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VulcanWM (1709)
Anyone here interested in Greek Mythology?
I'm making a Greek Mythology encyclopedia, but there are so many stuff in Greek Mythology, and because I am working alone, this is going to take a lon...
AH3973 (37)
I made a code that guesses your age!
You might know the trick to figure out someone's age already. This code is not just a lot of bologna because your final number will contain the number...
josefroy (12)
HTML CSS JS Rock Paper Scissors Game
This is just a simple Rock Paper Scissors game I made for fun.
HahaYes (903)
C++ Tutorial: Day 4!
# Day 4 of C++ Tutorials! # EDIT: Willing to hire people for this for 7 cycles per post. "A cycle a day keeps unemployment away!" - @CodingCactus ###...
Bookie0 (2601)
Program/Game Starter Template!
## Hey everyone!!! Hope y’all are chilling under the hot, **summer**, sun! For those of you not off yet, stay strong, vacation will soon come! ***...
ironblockhd (69)
I made a replit-like service in replit
I made a replit-like service in replit. You can create your own project and you even can customize the 404 page! I've added a signup/signin system so...
potatojs (40)
the best watch in the world
# hi, this is a watch! - i added some particules to the project and i used the noise() function to move them in a smooth way - hi i am making a websit...
Coder100 (2742)
Coder100's Image Vault
# **Image Vault** Hello everyone, is this a vault or an image hoster? What's the difference? That's for you to decide... Anyways this hoster is partia...
CodeLongAndPros (875)
On the current view of technology, as influenced by the public media.
# On the current view of technology, as influenced by the public media Hello, today, I'm going to talk about one of the most annoying things about co...
ZDev1 (187)
Bug Catcher! | 🐛🐜
> Coding? Solve these questions to be good, lol Ik that I made less questions Because there is something called `time`: SQL: ```sql time OR timestamp...
DynamicSquid (1961)
ASCII Shooter Game
**Honk Honk YES!** quote from @DannyIsCoding, originally taken from @HahaYes. Ignore that. Anyway, --- ~~It might not work~~ Hey guys! I've been w...
PYer (3224)
🎉 3,000 Cycles: PYER.ME 🎉
Hello everybody! I've recently hit 3,000 cycles! Hooray! Thanks to everyone in the repl.it community! In the past three years, I've been coding a lot...
AmazingMech2418 (655)
Update on EasyCTF
So, as you may know, at https://repl.it/talk/share/Introducing-EasyCTF-A-Cybersecurity-Capture-the-Flag-Competition/38171 , I introduced a new cyberse...
SpaceFire (82)
Is anyone looking to join our website project
Hi we are looking for some devs to make 2D simulations for a website. We don't need many. If you would like to help comment and i will send you the...
KobeFF (376)
Hey y'all, I just finished this test that will determine your mental age! Have fun! Special thanks to @CodingCactus for finding an error, and @Ava...
RogueHalo (404)
Ace your online classes with Kahooter!
So, this is a very simple yet amazing program that simply sends a request to get the answers to any Kahoot quiz! Cool Right? It has a few bugs in cre...
VulcanWM (1709)
Diamond Risk
I would call this my best game I have ever made. To win the game, you have to get to as many diamonds as you can without dying. You actually need to b...
Bookie0 (2601)
Zooooom_Car!!! 🏎
#### Hey guys what’s **up**? ###### _the sky!_ (sorry I know lame joke couldn’t resist!) ##### **OK next......** So school’s almost out, and summer...
DynamicSquid (1961)
Haha Rockets go BRRRRRR
So SpaceX's rocket launch is today! SpaceX is probs one of my favourite companies, so I'm kinda excited. It'll be the first manned mission in Americ...
CodeLongAndPros (875)
C wars: Chapter Three: Revenge of the if
# Chapter three: Revenge of the if Today I will be talking about `booleans` and `if`, `else if`, `else` constructs. First, before we get to the `if...
Bookie0 (2601)
## Bonjour People!!! I have ###### 1 week of school left. So **yay**! ##### _anyways..._ #### Intro/advertisement Haven’t you felt like you need...
CarlosRosiles (68)
Beginners guide to repl it
Why am I making tutorials. Anyway, If you are new to repl it (I've been here for a few months now), this might me good for you. Here are some simple...
DorshReal (9)
Space Invaders with Java Swing
This is a game I created using a Java GUI application, which allows a player to control a space ship while shooting down encroaching enemy ships. This...
ChezTacoz (250)
Tower of Hanoi Calculator
This program is for when your playing Tower of Hanoi. You just have to input the number of rings on the tower to find the fastests solution using this...
CodingCactus (2432)
Cactus Simulator
I hit 500 cycles recently. YAY, thanks!! Although I probably have about 50 cycles in ask questions where they haven’t selected my answer as the answer...
amasad (2373)
What does REPL stand for?
Wrong answers only. Also asked here https://twitter.com/replit/status/1273653868065243136?s=19
DynamicSquid (1961)
Do you guys like my new logo?
So I'm making a language called "Night", ###### ~~check it out on [github](https://github.com/DynamicSquid/Night) and star it~~ and I need a logo. I...
OG49 (23)
Earth Explorer - A Platformer Featuring a Cat
# Earth Explorer ## --> *[Play the game](https://earthexplorer--og49.repl.co)* <-- ### What is this game? **This is the first platformer game I have...
CodingCactus (2432)
2048 (In Python Console)
# **2048** *** # What it is: If you've never heard of it, basically, you have to put 2 squares of the same number together, which will combine those...
Coder100 (2742)
# **TWIST** Twist is a maze game -- but with a twist! (haha) Instead of moving around normally, the ground **tilts** and you roll instead of moving! T...