aakanksha098 (0)
Where do we find the 'start coding option'
Lord_Poseidon (164)
#WEEKLY uh idk
Falling in love with haskell
Totally Inaccurate Replit Assistant
no i won't so yea
Aloeb83 (50)
Used the primenumbers library to find all the prime numbers in the range of the inputted number, then just checked to see if each prime was found in t...
ThatSmart (94)
#WEEKLY a week late because apparently i didnt post
Forgot to post this. Oops. So i reimplemented integers in haskell and defined equality for them.
rblxploit (1)
This program does not give my real IP. How do i fix this?
So i'm trying to make a program that gives you your IP but when i try it, it gives me an IP that is not mine. My IP starts with 76 but the IP that it...
a5rocks (809)
Prime Permutations #WEEKLY
I'm pretty sure the sieve thing I did speeds up execution... Though that is left to the imagination.
willstellar (11)
Save File (Python)
I need help saving checklist data. My goto is a .txt file, but please tell me if there is a better way to do this. Thank You! Format for saving: [che...
ClumsyKitty0 (2)
How to restore your repl
I accidentally did something to my repl that made it so that you cant run it. is there a way to back up the progress. I cant command z it anymore
Bratso (0)
where to start
Where can a beginner get notes and program to study and practice phyton
KFste (3)
8.7 Tutorials #1 - Custom Plugins
###### My First Post! Learn how to create your OWN python plugins!!!!!!!
rblxploit (1)
I can't test my REST API, and i don't know why
So i'm working on a key system for something i'm making and i use a tool named ReqBin for the POST requests and GET requests and it makes it easier fo...
asiyaaa (0)
Write a program that presents a simple menu to the user: 1. Play Game 2. Instructions 3. Quit #The program should ask the user for a number between 1...
m88m (0)
Showing something else Showing something else
Maybe? Maybe?Maybe?M aybe?Ma ybe?Maybe? Maybe ?Maybe? Maybe?
4Ly2000 (0)
Stay in bond game
You have to move with the left and right arrow keys and stay inside the box
Leroy01010 (397)
join form
join here ok update soon this is open now
ReshiramWolfu (88)
Raspberry Pi
Hey there, someone I know has a project, and I'm helping them. What do we need to know to get started? What things do we need to buy? How is the synta...
19mortb (0)
simple inputs
it askes your name and if you are good or bad then responds to if you are good or bad
Jakman (462)
Making a Classroom
How would i go about making a classroom for Rust as shown in the class rooms for java,python,etc?
Nephertum (0)
FEAT Stack Corrector
Does not correct order. um idk what else to add here lol
PiotrekNesan (0)
Another attempt. Looks like first repl suddenly wasn't accisible anymore :(
puppycute (2)
my puppy
A cute and funny dog story in
my code has one syntax error in 23line so any one can solve it
ZealousSoftware (6)
ZealousOS Developers Accepted
# ZealousOS ## Developers Approved Hello everyone! Today we accepted a new developer to our team! Everyone please welcome @CodeLongAndPros to our Dev...
grillmeshss (0)
What is the profile of our barbecue mat manufacturing company
Ningbo Yinzhou Xinlin Organic Fluorine Products Factory is famous China Teflon (PTFE) and fluorosilica viscose series products manufacturers, Our fac...
erinlol (11)
hey everyone this is my new app i just posted, im learning about vr more than coding but both is fun, i really love it!!!:)
Iusedmy1stnamel (0)
I want to make a discord signing bot.
I want to make a discord bot that gives a user a role by an emoji with python Example: :Emoji: Sign (User)
celestemartel (0)
hi! i dont understand what the fork is wrong with my code, so here i am! in my c++ class, i have to program the game where the computer chooses a myst...
Jakman (462)
ggez Rust library for games.
Will we ever get the Rust library ggez for game development? I would prefer it to be done as i have some ideas that cannot be made in other languages...
noa2008uct (0)
why is there no output for my codes
I tried to test run these codes which were given in the lecture but there is no output, can you please advise why? the codes are here https://repl.i...