jlpoweregg (2)
Chat game with functions
There's some options in it that you can choose from. This is my first repl that I posted and I'm pretty new to coding and I'm using python since I thi...
StarBoy01 (2)
My first ever python game!!!
To move paddle on the right press up arrow and down arrow. To move the paddle on the right press 'w' and 's'. Do not let the ball touch the side of th...
MeowC (52)
Coder's Block hit me, I need something to do.
Uuuugh. I've been suffering from Coder's Block, and I need something to do! Suggest something I should do, please.
mksalem2024 (5)
Python Calculator
A pretty basic calculator, nonetheless useful. What are your thoughts on it?
Migwi_Ndungu (5)
This is a terminal based maze runner game where the player is supposed to locate someone hiding in the maze before the scores get to zero.
namanrathi22 (1)
Guess Your Number - Naman Rathi
In this program, the output will guess the number you were thinking of in a series of 4 calculation questions done by you. Try It Out. ** If you fin...
AyushMalhotra (6)
*GARMANI CITY GAME*MUST PLAY* Only 1% beat this game first try!!!
This is my **first project**, so please provide some constructive criticism! You arrive in a new city and you have to chose how to pursue your vacatio...
josef24 (19)
Cookie Functions
To add the cookie functions, first create cookies.js and copy paste this code: ```js function addCookie(name, value, days) { var dt = new Date; dt...
brendanbb (2)
how to get the console on the right when i run my code?
![Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 6.45.28 PM](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1581821142823_05d79edfd1223282c6820a4f7353a3f2.png)
MuhammadMiah1 (2)
Number Translator
this will take any number (up to a decillion) and give u the word equivalent, pls tell me what you think of it (p.s. it doesnt do decimals)
MuhammadArshad (7)
Painting Simulator
You can draw here. You can use only colours which have no name\(e.g \#a1ff00 \) or one word colours\(e.g blue\). Enjoy! https://repl.it/@MuhammadArs...
Pepper100 (6)
Whats your name
A code that uses print and if then else with elifs. Also my first code. Here's the link>https://repl.it/@Pepper100/Whats-your-name
RolandJLevy (646)
Rotating colour dial - no JS
I wanted to create a rotating dial without any JavaScript. This is made with radio buttons and CSS only.
darklordplati (6)
Is JavaScript useful? Should I learn it?
Plz help
Beowoof (2)
My First 2020 Bibliotech Challenge Python Project
I made this for the 2020 Bibliotech Challenge.
benschuster (1)
country generator
i think it works but dont feel bad if it doesnt as that is my fault!
slickassassin03 (87)
Finally Releasing My Simple Command Module!
# Intro This module is called PyCommands. It is made with the intent of streamlining command line applications made by you! Its memorable syntax and l...
VulcanWM (2177)
How do I save data to a Json file?
I want to make a game in Python, where it saves the scores and stuff, and I want to saves the scores somewhere. I don't want to use a separate databas...
NoLawz (3)
Tic tac Toe AI
Play this tic tac toe and comment if you can beat this AI made using the minimax algorithm and also don't forget to comment your experiences and bugs...
Charlie406 (0)
Im trying to make a calculator and i am very unexperienced i have done something wrong and would appreciate it if you would take some time to fix it o...
aflacc (9)
Can anyone tell me what i need to do to fix script.js?
`script.ss` is giving me an error. Ignore `oldscript.js` it doesn't mean anything.
CharlenePo (2)
Escaping Clarenceburgh
Escape room for IDP. You must find your way back home after being trapped in a game. If a white screen shows up you must stop run then run it again...
SamuelBlick (1)
2 Issues with my program: input is lingering and program crashes when moving to far
What this program is: The start of a platforming engine. Press W to go up and press A and D to move left and right, respectively. The bottom line has...
jadenmock (5)
The Possibly Infinite Dungeon
https://repl.it/@jadenmock/The-possibly-infinite-dungeon I made this text game in my computer class when ever I had nothing to do. To win it, you hav...
SilverStar555 (2)
![Title Screen](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1591929097917_c5db0c12dc26e86bbd8e970d88955991.jpeg) My text adventure ^^/ Have fun! Exp...
TravisRaney (12)
what codes should I add?
hey everyone, what codes should I add?
TSelden (7)
How can I make an application sort of like facetime with javascript?
A repl is attached to this (I think) that has my code in it. Everything works fine, no errors, but it either won't broadcast or recieve. I'm not sure...
xLlxma (33)
https://repl.it/@xLlxma/Hangman With only 5 lives and a short list of words, guess each letter wisely!
fulgrimed (1)
Smooth side nav
Simple sliding nav. This is really cool and it only took me 45 min to make!
Brawn (5)
How to learn Rust?
I would like to learn rust programming language but doesn't know where to start. I would like to have some ideas about it. I am reading the book right...