InvisibleOne (2151)
How to Use repl.it/~/cli
# Using Repl.it cli First, you need to go to repl.it/~/cli Now, first you have your account commands. You start by typing ```account``` Now you will...
PowerCoder (734)
Python Translater
I saw a similar repl project on the share page using a package called "goslate." This project had a terrible user-interface so I decided to make m...
esme_lv (2)
Hello Avi
PLease force Avi to finish this code. I'm slightly annoyed that he will NOT finish his CODE.
fsinit (1)
How disable python plots and enable web server instead?
I'm writing a little chart api on python3 for myself. So I'm using aiohttp web server and pyplot, and when I'm doing `import matplotlib.pyplot as plt`...
arsagulmsk (3)
Jazz, Canvas, Math. See how music looks like. You can turn on any music you want, just change url in input element. Two lines are canvas paths, whic...
GoldenFox5313 (0)
How do I make a P2P server on repl.it?
Hey! I'm trying to implement 2-player multiplayer in my game, and I'm using PeerJS for Peer-To-Peer Connection. I've got everything working, except ma...
fulgrimed (1)
Smooth side nav
Simple sliding nav. This is really cool and it only took me 45 min to make!
RyanHenrie (1)
A C# Choose Your Own Adventure!
Use the WASD + Q keys to generate pre-determined text which will create an environment as you progress from: a dark stone-cold room, to: a fiery death...
programmeruser (527)
Can't get vue-cli-service's dev server to listen on
I'm trying to set up a Vue.js app with the Vue CLI, but I've tried several methods and I can't force vue-cli-service to listen on instead of l...
bow_AYEE (7)
Rock Paper Scissors game
I guess this counts as a bot, I mean you aren't playing against a person so... https://repl.it/@bow_AYEE/Rock-Paper-Scissors
CodingRedpanda (162)
Dodge The Trees!
My first Three.JS game. Comment how many trees you dodged. --- **EDIT**: My low score is 59... can you beat it? **EDIT AGAIN**: My *high* score is 10...
GoodCoderBadBoy (2)
Is there a way of making an 'Repeat until input'?
I'm making a game in python and I'm aiming for a title screen similar to the original Super Mario Bros I know how to make the "press enter to start" f...
PavelMartinek (6)
Hunting game
https://repl.it/@PavelMartinek/Hunting-game This is my easy hunting game;\) try it
Ardin16 (6)
when the user_species input is given an unaccepted answer it loops infinitely
how do i fix this? i have been looking into try except and other things but every time i use except or something else it gives me a python error or lo...
DamDanielDaniel (2)
I am trying to make a working corana virus model with social distancing
I was wondering if there was a feature so if you select a line of text that repeats often in the code you can change all of them at once (NOT a variab...
JonahElias (155)
Random Color Generator/Color Creator
The name says it all, it's a random color creator or you can create your own color with rgb codes
AlexanderTarn (278)
How to share a team replit
So me and my friends have created a team replit, but when we finished we realized there is no share button, can someone help us please?
lmutcssh (3)
How does this work?
I just started... can someone give me a thorough fill in about python? I have no clue, what's the basics? I know few....
thedarkkniteseamuskills (3)
mad lib
https://repl.it/@thedarkkniteseamuskills/mad-lib a basic mad lib first shot at it
maximuswrath (2)
It inputs stuff. You type something, it stores that thing, it prints that thing, and then you know said thing.
hko2020 (1)
Turtle Alphabet
Draws out letters using Turtle.
HackerMan0303 (2)
Wich programming language should i learn next ?
I already know C++ and some python and html, css and js wich one should i learn next ?
ItsEmpCs (39)
Does anyone know how to use node js to create background server and make the chatroom in html?
Plz make a repl or link one if you can
chaos3quals (3)
Is Scala on the roadmap? If so, approximately when?
OwnScrimsdArya (4)
Make Your Own Drawing!
This is like a nice turtle to play with.
olafem (2)
JS Assignment 2 EX3
please I need a guide to JS assignment 2 Exercise 3
TST2024 (12)
The Trail 3 Beta! Text Based adventure!
Beta Version - Check back for patch notes, I know the code looks a little jumbled but it is a beta hope you enjoy! PATCH NOTES V 0.5 #Fixed some bugs...
Wassu (19)
CMD, The Game
Enjoy, this is my group's first project and we are looking to do more. I am thirteen so i'll try and create more games, apps, etc. We are accepting do...
haiqalrepl (3)