Language jam
Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
PeterStudenkov (8)
Unofficial Repl game jam
Hi! As you can see, i'm hosting a game jam. A game jam is a hackathon for video games. It is a gathering of people for the purpose of planning, design...
TheForArkLD (716)
Why i can set key to function? ~~~js var func=function(){ return 1; } func.key=2 func() //1 func.key //2 ~~~
ValentinaGomez1 (1)
How can I post on my file after my while loop?
I am trying to put the total and average for most columns and it will not put anything after my while loop, how can i fix this? HELP!
gov466 (0)
not able to view result
i am not able to see result and console tab rightside.
halfway (1)
Is there any problems?
i submited this code to my teacher, but he said it's not okay.. The Problem is making the code to discern input value is prime num or not prime num....
oliviasheng (1)
#Weekly Challenge #1
Hi there! This is my first repl... but that's okay! This was a fun challenge. Thanks to all who organized this.
You're not gonna win this game...
So the rules are simple! I used the random.randint function to pick a random number from 1 to 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999...
Don't even know what this is but ok
so basically it prints a string a line at a time. I don't even know why I made this but maybe you could use it for something
Python Text Games Help
I’ve seen lots of people not realize how to do this, so I posted this program here. Basically, these functions can make your text games more life-lik...
Ijeoma04 (3)
Guessing Game
You have 3 chances to guess the correct number from 1-10
Codemonkey51 (864)
Cool new icon
Hello everyone I have decided that I am changing my icon YAY! So what do you guys think I'm open to suggestions/questions FYI: this icon was drawn by...
LazyComputerWee (8)
Number Guessing Game (Hard)
I made a number guessing game using python! And it's kinda hard to win but I hope you guys like it! I hope to see your Feedback! Follow me on ain't @x...
TheEnsphere (2)
How do I connect PostgreSQL database to replit?
How do I connect PostgreSQL database to replit? I'm used to just typing psql [URI] in the terminal but replit dosen't seem to support that.
LeoLing (0)
how to make more efficient
how can i make this more efficient?
TheForArkLD (716)
DefLang Wiki
DefLang wiki. (sorry i am japanese,this wiki is using not good english...) # DefLang(DEFL) Wiki ---- ![](
Check out this beginning repl! I need ideas.
This is a repl that I started working on earlier today. I need some ideas for stories past the welcome section and mostly the action. Like, I need som...
Kookiez (129)
Run it and you can see it goes too fast. Can anyone help?
Run it and you can see it goes too fast. Can anyone help? (It is a timer)
Funny mixing stories
I make this for people to read and laugh...
mini calculator
the title... so yeh dats all:P BILLYBOB BILLYBOB B I L L Y B O B
TrevorHurst2 (10)
BoolBrain (Boolean Esolang)
I've started to work with Esolangs and made my own sort of glued-together one, The premise is simple, Go into the '' you can rename this as lo...
studentAlfredAl (431)
Riddles Game
Hey guys, this was a big project that I made. Solve the riddles and prove that you're smart! Have fun and stay safe!
Story Ideas
Hi, I'm making a choose your own adventure game. I need some story starter ideas for some more stories you can choose from to make the game more inter...
tcscerncarnow (8)
Use this calculator if you don't have one
Hi i decided to make a calculator please test it out and give feedback in the comments.
tcscerncarnow (8)
play guess the number 1 to 5
this is a guessing game and really fun so please play it.
0901 (22)
Gives covid info from and find's some info
ChristianRatcli (2)
How to find and print only the names that end with ski?
using the String API how would you create an algorithm that looks for the names ending in ski and will only print those names out? https://docs.orac...
jfrimondi (0)
Choose your favorite Star Wars movie
Pixelations (14)
A small hangman game that I made
tabai (0)
HelpLawyer Backend
Backend do projeto que esta sendo desenvolvido na disciplina Trabalho Interdisciplinar de Software II, no 2ºPeríodo de Engenharia de Software da Puc M...
All about @Bookie0
this is @Bookie0 project. So have fun! @Bookie0 comment if i should delete this repl.