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Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
NoNameByProgram (114)
PIN Cracker [BETA]
# PIN Cracker [BETA] **WARNING: This must only be used for experimental purposes.** ## How to use - 1. Enter a password for the PIN Cracker. - 2. The...
CarlosRosiles (187)
Discord bot not working
I was making a discord bot and when someone was kicked or banned, I wanted it to say:`lol someone got kicked or banned`, using this code: ```js client...
KissFm (2)
The password program!
This program is designed to give you passwords that would make a hacker hard to guess. It asks you if you want another and another. If you say n, then...
mavrK (32)
Getting some ruby practice in
MocaCDeveloper (334)
Integer Type Indicator
This project indicates what type of number was inputted(int based). Ignore the sm and um. This was just used to indicate a certain spot of the intege...
MagnusFrid (1)
what is pip install waitress and production wsgi. When i run my code repl advise me to use a production wsgi instead. I don't know what that is. Can s...
who can help me in Unit 3 Exercise 5 - Custom Clock?
who can help me in Unit 3 Exercise 5 - Custom Clock? because I didn`t understand this ex.
Big_EpicEpic (12)
2D Sandbox Game! (Totally not Terraria)
Come play my 2D Sandbox Game! I developed this over a year ago, and I only just realized had Love2D!
JosephSanthosh (1192)
How can you make a website using the code you created in my repl?
How can you make a website using the code you created in my repl?
FamousRW (1)
python with turtle
I'm new to this and kinda stuck. can anyone help me with it
Leastweb (0)
what is the best language to use for a beginner?
weirdgamertv23 (0)
Can anyone write code for sending an email to a specified email address right after the whole program ends? Language - Python. Email provider - Gmail...
nbzhenfei (1)
Thermal Controller
(a) Full-scale P.I.D segmented temperature control system maintains stable mold temperature under any operating conditions with control accuracy of ±3...
softwarenginner (10)
Custom Input Field
Custom email field made with HTML, CSS
Kopamed (235)
Meme Quality Predictor (200 Cycle Special!)
This will predict the quality of the memes on Reddit. This is my first Markov Chain generator so don't be too harsh. # How to The program is self...
finlay44111 (39)
Issue with repl not being able to load due to a large file
I recently made a program that would extract pixel data from a .ppm file. an uncompressed image file. I uploaded a huge 150MB image into the repl, and...
JonathanWesely (2)
Settings issue
Hey so I'm having an issue where all my code becomes grey, (its happening in the LL.functions file) and I don't get that feedback for errors through c...
PeterStudenkov (8)
MS paint but bad 1.0.0
Made with turtle Its a drawing software but bad Draw with mouse Arrow keys for precision Press buttons up top for other stuff Also check out dyna...
Azrael (4)
HoW dO THe ROboT ANSWer QUeStIOns?
How do you make a robot answer questions?
ShikharVerma1 (1)
How can I install to my
I want to download the package ** to my repl How can I ?
Swasthik123 (1)
what is the error in this program??
import turtle # Make a square with the turtle. def square(): my_turtle=turtle.Turtle() my_turtle.forward(100) my_turtle.left(90) my_turtle....
VulcanWM (2180)
Cricket Game
This took me a very long time to make and I still haven't perfected it as I don't have lots of time. You can be any team in the world cup.
saghitcssf (3)
"Simple" Rock Paper Scissors
Are you up for the challenge? By the way, go into the code and press the link. It is a theory for rock paper scissors. HAVE FUN!
EricBromstead (16)
Text to spech python, Help
I Tried this code here: import win32com.client as wincl speak = wincl.Dispatch("SAPI.SpVoice") speak.Speak("Hello World") but I get the error: Repl...
GracieKing (34)
Warriors chat Chat with my bot about the book series Warriors. \(Also known as Warrior Cats\)
JackLesher (6)
Michael Reeves Quote Generator, because we've all gone mad.
So you know those robots people build that give you an inspirational quote when you ask for one? Well, my bot is a lot like that, except it gives you...
TurtleAndrew (64)
Slide (Python) 1.0
Heres a game I made inspired by the slide game made by MrMinimax. I wrote all the code for this game but made it because I wanted more levels to play...
dfnk (37)
Why is this not working? When importing?
MrTrex (16)
BEST C++ program ever
im learning c++ so pls dont juj me because this is first my first wait my first frst c++ program so......................................................
Animator282 (24)
Send Nukes 1.0.1 BETA
Play this tycoon game with an explosive amount of fun!!! Free to PLAY!!! Play now and like this game for more!!!