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richtan (119)
Collatz Conjecture Generator
https://repl.it/@richtan/Collatz-Conjecture-Generator A generator I made that calculates things in the Collatz conjecture. Have fun doing the thing yo...
ebest (631)
Admins: What if repl.it showed the amount of views on a post and on a file? That would be interesting.
FrancisBrennan (16)
Cool-Looking Lines
Go fullscreen and move your mouse around.
ozzyson (13)
Memphis DOS V.1.0 Old Project
This is an old project of a bot I made in the style of an operating system. The bot is capable of writing and saving documents. Checking the time \(ES...
Jakman (377)
The sys.argv functionallities.
So in python3 you may want to contact a python file from the inside of that python file. The way you do this is with 'sys.argv' Lets say that you go t...
iamarka0 (6)
Running code with a new file
The 'main.py' file is running a code successfully. But when I am trying to code in a file created by me, the output is not coming. Please help.
Serenity2009 (3)
McDonalds Pokemon Crossover
I used a template from my coding teacher and changed some things about it. Pretty much this is pokemon but with food.
PYer (3294)
Starred repls on your profile.
Can you make it so that your starred repls are the ones that appear on you profile, and when you click the arrow the unstarred ones appear. I just wan...
AlanChang1 (1)
My clicky buttons
This is a animated button and it is very cool
DaDestroyerMK85 (44)
Shrek Script
Since you all liked my Bee Movie script, I decided to do another one but this time it is Shrek (King of memes).
AsherStewart (6)
A basic choose your own adventure! (CYOA)
import random print("Hello man, wassuppp") name = input("was your name? ") print("hi", name, "welcome to North Korea, survivor edition!") print("you...
Vandesm14 (2265)
What is polygott?
I have heard of Polygott from a Repl Talk post which mentioned it as a root access for Linux. What is Polygott and how can I use it with my Nodejs pro...
PYer (3294)
Will you allow the pyTTS module?
I was working on creating a chatbot, and I wanted to use the pyTTS module. I hope you will allow this module or create a way this module can be used....
HahaYes (1052)
Jokes for Quarantine
Want more jokes? Tell DynamicSquid that HahaYes is sorry.
KobeFF (416)
Will repl.it ever support making repls using Phaser.js?
So recently, I have been learning game development with Phaser 3, but repl.it doesn't support it yet, though they have been adding new languages, such...
Japoll246 (14)
TypeError: 'builtin_function_or_method' object is not subscriptable (hellp)
This was answered. Thanks for all the responses they all helped in the end.
VivaanSa (17)
Encrypt/Decrypt your message to make them secure/fun (Tkinter)
# **_Type In Whatever You Want!!_** ## Select Encrypt/Decrypt for Task ### This is a Secure Secret Code Program That will convert your messages to a...
FrostyBoi1 (0)
I need help to make a discord bot.
Hi I am new to making bots and I need help making my first bot. I have a code for it and I need help to make it better and easier
JaidenKim (12)
Camel Game: Updated V2!
Constructive criticism is highly valued! Thanks for playing my random game that I spent an unusually long time on! New Features: -Added new ways tha...
awesome10 (212)
um 3 u's
# The 3 U's! *** thanks to @DynamicSquid for telling me about the 3 U's! ### and as usual (not actually usual), >Not upvoting is Not caring! *** T...
ThePythonBot (2)
BattleQuest-- My First Python Game!
Hi everybody! This project is the product of a few months of learning python through Udemy's Ivan Gomes course "Learn to Code in Python 3". I initial...
einata (1)
QueenB - ex1 - Rock&Paper&Scissors
Rock&Paper&Scissors Game in JavaScript, written by Einat Gutman.
LoneyWalrus (8)
Project: Pokemon Text Adventure
https://repl.it/@LoneyWalrus/Pokemon-Text-Adventure I built this game when I was still learning python so there are a lot of nooby mistakes in it, or...
_Sniper_Turtle_ (17)
Please upvote. I worked hard on this. link is: https://repl.it/@_Sniper_Turtle_/Talkative-Robot
ooooogoon (1)
selenium/webdriver doesn't working......
I installed selenium. file is Pythone_Study / Web_Driver_basin.py but. doesn't working. and result .. ----------------------- updating dependen...
nt998302 (173)
How do you host a server on replit?
I was playing around with socket.io in python, and I was able to make a server, but I have no clue how to connect to it. Any help?
tra38 (10)
Using Pip On Repl.it
Repl.it allows you to easily load Python modules that are on PyPi, but I needed to write some code that relied on a Python module hosted on GitHub spe...
VMTU (5)
Yo momma joke generator
Welp i made a yo mama joke genrator, these make no sense but 70 lines of code