Language jam
Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
blbbrayan (40)
Zombie Town
RossJames (302)
Express favicon included in template
Hey! Here's an idea, go ahead and make an express repl, then open the website in a new tab. The icon next to the tab title is just blank, now try add...
moragcam (2)
Law Game
Guess the random number - you have three guesses.
RossJames (302)
Replace IPs with UUIDs
Recently, I have been making a large number of APIs, some of which need ratelimits for users. All the plugins I could find needed to use the user's IP...
HahaYes (1211)
Should I use Node.Js for backend or Java? Thanks, HahaYes
steamsydev (17)
Completely Random Password Generator in 45 Lines
Please comment below what I can change to make the code shorter with the same functionality, I'm playing code golf.
TheForArkLD (710)
DefLang Wiki
DefLang wiki. (sorry i am japanese,this wiki is using not good english...) # DefLang(DEFL) Wiki ---- ![](
studentAlfredAl (431)
Riddles Game
Hey guys, this was a big project that I made. Solve the riddles and prove that you're smart! Have fun and stay safe!
HiroEndin (26)
I don't know what it is...
I keep getting a key error for the code if films["director"] == films["George Lucas"]: print(films["year"]) What the code is meant to do is to see i...
AmazingMech2418 (899)
Virtual Assistant Template Using Adapt
# Intro So, I saw @AdCharity 's Voice Assistant Template and I remembered that I had created myself everything needed to create an even better templa...
Ryoto (1)
How to make a website?
How do you make a website? I am thinking of creating my own website for my team, but do not know how. Can anyone teach me how to?
DeaconBurgess (74)
Number Guesser
My first C++ , Numbers can be random from 1 to 1,000,000 Its kinda good
alexeboy (26)
My Pokemon Game (WIP)
A pokemon game, its in very early development, but I would like feedback!
eekboi (272)
How do I become a dev/Moderator?
Do I have to be on here for a certain amount of time? Do I have to sign up?
VishalM1 (1)
rock, papper, scessiors pyton code
Duvangamer3845 (115)
Student Simulator
i think this dont need presentation but i need to say thanks to @Viaticboss19 for the idea, thanks
eliyah (2)
Disable auto-save?
Hi im trying to use nodemon on my nodejs project. I don't want it to autosave because it restarts the project I want to use ctrl + s to save, is this...
SamMas (2)
Dictator V2 (Clicker Game)
Inspired by Dictator : No Peace. If any errors are encountered or if there are any improvements I could make, please post them in the comments (Adde...
SwaroopBappanad (39)
How do I do time.sleep() in p5.js?
Hi there! I was wondering... Is there a function that stops and delays code processing 5, just like time.sleep(seconds) in python? Also, what is it?...
FineMouche (1)
why prime_list_sqrt() don't work well with " range_=range(2,int(math.sqrt(n))) ? "
we know we just need to search until sqrt(n) for find a divisor of n so what i did bad in my second function ?
paulfears (82)
perl language this allows you to write in perl language is limited
KerttuOpe (2)
Pygame code not running
Hi! I'm having trouble running my pygame programs. Code that has worked before, now does not. This problem has persisted now for about 2 weeks. Even...
RamanSingh5 (2)
i cannot add my patch file
im writing all codes , patch file is not getting added!
jamesblue (11)
user interface
poetaetoes (284)
How do you create a file when you hvae none created in that specific repl? please use pics
pitosalas (5)
Where's the shell where I can issue $ rails commands? It seems like the shell is just used for running the server.
Jose_CC (3)
Why is my javascript not working on all of my pages?
I´ve tried to connect my JS(script.js) to other files on my project, only works with index.html. here is my project
Swasthik123 (1)
what error is here??
import turtle my_turtle=turtle.Turtle() def square (length,angle): for i in range(4): my_turtle.foraward(length) my_turtle.right(angle) for...
Rendaman13 (5)
Paddleball (kinda)
I was a little bored, so I made an extremely simple paddleball game that gets progressively faster. Enjoy I guess https://LowestJollyComma--Rendaman1...