Omarkalali (7)
random in python
the code will give you a random number
Coding for consoles
Most of the site is for coding on the computer, however, does have the ability for code consoles, or can they add that ability in? ex: I make...
amasad (3086)
A Node.js program that prints the American flag 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ![Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 2.40.04 PM](
mtokareva (2)
Calculator 👏 You can only calculate problems like 23*56, you can't make more numbers. Simple calculator!
TheForArkLD (747)
DefLang Wiki
DefLang wiki. (sorry i am japanese,this wiki is using not good english...) # DefLang(DEFL) Wiki ---- ![](
2CupsofTea (0)
Hello, I am learning python anybody who is experienced and willing to help Please do, I am in desperate need of help.
studentAlfredAl (443)
Riddles Game
Hey guys, this was a big project that I made. Solve the riddles and prove that you're smart! Have fun and stay safe!
yawutheawu (4)
modern insult generator
ProCoder123 (7)
vowel detector
this game tells you what vowels are in any series of characters in the world!
Hi everyone! Today I come out with a new extra cool city searcher. It gives you a lot of basic facts about the city that you search for! Please bare w...
How to Resolve Collisions in JavaScript (In a Physics Engine)
I have created an engine called LumiJS. I can't figure out how to resolve the collisions between two objects. Any suggestions?
CreationArt (1)
Separation of mixtures
the page for separtion ofmixtures
xxpertHacker (633)
What is a "blocking library"?
I've been looking for a good networking library for C++ when someone had recommended [cpp-httplib]( It seems...
ibbi (32)
Transition from Scratch to Javascript
Looking for resources to transition from Scratch to Javascript, I found I really liked it, but I think a big part of the Scratch experienc...
JamiePearson (3)
Simple hangman game... Import time. Why does it have to be 50 words
🔑 🔑 Password Safe App 🔑🔑 (Secure App -- Sha256)
Hey guys, I am back with another great project. It's a password safe app. # Includes (features) - Intense Security - Strong Hashing algorithms...
sugarfi (602)
Simple Lexer and Parser Template
This is a simple lexer and parser template I made using sly, a library for parsing. You can easily extend it to create your own programming language!
MeiyaZhang (2)
This is a Bounce game I made with Python. It is Version 1, so it isn't finished.
LingWu1 (52)
Who's Code is this?
I found this code in one of my folders and I don't know who it is. I don't think its @amasad because he made Code Daily(Check it out), so I don't know...
RayhanADev (1212)
Good Morning + Question About Ternary/Local Storage/Confusion
Good morning Repl Community, if you played the Pumpkin Game recently, you may have noticed an update: ![Hall-of-Fame](
czujelame (1)
suma średnia i tak dalej
program oblicza srednią sume i tak dalej
NitroxTr (2)
no logro resolver este problema.
saludos. si alguien me podrian ayudar resolviendo este ejercicio de javascript. Escribe una función llamada reemplazar que reciba tres argumentos: u...
bohandong (0)
Another take way
I'm finding trouble doing this: So let's say that I went hunting (on my code) and i took 21 damage so now I have 339/360 Now I go hunting again and I...
GrantKeo (84)
How do you get a file path from
# How do you get a file path on `` I'm guessing that there's some trick I don't know when getting a file path through I want to use...
ItsEmpCs (39)
🥇🥇The Escape(Maze #1)🥇🥇🏆first game ever🥳🥳🥳
Please upvote!!!
sakkshm (3)
Make a Musical Beat out of abstract sound
It was fun making this app and this is also good for making professional beats! Enjoy 🎧
NathanaelBurdzy (3)
Color slider
A simple slider that can show all the RGB combinations and the value of the RGB.
DefvD (4)
*_-PyMusiC -_*
Hello guys, this is a small animation I made in Python using ASCII art, I made this on my own without the help of anybody or any group, I hope you lik...
Geocube101 (607)
Express Server Timeout
Does anyone know how long a repl server is online before it's automatically shutdown?
nsturtz (5)
Can someone please help me with this?
I am asking for help, any bug reports, just people to try it out and tell me how to improve it will be great! Thank you!! --Nate Sturtz @ Sturtz Netwo...