thatpythonkid (17)
Mickey p5.js 3d
This is some p5 project I made with a 3d model of Mickeys head (by me!) and the 3d context
Nickname Generator! Generates a nickname for you based off of your answ...
ChezCoder (1580)
Hi repl. So you probably know what happened. I was advertising yesterday. Well i kinda did it as I had worked so hard on a project but no one saw my p...
TheForArkLD (743)
DefLang Wiki
DefLang wiki. (sorry i am japanese,this wiki is using not good english...) # DefLang(DEFL) Wiki ---- ![](
Leroy01010 (397)
Yeaaahhh hii.... i do have another problem it's showing me nothing!!!
studentAlfredAl (440)
Riddles Game
Hey guys, this was a big project that I made. Solve the riddles and prove that you're smart! Have fun and stay safe!
bossotron13 (71)
Socket server manager
So I tried making two repls one a server and one a client and used sockets to connect them, but issues occurred and I can’t seem to make them work so...
VaneerDiscord (0)
Making another file start when the repl is run besides index.js
I'm making a project that requires a file to be run at the start. I've tried everything, I've put '"start": "node /app/src/start.js", "start": "node ....
Wumi4 (454)
Vim tutorial for beginner! (Part 2)
# Hello everyone! Last 3 days ago, I have just introduced you the Vim tutorial part 1. Now, because I'm free now, so today, I will show you the next...
CyberHacker101 (78)
Is this fake????
I've been getting emails from "Nathan for repl" who is the guy?!?! also this is from a device that is not used from repl. I'm losing my mind help me
Andrewdagod (2)
My first replit program!
Hello guys! This is my first program thanks to my bro @nt998302
sanjanasitar (1)
Countries Word Game
This game is a guessing game where the user first inputs a country. The computer will output another country whose first letter is the last letter of...
Axrevyn (273)
Input in BrainF
The title basically sums up my problem. I've finished printing, now I need to take input. Getting the input is easy, how do I actually do something wi...
ReshiramWolfu (87)
Ping! help needed This is my code for my bot already, I want to know how to post the ping (in milliseco...
fm79 (4)
my homework
i have a homework to do however, the teacher hasn't uploaded it on the website what should i do?
sugarfi (602)
Simple Lexer and Parser Template
This is a simple lexer and parser template I made using sly, a library for parsing. You can easily extend it to create your own programming language!
programmeruser (374)
NameError: name is not defined?
This is probably really stupid, but I have this Python code and I'm trying to figure out why this code is throwing errors: ```python def function():...
MarcusWeinberger (595)
Trivia Quiz!
This is a simple program that utilizes the [Open Trivia Database]( to get a range of questions. You can choose how many questions...
NathanielLowis (36)
RSA Cipher (Need Help)
This is part completed code to make a working RSA Cipher. The problem here is that I cannot do one part. I have commented on the main program what t...
Icekit (63)
Can somone help me coplete my assingment? plx!!
Use the following guidelines to write your pseudocode for a fill-in story program. 1. Decide on a list of items the program will ask the user to input...
NoobieProGamer (1)
Classic Ping Pong
First Game! I Hoped You Enjoyed! Intructions Are In The Game
Lamby777 (57)
Lambocorrect (Simple AC)
My attempt at making an Autocorrect. Yes, I know it sucks. \(Trust me, it turned "maek" \(typo of make\) into "meek"
CrisKop (1)
Fontconfig error: Cannot load default config file Node.js Canvas
I cant use the fillText method in a canvas image (its for a discord bot) the letters are replaced by squares
laksh5 (163)
About Me Website
# About Me Website This website is something that I made for the challenge. However, when I tried to submit it, I couldn't. Then I realized that the c...
KunalSehrawat (4)
i dont have any option for 'result' in console side for visual result
I was running a turtle program with import turtle file, but for running it i need a visual result window An example is shown in the given picture ![r...
DogGang1st (2)
Can someone teach me Lua?
I need to learn Lua so I can amke games like here, and on roblox to develop ideas and make a community, you're free to join my community!
SharonnOwens (1)
I complete it the roman numerals converter program.
Aliceq1 (1)
Secret Number Game
See if you're lucky enough to guess the secret number!
justinallard (4)
Connect four
Muhammad_SJC (85)
Neatest Chatting App
I have worked on this app for a very long time (okay, maybe not that long) but it looks pretty good. All the updates are in the app as well as: - Noti...