ebest (645)
Python Font
SO... I got another person's code, an image to ascii thing, but the output image is TOO BIG to have a high resolution. Here it is with max zoom out mo...
MarkelL (12)
My game isn't executed properly # [SOLVED]
# Hello guys. ### I am a real noob in JS, so don't be angry at me just try to help! I am making a game in which the character (the red square) is supp...
TheForArkLD (734)
DefLang Wiki
DefLang wiki. (sorry i am japanese,this wiki is using not good english...) # DefLang(DEFL) Wiki ---- ![](https://deflang.theforarkld.repl.co/deflang2...
studentAlfredAl (435)
Riddles Game
Hey guys, this was a big project that I made. Solve the riddles and prove that you're smart! Have fun and stay safe!
MarcusWeinberger (590)
Simple file storage on Repl.it!
Pros: + Easy to use in python (probably other languages too) + Easier to use from linux command-line (using curl) + NO FILE SIZE LIMIT...
sugarfi (587)
Commiting to Organization Repo
I created a Github organization, and created several repos on it. I have admin rights on all of them. However, in repl.it, when I import one of them,...
NodeJSAcc (23)
Is it just me or is there no "base" anymore??
When I create a HTML repl, it automatically links it to CSS and JS... Now, that is gone, it is blank, is there any way to change this??
sojs (248)
Mongodb does not connect to port
```js var MongoClient = require('mongodb').MongoClient; var url = "mongodb://localhost:27017/mydb"; MongoClient.connect(url, function(err, db) {   if...
PJRocha (0)
Blackjack Calling Functions and passing variables
I've run into an issue calling my BLACKJACK_WINNER function, I've set it to call the player hand but I'm having an issue calling the computer hand. Pl...
0000RS7 (1)
Hey guys,I just completed my first project(TIK-TAK-TOE game) with proper formatting and effective use of color.I hope you all will like it and please...
Baconman321 (227)
How does my project perform (testing stage)
I want to know how does my new project perform. I want to know how it performs on other people's devices. How do you like the details? Comments, Feedb...
MajdYousof (5)
hi #2
what do i do now
CoderCode (123)
any websites you want me to make for you
Kai_Justice (202)
Text RPG template
**Have you ever wanted to make a text RPG and also use someone else's code as a reference but you don't want to code in that programming language or u...
Kirit0 (23)
Unblocked Program for Schools!
# Want to go to any website you want? ### Not my creation!! ### *Made by Jack Temko* *** ## Have you ever wanted to unblock your things on your chrom...
lphi71086 (18)
Hacker prank
Prank for the people that are hackers!
SW7707 (0)
Why is my bracket on line 15 constantly seen as indention error
I am having a problem that has been bugging me now for some time. I can write code neatly until line 15 which then gives me indention error. I have tr...
DynamicSquid (4399)
I made Minesweeper. Left click to dig, right to place a flag. Please let me know any thoughts or bugs down in the comments. Enjoy! (oh, and Tetris...
AidanSinghSmith (3)
This ting is hand made ![GYM TING](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1584354456770_45a1c521cc528d34d37427839446f730.jpeg)
MarcelloGalluzz (0)
why does my code skip the if and elif statements when i hit enter?
i never changed the name of the code because i whipped this up in like 5 minutes when i saw my other code was doing this too. could somebody help me o...
How does BF work?
Im looking to practice my coding skills, and I want to make a BF compiler. However, I still dont understand how BF works. I have read this as a refren...
amaddentcsec (202)
Look at the screenshot: ![image](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1599180468119_687c963e70029b3c2de8cfaecd8fa46f.png) They say that java...
Zaredo (0)
Loop through a folder?
Lets say I had a folder with many image files stored inside it. Is there a way I could get a file from my code without specifying the name, or loop th...
tg08 (1)
Wisdom Woods
Text Adventure Nishali Desai & Tiffany Gye AP CSP Period 2
BFDMod (3)
How to return to another line of code in c++
I am programming in c++ and making a food ordering app, first it shows the menu, then you pick something, then I want the program to to return to the...
WilliamShuppert (3)
Bouncy Beats
Listen to the sweet sounds of physics by throwing, bouncing or rolling balls to make some sick robo beats! The sound ended up being the hardest part,...
Wo1ves1n0 (5)
I need help with arrays! :/
So I've got a code where the player inputs the amount of numbers for the list then will have to input the numbers for list they decided it to be. Howe...
qweleo (3)
An isometric idle strategy game where you compete with an opponent to reach affluence and build a Town Hall to start the beginning of your own empire!...
cozycolin (5)
python OS
please take a look at this OS. And comment any more functions(their name and what they do please)?
CharlesMatsumot (0)
Can you make a print in python to auto color it?
I'm currently trying to make python print the following in the console: ![windows ascii](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1602878343075_48...