's wrong with this because nothing looks wrong.
asidick (2)
where to place my selection statement?
My code is such that the user is given 3 chances to login-in. The username and password is stored in the array: "username_array" as such e.g. "ammsi03...
Corruptguy (1)
This is a game demo i made with my friend.
JeremyIrwin (41)
Make an AI that can write code
I am asking you to write an AI (any language) that can write entirely new code for anything each time it is run.
litalG (1)
עבודת כיתה - רשימות - עבודה מספר 8
כל הרשימות לתרגילים כדגדדדדד דדדדדדדדדדדדד דדדדדדדדדדדדדדדד
UncleSamIs234 (1)
the ultimate challenge
Hello So i dare you all to make a repl that is at least 1000 lines of code its that simple so go and do it and send me your repl.
TheForArkLD (710)
ForArkL32 R1 Released!
This is my very veryyyyyy big project!!! Please use and download :) You can download from down link.
KingCipher (0)
A Mothers Touch
I need help with a website I'm creating for my mom, but the title has made it clickable and I don't know how to correct it
luzmontes (0)
Assessment 1
Print function. Luz Angie Montes Romero 10C
AryanDhawan (6)
addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; it's all here, in my ... calculator
CarlosRosiles (183)
Javascript place image on coordiates?
You can place images on some spots, but its not so specific. I am making a repl where its just a blob moving around and doing nothing else. But I nee...
k9chelsea2 (646)
How to make a HTML file in a folder run
This question has been asked multiple times but the repl talk ~~search engine never finds the thing i am looking for~~ please halp this is for a html...
Aquinas (0)
My First App
I am a beginner in Python Programming. I don't know it fully. But this website gave me tutorials to deal with tkinter and turtle. And I made my First...
EmporerAlpha (0)
Breaking a computer with big numbers
The program prints a number, i, which increases by 1 with each repetition Then the program prints a number, e, which doubles with each repetition Then...
OliviaDennis (0)
What is this error?
TypeError: Cannot read property 'toFixed' of undefined at convert (/script.js:33:29) at HTMLButtonElement.onclick (/:31:33)
Cbanks22 (2)
Commenting out your work
Does the free version allow you to comment out your work by highlighting it? Or do I need to upgrade my account so I can?
DJRolli (0)
Some errors are coming idk why so pls do that mistakes pls
archie1099 (5)
Unindentation error
Please help, this is coming up with an indentation error and i cant work out what im doing wrong. All my repls have had this problem today and i cant...
Nandhu27 (0)
can't find result tab
I am unable to see result tab beside my console, which is why i am not able to do turtle program and i am stuck der please help me wid this
Annkar (6)
I have a task to put metods to the done code but the teatcher given code fails. so I ask you for tips how to make this code working so I can do the .....
MachieWijetilla (0)
This is my very first coding
Hi All please help me to advance my coding by giving me idea
SharonDeutscher (0)
console.log will not work
After typing in my code and running I get nothing in the console log. When I check down in the console log I get undefined. When I go to the browser...
MordE (0)
How do i count how many times a function has been executed
def average_score(midterm_grade, final_grade): print("average = " + str(midterm_grade * .4 + final_grade * .6)) average_score(midterm...
AJK4 (4)
Todo List Creater
Check out this Todo Creator that I created!
Carderalli (0)
Complete the function fizzBuzz in the editor below.
Given a number n, for each integer i in the range from 1 to n inclusive, print one value per line ad follows: - if i is a multiple of both 3 and 5, pr...
Graydog6 (2)
Can someone help me?
So, I got some code, and it worked. I spent 3 hours on debugging this code. At the end it just gave me a bunch of answers. Not A article. If I did som...
kallyas (0)
Why do i get an error undefined reference to `getche'
I'm using clang-7 on 16.04.1-Ubuntu LTS. I get this warning: implicit declaration of function 'getche' is invalid in C99 [-Wimplicit-function-de...