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Warhawk947 (453)
Im bad at Java oof
A project I made for school. How did this get so many upvotes thanks guys cheers, warhawk947
MrEconomical (2124)
Cipher Cracker
# Test your cryptography skills Crack substition ciphers online with Cipher Cracker, an interactive cryptography puzzle site. Solve simple substition...
LeonDoesCode (360)
Terminal Colour in Python
## GUIs? No, not in this one. However, we will be covering GUIs in the next set of tutorials. In this one, we will be covering the Command Line Interf...
sugarfi (482)
Who wants to collaborate on a programming language?
You might have seen a previous post by me on this topic. This time I'm doing it right. I am creating an interpreted, object-oriented, statically typed...
amasad (2269)
Banned abuser
You all may have seen that someone has been going around posting unsavory content (to say the least) to various apps and challenge entries. With the...
PDanielY (956)
Text to Speech Chat
This is a text to speech chat that I made for no reason. Everything you say is spoken by a robot. I didn't bother to actually make the chat more beaut...
writedash (6)
my school website
i recreated my school webpage
DilashaBanka (2)
guess a number
In the program, while loop runs until the number guessed by the user is equal to the generated number or the number of attempts is less than the maxim...
SPQR (509)
Minecraft on Replit
need I say more? . DISCLAIMER: It's a pain to log in and it's essentially unplayable due to the controls not working, but it actually runs ok on minim...
gbkhalil (1)
Homework 2 Question 1
Homework 2 Question 1 Gibran Khalil
08KINPLIX (83)
I tried XD
I made a cat! in the lua console
HerculukeZeEpic (161)
The third thing to slay all brainpower
This is the third in the series and the most painful experience for your brain cells of all time.
roylatgnail (840)
Is it christmas?
This website tells you if its Christmas. Its accurate: 96.7741935% of the time! EDIT: @joshwood pointed out its 99.726027398% accurate EDIT 2: @joshwo...
IndyCarter (257)
Cool Story
This is a story that I made that is really fun It is short/med. long
SilentShadowBla (541)
RoseWeb, a website made by repl-ers
I am making a website called RoseWeb, where you can search up projects made by fellow Repl-ers. Anyone that wants to help, comment below. You may als...
c4syner (55)
Find Angle to Target Location in Minecraft
15 Lines of python later and this program was made! As the title suggests you simply input the x and z coords for yourself and your target location. T...
PYer (3011)
Learn To Code In Python
Teaches you how to code in python. By `PYer` This tutorial excpects some basic knowledge of coding in another language. ![image](https://storage.goog...
Zexogon (835)
Brute Force Password Guesser
Enter a number password and have it cracked by force You can see the guessing happening in real time See how many passwords it tries before it gets yo...
bramley (154)
New Challenge - One new website per day!
Hello all! Overnight, I had an idea to make a new challenge. This is gonna be called ***Once A Day***! You must create one website per day for as long...
TheForArkLD (227)
Learn DefLang Part2
# **Learn DefLang!** ---- Part 2. ## **Commands** ---- We learn five commands. ### 1. calc ---- probably I’ll delete this. Usage : ~~~defl calc:[form...
TrashBlash (36)
Dungeon Challenge
Fight your way through multiple bosses. Includes a stat page, multiple classes, secret characters, and interesting challenges to overcome! I update as...
Please help me debug!
Hello, this program uses many questions about you to create a personalized password. When I run the program, this happens: Any suggestions or comments...
Lord_Poseidon (145)
#WEEKLY haskell because why not
The latest weekly solution in my "because why not" series of solutions, each in a different language because languages are fun. I made this week's su...
bearbearmo (184)
Making Friends
Use the WASD keys to move up, left, down and right respectively. There is only one objective to the game, have all the colourful objects overlapping....
Likithsatya (5)
My First Web Page
This is my first website. And it contains an article about A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. The farmer president of India.
JDOG787 (153)
View counter webpage
# Hi everyone Thanks to @RohilPatel teaching me some backend basics I made this site to practice backend stuff. It counts the views of this site. I k...
superwhiskers (38)
ocaml.repl (anything.repl)
# ocaml.repl (no opam support) a repl made for running programs written in [ocaml](https://ocaml.org) ## how to use place your ocaml source code in...
RossJames (266)
Repl.it statistics
Would it not be cool if we could see stats for repls and overall for our profile? For example, see total lines in a repl and in all your code. Total t...
h3xed (95)
🔴| Survive and Attack! Increase your specs by killing enemies and enemy bases! | ASSAULT MAN | A top down shooter | Made in Javascript |🔴 I'll...
RossJames (266)
[EPILEPSY WARNING] Rainbow background
Wahhoo! It kinda explains itself!