Coder100 (10596)
Get json file
I have successfully created a JSON database. Now how do I access it? I know that require() does not work\*. Repl [here](https://repl.it/@Coder100/Expr...
SixBeeps (3188)
#WEEKLY 9: Art Gallery!
Well, my submission turned out completely different from what I was expecting, but I'm really happy with how it looks! This only took me a few hours,...
Toaf (2)
hey there, can someone give me some good and useful tips on how to use python?
TBarnard13 (3)
Doctor Who Top Trumps - Singleplayer AI opponent
This is a top trump game using Doctor Who top trumps (Could easily be changed for any other top trumps). It features two modes : Singleplayer and Mul...
jcrawf20 (3)
vigenere cipher
I'm very new to computer programming. I'm currently taking a beginners class, and I'm a little lost. My teacher has asked me to write a function for a...
noapplesforeve (1)
Beware the crows.. and Lucy
Silly CYOA game, featuring my pets and maybe even a murder of (one) crow(s).
dfnk (53)
How to I get a file from the users computer onto my web app?
JonMarsh (1)
Error code for some reason?
![repl.it - beginner-2 - Google Chrome 1_1_2020 12_40_24 PM](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1577901701072_dc628315a9fb953c0fdcec0fcd47a1...
aneesj (5)
3x3 Table
I have created a 3x3 table by using turtle. By the way, how do you change the colour of the line. If anyone has the answer please comment below.
Theorem Of Pitagoras
Note: This repl is used for when you don't have the catetus. Not the hypotenuse. # Important: This is a part of my "Math For High Schools framework i...
What happened to JSER
I was looking at the templates page, and noticed an old name, @JSer . This has got me wondering, what has made some many people leave repl.it?
ChezCoder (1552)
Can someone help me with Java Swing JFrame?
I am really new to java, like REALYL new. I want to start creating graphical interfaces with JFrame but nothing is working! Please help me!
InfinityTheMind (8)
java [state and Deep Artificial Intelligence explained]
This is simple java ai to accept input and shows an idea or concept on how we can make firing of neurons possible in any programming language. this is...
## NOTE: This was made in WIX..GODS USED WIX TO CREATE THE SKY..😱 ### HEY Guys ever looked at the Starry Night sky Sky and hoped to control the stars...
JeronimoCuartas (1)
Epathon: un juego de empatia
poetaetoes (287)
A picasso game
This is a game where you press all four arrow keys really fast, but one at a time. Make sure to click on the canvas so it is focused on that. Post you...
thinkboom (0)
how to use pillow in repl.it python
please help me use pillow i want to display my image can you give me the code please..
CalvinBirch (2)
how do I fix this
Python3 with Pygame  bash -c polygott-x11-vnc q && DISPLAY=:0 run-project nohup: redirecting stderr to stdout
Anthony_Tonev (98)
🛰 Drone Assistant A.I. 🛰
An interactive, **animated**(live), chatbot that can play games, guess images and help with coding. Sometimes it will tell you to do stuff without bei...
WhittSanders (1)
Demonstrate use of math methods
EthanHorowitz (79)
Anyone interested in game dev with JS and WebAssembly?
I'm part of a team trying to make a Unity-type game editor/maker for high quality browser games, and we're looking for developers who are interested i...
InvisibleOne (480)
[GAME] 💎 Diamond Challenge! 💎
My high score is 100 moves...only you want a low score for this game ### Goal Get all the diamonds with the lowest amount of moves. ### How to play...
GabrielInnocent (3)
1st Number after the decimal point
Prints the exact simplified answer
CyberstudentSA (1)
Simple Encryption/Decryption Program in Java
Simple encryption/decryption program for Hello World
Axrevyn (265)
How is this an invalid syntax?
I was working on a notepad program and ran into a weird error - it tells me there's an invalid syntax, but I have no idea how I messed up. Can someone...
wantT0befriends (42)
Attribute Error?
Hi guys, can you help me here? *** I've learned a little about classes in python and once I did, I realized I had made a big mistake in one of my pr...
Silaspace (18)
Python Flask not updating.
Code is at "https://repl.it/@Silaspace/Discord-Bot-V1" The flask code is under "alive.py" I am currently creating a discord bot, which does a variety...
PYer (3504)
I need help finding some modules.
There are many things I want to do with python, which I cannot figure out how to do. I am looking for some modules or functions that allow me to do th...
JonasHall (3)
ffmpeg problems (again)
Hi, As can be seen from https://repl.it/@JonasHall/Mandelbrot-Fractal-animation this actually worked a while ago. MoviePy was the ONLY package I fou...
JeremyCoulombe (5)
Yoda's Taxi Typing Test
Alright fellow replers, I know the title may be odd, but just try it out. Pretty much, I just experimented with multiple things I was trying out....