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BrutalBucket (3)
Home alone 1.0
This is based on the movie "Home Alone"
schirrecker (0)
Primes numbers
Checking how Haskell does functional programming and how this applies to math.
LoneAce (224)
Diamonds art
Hey there! This is a diamond artwork made using Python Turtle. If you want it to draw faster, press the center button
stubaduble (11)
Caesar Cipher
I need some help. it said their is an error in line 35 with indention... i can not figure it out, please comment below o how to fix it
Icekit (62)
if you think this is cool upvote!! and ask to be shared with!!
Sorta dragon?? hmmmm..... if you can make it more dragony then plzzzzz helppp...
nestorbalce (0)
List Exercise - Foosball
Printing lists, indexing; appending; deleting; concatenate
CalvinTudor (1)
Farther Along in the proces of coding the game
A text-based adventure game, revolutionary war themed
trivia sobre la pandemia
es una pequeña trivia sobre la pandemia pd. soy nuevo
HenryLiu1234 (0)
26sbiswas (0)
Square Spiral
It's awesome. Feel free to change the colors.
SonnyPatel (0)
CS50L Assignment #2
This is my solution for CS50L Assignment number 2, for python question #3.
nestorbalce (0)
foosballers and todos
Lists lessons using foosballers and todos.
LucasMonti (0)
Unite dale wey esta chulo vamos. Hay que empezar!
eweast (0)
7-bit Encoding Coverter
Covert hex to 7-bit decimal, hex, and binary.
SonnyPatel (0)
CS50L Assignment #2
This is my solution for CS50L Assignment #2, for Python question #2. Thank you.
SonnyPatel (0)
CS50L Assignment #2
This is my solution submission for Assignment#2, Python question #1.
SamanAbdollahpo (0)
first in the 4'th assignment
BillionCircle40 (0)
choice your own adventure game
this is my first posted code please up vote
condestruction1 (0)
Super Random Python Game (SRPG) is a game i programmed with my friend Sepehr back around 2018, along with help from tA.
CarlosDe16 (0)
Generate list of dates to paste into Roam as links
This generates a list of every day from January 1st, 2019 to January 1st, 2030. It can be easily modified to produce other lists of dates (e.g. every...
miklo_ (0)
ReactJS Props
Simple ReactJS app with basic implementation of props.
LuisPereira6 (0)
A-star implementation
An a-star algorithm implementation. First click on a starting point, then a distinct ending point, then draw "barriers" between them. Lastly, press E...
FranciscoJavi30 (0)
Números de combinaciones n tomados de m en m
Números de combinaciones n tomados de m en m.Realizado por Javier Jiménez
FranciscoJavi30 (0)
Con radio conocido saca area y longitud. Realizado por Javier Jiménez
Thambas (0)
Don't get rickrolled
try not to get rickrolled in this repl (ongoing project)
FranciscoJavi30 (0)
Desglosador de billetes
Pon una cantidad de dinero y te lo desglosa en billetes y monedas. Realizado por Javier Jiménez
FranciscoJavi30 (0)
Dibuja potencias. Realizado por Javier Jiménez
SuperCoder100 (13)
My First Big Program Dicerolling Game
This is my first ever big project. It is a dice rolling simulator and you get to roll a dice! Hope you enjoy!
Pierre83 (0)
Pour les TS1 du lycée costebelle
AyushiDwivedi (0)
CS50 for Lawyers.
Class of random number guessing game.