ZDev1 (693)
Remove an object from an array in JavaScript
# Hi I am working on a project, and I need you to help me, deleting an object from an array. so here is the array: ```js let arr = [{name: "ZDev1",...
elburg (11)
A command-based calculator
this is a calculator made completely in python. please tell me how broken it is.
STEVMI007 (2)
I just made Tik-Tak-Toe color game with proper formatting and choice of color.Hope you guys will like it. Thank you.
CodeLongAndPros (1466)
After learning about API's + J(a)son, I make an XKCD api client. You'll enter your comic number. (Try 149 or 378) It'll `GET` to the api 1 or 2 times...
ColinN05 (65)
Basically Civilization in text. I made some small changes. https://repl.it/@ColinN05/ToughExemplaryOutliers
17MajorM (26)
does anyone kno how to make this type of code...
a deflated version of the gerad loop infiltration?
KobeFF (649)
What should I make my website into?
Sooooooooooooooooooooo, I recently bought a course on Udemy which, surprisingly, came with a free .tech domain and advanced hosting for one year via [...
mkhoi (307)
How to implement a save/load system to a game?
I am making a game and want to have a save/load system because it is frustrating without the save/load system (its a long game and also it has permade...
TheDrone7 (1432)
Weekly Challenge #7
Hey there replers! 2 weeks ago, we started the second series of repl.it weekly challenges you all are doing pretty good, there were *almost* no submis...
kbadrinath_tcsp (215)
A question
So this may seem kind of dumb but this was just a project I was randomly coding for fun. I am definitely missing some error in the code, but I can't f...
SeanLynch3 (3)
Can someone make me a basic python bought for with 1 command to get me started because I can’t get things to work right.
adsarebbbad (192)
Processing Platformer
So when i was making x and y values for rectangle in processing, the though of making a *really simple* platformer popped into my head. **WASD** to mo...
idrgplayer (111)
Rock Paper Scissors by @idrgplayer
Your Classic Rock, Paper, Scissors!
Syntaf (3)
Is Ruby on Rails no longer supported on Repl.it?
I can only seem to find Rails repls through googling the template nowadays, and even the initial template doesn't seem to work. The nokogiri installa...
EsteeMarcus (6)
Drawing an Ellipse in Python Turtle
How do I make an ellipse in python with turtle? I have looked it up but nothing seems to be helping me?
PyCoder01 (51)
How to show an image in Python
In Python if you want to show an image you can use the matplotlib package in the following code. And if the python logo looks blurry it's the picture.
HZLPY (39)
MemeCitations NodeJS API
This is an API I made to allow the use of MemeCitations.com inside of Node.js. If you didn't already know, MemeCitations.com is a website where you ca...
CodeLongAndPros (1466)
My discord bot.
Today, I made a discord bot. You use it by entering any text, prefixed with ```wolfram://```, and it looks it up in the Wolfram|Alpha database. Do not...
epicshri (0)
Why do you like the language you code in?
Hi Can you guys tell me why you like to code in the language you code in. I will tell you mine I like to code in python because it has many things th...
havbon (4)
A bad operating system
# usage simpleOS is a simple app where you can execute programs. to execute a program use @PROGRAM-NAME. to get a list of all available programs plea...
objectme12 (37)
what exactly do cycles even do?
ZDev1 (693)
Google Fonts API
# Hello there! I started learning about APIs and how to use them, so for a first project, searched for a very easy API [here](https://any-api.com)....
Boopydoop (159)
Full: the REAL sequel to empty
in this program you can find you should the meaning of life and any answer to any question you wish to find just press run ![Screenshot_20190507-20231...
Hi guys, so lately I've been wondering how to improve on my logic, and problem-solving with coding tests. And I figured out that in order to be able t...
ObiVibKenobi (13)
How to make the words not get split in console.
Hi, so im working on something (i not tell >:D) and basically, when i do `console.log(stuff)`, the words are getting sliced at the end of the margin....
Kookiez (218)
[CLOSED] Who wants to write a HTML tutorial with me?
It seems like there aren't many HTML tutorials here on repl.it, and some of the ones that are on there only tell you a little bit about HTML, say ther...
studentAlfredAl (435)
Please help me debug
I'm not very familiar with the replaceAll and .length functions in Java. If it is possible, please help me as soon as possible. Thank you!
papa_shrek (4)
My repl.it wont load so i cant see the code itself but i can still run it . How do i fix this?
My repl.it wont load so i cant see the code itself but i can still run it. The right side looks perfectly normal but none of my files in this specific...
Ganesha1 (33)
I need coding suggestions
I don't care how hard it is as long as it doesn't require pygame/turtle i'll do it
Lulo7Kay7 (0)
Can two arrays or indexes be subtracted from one another?
I feel like I am so close to getting this but when I get down to calculating the savings I get: TypeError: 'int' object is not iterable. I've tried ma...