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Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
laksh5 (146)
AI chatbot you can talk to the bot. Please tell me any questions that the robot can answer.
joshhies (205)
📀 Boucing DVD Logo using P5.js. 💿
I started doing this thing where I make something cool everyday. So I think I should get started with something easy but fun. So That why I created th...
JamesGordon1 (119)
Introducing my newest creation!
In this repl, you get a bot that will add as many bots to any server as you like and it comes with an AI for each bot and it will auto start...
PYer (3454)
Brute Force Password Cracker
I created this simple brute force password cracker. Thanks to @Edgod and @21natzil for telling me errors and suggestions. It now works. It can take a...
dabs364 (272)
How to make results popup as you search python?
@BobTheTomatoPie @CodingRobot12 I know that you guys made a search engine in python. Can you please tell me how you made results popup as you searche...
pole55 (233)
6.5. While: Length of sequence
Given a sequence of non-negative integers, where each number is written in a separate line. Determine the length of the sequence. The sequence ends wi...
pole55 (233)
6.3. While: Power of two
"For a given integer X, find the greatest integer n where 2ⁿ is less than or equal to X. Print the exponent value and the result of the expression 2ⁿ....
GaluhCan69 (0)
its my work due to late but i studied it
Brainkite (5)
Python commenting multiple line shortcut
Hi, is there a shortcut to comment and un-comment selected lines in python? found "command + / " on stack overflow, but it's not working. t...
TicTacToe for two players
HahaYes (1211)
CPU questions
I guess that I have just been really confused with this whole Repl "vCPU" thing. Is it me or does it feel like that repl does not use the CPU at all,...
SergeiChestakov (2)
Introducing Deeplinking!
Hey everyone! My name is Sergei and I recently joined as an engineer. If you want to know more about me and my background, feel free to check...
WTFactWhat (11)
NOWinfo Free SMS Bot
Get Weather Details(India),Wikipedia Content,Dictionary Via SMS fro FREE ========================================================== To Get Weather Det...
MrHairyPotato (1)
this is fun maths and is very cool and im waffling now
In-N-Out Receipt Generator
This code lets you order items from In-N-Out and prints a receipt that includes an input for the amount that wants to be paid.
udaygoyat45 (5)
Michael Conways's Game of Life
Michael Conway's, a British mathematician came up with this idea. This program is made using Java Swing. This program generates random fields. ******...
dabs364 (272)
Rocket go Brrrrr 2
A sequel of @DynamicSquid's Rocket go Brrrrr. Be sure to check that out. Thanks to @DynamicSquid for the original code and animations. I recommend ful...
AmazingMech2418 (899)
π in Nim
I think I'm pretty much doing pi approximations in every language now, so, here it is in Nim! I still have the same issue with NASM and am working on...
hg0428 (169)
What should I make next.
You can click on my user name to see things I have made already. I need to know what to make next. So you don't tell me these, these are thing I have...
DrAvery (14)
Code Cracker [Multiplayer]
An overhaul of "Multiplayer Mastermind Code Guesser Game." Full credit to AmeliaBlackwell for creating the core game, and giving me the idea to do thi...
08KINPLIX (76)
Console Movement
Something I have been working on
poetaetoes (284)
Help Me!
**Help me please. In this project I want them to input a name, then spell it backwards. The part of the code I need help on is at the bottom of the re...
xxpertHacker (388)
Bit-Wise Multiplication
*Is it okay to modify old code?* Here's a small library for bit-wise mathematics. # Bit-Wise Math #
SpicedSpices (263)
3D Renderer Rotation
I was trying to create a 3D renderer called Renderspice, and I created the rendering, and got the rotation matrices working, but I guess I did not do...
HahaYes (1211)
So recently Emmet was released on REPL (yay! repl) I just have a few questions. Is it bad practice? Should I use it? When should I use Emmet and not u...
TheSatIsBack (4)
Can someone help me with restoring my repl??
I was clearing out my old repls and I acidentally deleted one that Ive been working on for 6 MONTHS. Is there any way to restore it??
rextapp (3)
FreeRange V2
This is the second version of the original FreeRange Site* Here you can make whatever you like, Create a game or create a bio page. It is up to you...
NathnaleCooper (2)
APCS Create Task(Black Jack)
Here Is what I have so far ![cardback1](
JacobMacLeod (11)
This is our submission for the about me challenge, hope you like it! (we are two brothers with a shared account) https://about-me-challenge.jacobmacle...
MemeManHimself (80)
Person survey
Just a fun little thing I made! Stay safe, and enjoy!