TheEnsphere (2)
How do I connect PostgreSQL database to replit?
How do I connect PostgreSQL database to replit? I'm used to just typing psql [URI] in the terminal but replit dosen't seem to support that.
TheForArkLD (743)
DefLang Wiki
DefLang wiki. (sorry i am japanese,this wiki is using not good english...) # DefLang(DEFL) Wiki ---- ![](https://deflang.theforarkld.repl.co/deflang2...
studentAlfredAl (440)
Riddles Game
Hey guys, this was a big project that I made. Solve the riddles and prove that you're smart! Have fun and stay safe!
Nediakstudios (85)
Every command you can use with ANVI
# Complete command list - ANVI *** `help` _**Help Command that gives half of the commands that you can use**_ ## Search Commands `Search...` Then w...
Kookiez (310)
Rock Paper Scissors in Python
Type Rock, Paper, or Scissors. You have to spell right and capitalize or it won't work. (Example: Scissors)
Math trivia
math math and lots of math
XplosionCoding (5)
nothing is wrong with the code yet Python is giving me an annoying error message "Unident doesnt match outer indentation" even though it is exactly th...
nianp (11)
How do I add another style.css page
How do I add another style.css page. I try adding one but it says I already have one.
EpicGamer007 (1138)
Cactus Animation
This is my first animation which is inspired by @CodingCactus's Ascii cactus. His was made in Python and mine is in Java. Tell me down in the comments...
ContourRepl (13)
Tkinter Ping Pong
I haven't used tkinter in quite a while so I thought I might have a go at creating a basic ping pong game! I hope all enjoy...
Scoder12 (771)
Python aiohttp private API template
# Python aiohttp private API template Easily develop powerful, secure APIs with python and aiohttp. ## Features 1. Fast: *Much* faster than flask and...
TheDrone7 (1518)
Developer Spotlights : A Cactus
# Developer Spotlights : A Cactus! Good morning/evening my fellow replers! This week, we sat down and had a chat with one of our most active communit...
Nediakstudios (85)
Windows XP 2020 in html!
# Windows xp 2020 Upvote if enjoy!
Zavexeon (1070)
#WEEKLY: tHe MaGIk oF FraKShuns (Golfed: 23 Bytes)
So I just golfed this. Less is more, am I right?
josef24 (20)
Cookie Functions
To add the cookie functions, first create cookies.js and copy paste this code: ```js function addCookie(name, value, days) { var dt = new Date; dt...
TheForArkLD (743)
Multiply Challenge
Yes i did challenge. by APL. This is really simple script. This script do 10×10 By ~~~ 10+10+10+10+10+10+10+10+10+10 ~~~
Boring Luck game
NOTICE: Again, my old account has been deleted, so all this code was from my old account(I am reposting it). Please do not accuse me of copying if you...
PowerCoder (712)
#WEEKLY 1 Multiplication using recurision(6 lines of code)
I tried to make my program unique so I made this.
kaldisberzins (331)
Make multiplayer games with ease with this Colyseus template!
This is a template for people who want to start making multiplayer games with [colyseus](https://colyseus.io), an authoritative multiplayer server for...
matthewproskils (447)
Letter Flipper
This is a letter flipper ------------------------- Thank you @ChezCoder for the help. Please upvote -MatthewProSkils
HahaYes (1284)
Very bad pi project in Swift
Diss me out, it is really bad.
KrishIyer (7)
Need To Store Data? I Got You!
This is Version 1 Of My File Database. This uses the CSV library to store your data. Before this file database was made, I made a "temporary" database...
rodmontgt (2)
curl example
how to enable cURL? I have a project that is based on cURL calls but on replit it doesn't work
techeadred (2)
Why can't I load my Repl in a new Tab?
When attempting to go to verify how things look in a new Tab, I am getting this error on the new tab Repl makes. __This site can’t provide a secure...
08KINPLIX (77)
Does anyone want to help me add in key listeners to my java game
BobNeo (39)
Crash Python
# This is a simple repl to crash python! Just enter the way you would like to crash it, and it crashes it! # How does it crash python? Take a look at...
kbadrinath_tcsp (221)
first ascii
because of the new discussion on cycle farming, and upvote begging, i will change the text on this repl.
isaacproskils (6)
What is your least favorite food?
thank you matthewproskils for helping me do this one.
MagnusFrid (2)
what is pip install waitress and production wsgi. When i run my code repl advise me to use a production wsgi instead. I don't know what that is. Can s...
08KINPLIX (77)
Secret Combo
See if you can find it out