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Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
thenullified (151)
how to erase only one line
hi guys. im creating the next installment of the humble story of a teapot. i want to know if its possible to erase only certain lines like: teapot: su...
AbdellCheikh (1)
First game
after 2 weeks of learning python basics this is my first game project.
CodeLongAndPros (1369)
After learning about API's + J(a)son, I make an XKCD api client. You'll enter your comic number. (Try 149 or 378) It'll `GET` to the api 1 or 2 times...
VulcanWM (2180)
The Present
This is an animation relating to the actual 'The Present'. Thanks to @techgeek680 for helping a little.
firepuff13 (10)
Higher or Lower
Pick two numbers, and a random number between those two will be chosen. Then you have to try and guess that number, and the game will tell you if your...
ThatOneDude1 (117)
[GAME][BETAv1.0.2]Top Down Text RPG Made ENTIRELY Out Of
# Welcome! This is an RPG Like maze game with RPG Style Fight Sequences made only using text! # Beta Ver. 1.0.2 -------------- KEY: ---------- Gray...
KissFm (2)
Hangman (animals)
This is a game called Hangman (animals)! Hope you enjoy!
BrooksLeyba (2)
My first python project
I know almost nothing of python but I was able to figure this out.
GrantKeo (81)
Cannon Fighter Simulator: Console Edition
Another Console game, I hope it is just as fun (, you really need pygame to start _working_ for once.) Enjoy! Note: Please report any bugs to t...
allek6496 (1)
Scope example
Show examples of how Python scopes work
kbadrinath_tcsp (215)
lbs to kgs
convert lbs to kgs or kgs to lbs using this easy to use program!
HiroEndin (26)
I don't know what it is...
I keep getting a key error for the code if films["director"] == films["George Lucas"]: print(films["year"]) What the code is meant to do is to see i...
DJD119 (4)
My first public program; it's just a little thing I made that produces a random walk on a 15x15 2-torus. Further information can be found in the file...
mail2kvanitha (1)
only files is running. How to run the other files .py files
Hi, I am newbie to REPL. I am just checking how to use python online. I created a file but when ever i run my pythion script, it always runs the main....
AmeenShafeeq (5)
Stone paper scissor
A simple api that plays a single chance game
SebastianCooke (13)
Pls enjoy, I haven't been coding for long, but I hope I did well.
SamKat13 (30)
Try to solve the code! Each letter has it's own number! Try it out.
SimonFikse1 (4)
AI tick-tack-toe
Press start and choose your gamemode by writing it and pressing enter. To place a cross/circle you simply write the number that corresponds to the pl...
who can help me !? in unit4 ex.2?
who can help me to make it? You’ve been given a free parking space for a year. But since you don’t need it, you decided to set up a park meter and re...
WebSoftTechnolo (7)
#WEEKLY fibonacci numbers
here is my submission for the #WEEKLY challenges. Edit: DISCLAIMER: bigger inputs will take longer to generate say from 25.
xie21 (28)
Random Call- String Error
I am programming a guessing game with words. It keeps saying that i am calling a string during a print line. I have tried moving the string, but nothi...
bohandong (0)
How do I choose a random number and how do I do: when I type 'hunt' it prints out you earned 'a' coins and 'b' xp a = a random number between 900-930...
SwitchMaster (22)
This test will see if you have the power of the force!
Please upvote if you liked this test. I will be releasing this next year on may 4 with more questions! Every year on may 4 more question's will be add...
BenjaminOBrien (33)
ISS Data Fetcher
#### Ever wanted to know when the ISS was passing over your house? Well, now you can! ------------- To use this, enter your location's longitude and...
Makushiin (1)
AP Create Project
Avatar game I coded for my AP CS project
Whirlpool (108)
English to Binary Code!
English to Binary Code translator has been created be me! Hope you like it! This post in binary code: 0100010101101110011001110110110001101001011100...
marsbar (11)
pygaw - Python Github API Wrapper
I am currently developing a Python API Wrapper for the Github API! SO FAR, it can only get information about Repos, but I plan for it to fully suppor...
AaliyahBishop (3)
Is there any way to fix my invalid syntax and make my program better?
im trying to make a heads and tails game but keep getting invalid syntax on line 11. I dont koow how to solve this, is there any way to make my progra...
xolyon (337)
2D console games tutorial!
* really bad title, I know * Are you tired of making those text and decision-based RPG games? but feel like your game in PyGame just wouldn't suit? W...
Babbel (62)
Python Brainf**k Interpreter v1.1.2 (08.16.)
# Just finished my Brainf**k interpreter, yay! :D **I hope you like it!** **BF tutorial:** (don't worry, it's...