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9751 (25)
A Program That Knows You!
I made a program that asks you all sorts of questions! Just answer them, and it will know who you are! **_P.S. If you enter fake info, it will still w...
slateclub (0)
Window Wipers!
Are your windows dirty, visit this website so you can get a shiny window!
SwitchMaster (22)
Here is functions you can use for coloring text in console output.
You can fork this repl if you like. Please give this repl a upvote if you like it!
treeguy68 (1)
can anyone teach me the basics of C#
please please please plz plz plz
CarlosRosiles (153)
A pet simulator!
This is the first time I post a repl in a while, but for some reason I decided to make a pet simulator for no reason. And this was harder to make beca...
lightningrock (51)
Help with a python code runner made in python
I have 3 problems: * When you try to save or open a file it gives an error. I know why but how do you fix it? * How do you make the y/n prompts accept...
VidyootSenthil (1)
Does anyone want a website made for them. Free of cost.
I am bored. I want to build something for someone. Please let me know if you want anything. I have designed Professional sites for caterpillar. Here i...
treeguy68 (1)
can someone teach me c++ for free in need to learn for unity
ignore the repl thing it made me put one in
RaduG (1)
A snake game i guess
So i made (at 8 PM) this very stupid snake game in Python, using the Turtle module.
Alonhoresh (1)
p5.js JavaScript Library - p5.js Template
This is a very basic p5.js template.
Ekstra (0)
Pac man game
Bhsjsbjhsbhjs just a copy of pac man doodle :/
amitco2468 (0)
Are repl.it make me if I run "node index.js' working 24/7?
Are repl.it make me if I run "node index.js' working 24/7?
amitco2468 (0)
npm should be run outside of the node repl, in your normal shell. (Press Control-D to exit.)
npm should be run outside of the node repl, in your normal shell. (Press Control-D to exit.) I can't use command line! and I press control-D and it's...
Bookie0 (3285)
Program/Game Starter Template!
## Hey everyone!!! Hope y’all are chilling under the hot, **summer**, sun! For those of you not off yet, stay strong, vacation will soon come! ***...
LucianoTrujillo (0)
juegito para defender las maravillosas torres con gimli y legolas
Lord_Poseidon (158)
#WEEKLY and a mini-rant
Can I have ONE challenge that takes more than twenty minutes and ten lines of code? I'm not even trying to shorten my solution at this point. Haskell...
DiveshTheReal (1)
When my premium plan end what will happen
is there any blog that can explain the free version and the premium version
I dont know how to start this repl
https://repl.it/@abdulokad/instabotpy-master its asking to use a packager i don't understand
nikolausAI (0)
First Website
This is my first website about the fictional New York consulting firm Kornbaum.
DiveshTheReal (1)
Why does it say Hacker in my Profile
can you tell me what do i do it say hacker in my profile plz help me fix it i don't hack
CodeLongAndPros (963)
C wars: Chapter two: The data wars
# Chapter two: The Data wars ## Hello again, learners. This is your teacher, the Sourcerer. I trust that you have finshed your homework... If you f...
jibbeiscool (0)
how do i change the complete background color
how do i change the complete background color cause i changed the background color but i cant change the complete background color like ther is still...
CoolJames1610 (556)
Personality Quiz!
# Personality Quiz Do **YOU** want to know **YOUR** personality??? WELL LOOOOOK NO FURTHER ###### bruh what HERE, THIS PROGRAM WILL ASK YOU **30*...
Graydog6 (2)
Time won't increase
Since it is Fathers Day, I am trying to make a game for my dad. He LOVES grilling. So, I made him a grilling game. But once you start the grilling par...
CodingCactus (2824)
Custom Colour Theme For Repl.it IDE
Hello, so this morning I made a theme for the ide (the syntax highlighting) which i am quite proud of :) Firstly you need to download the Amino plugi...
DiveshTheReal (1)
How to i do i make my project run 24/7 can you plz help me how to make it 24/7 plz
How to i do i make my project run 24/7 can you plz help me how to make it 24/7 plz it will be help full
JBYT27 (107)
What do you guys think are the most common coding stuff?(python, html5, js, etc.)
Thanks! And please comment down below!
MikeColeman (1)
First use of modules!
Nothing much, new to Python and using modules for the first time.
SpaceFire (101)
Node and HTML
How do I use Node.js in a HTML Repl?
treeguy68 (1)
on line 141 how can i fix it
please help my freind isnt here to help