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Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
PatrickAtReplit (36)
Python Interview Prep
Prepping for Python coding interview questions? Practice with this latest blog post from [Career Karma]( + https:/...
fm79 (4)
my homework
i have a homework to do however, the teacher hasn't uploaded it on the website what should i do?
Highwayman (1358)
Moving Repls
Um... guys? Why can’t I move my repls??? ![32AE97F5-5DF7-4D6C-8D6C-68BFE6F55A9E](
AllanFernandes1 (2)
Object cloning in PHP
Object cloning is creating a copy of an object. An object copy is created by using the clone keyword Whenever we clone an object different memory is...
RohilPatel (1181)
#WEEKLY 14 Neumorphism Coverter
# **Unit Calculator** ## **Why was this project made?** Well, I know from being 6 or 7 that remembering these conversions were impossible, even simp...
PeterStudenkov (8)
MS paint but bad 1.0.0
Made with turtle Its a drawing software but bad Draw with mouse Arrow keys for precision Press buttons up top for other stuff Also check out dyna...
paulfears (82)
Assembly compiler
uses a simple little trick to allow you to compile and run raw assembly on
ArjunSS1 (106)
White Screen stops code?
I've been messing around with selenium using python + pygame and after stopping the program the program screen turns white and all code doesn't run an...
MarcusWeinberger (585)
Get uploaded images from user's phone
# [Continue on mobile]( ### A solution to desktop webapps requiring photos Ever wanted to get a picture from an end user...
JennyChen4 (3)
Game Project
Robotics gameRobotics gameRobotics gameRobotics gameRobotics gameRobotics gameRobotics gameRobotics gameRobotics gameRobotics game
oromo123 (3)
Can I publish my web that I have built on
Is it possible to publish a web that I have built on If yes how?
ShivankChhaya (97)
Here is a game.
# Hi. This is a pretty self-explanatory repl. Just press run and see what happens. Just saying, CAPS MATTER!!! My sister and I creating doesn't mean w...
CarlosRosiles (183)
Why Javascript true loops never work?
I am making a program where it keeps track of how long you spend time on your device. Some devices already do this, so its kind of useless. But I want...
faziz6006 (3)
Can Anyone help me write this in java script
Exercise One: In this exercise you will be creating two functions. // Function One: Will be called 'multiply'. // This function will take two paramet...
MohamadAlshabab (12)
3.5. If/else: Single positive
Given two non-zero integers, print "YES" if exactly one of them is positive and print "NO" otherwise.
Lamby777 (59)
Lambocorrect (Simple AC)
My attempt at making an Autocorrect. Yes, I know it sucks. \(Trust me, it turned "maek" \(typo of make\) into "meek"
Nickname Generator! Generates a nickname for you based off of your answ...
VinayakuduElapa (2)
How to enable console button
May i know how to enable console button in the screen
WilliamRoss6 (6)
Saving help please?
So, I'm trying to create a saving feature for my python game and it works when I'm in the code view. When I open the repl in a new tab, it works, unti...
MrTrex (16)
Farm Generator
This program will generate wheat in random positions, like a farm (Scroll up if you want to see the whole farm)
ObidulKadir (0)
I am stuck....
How to upload code from to GitHub.
Highwayman (1358)
C++ Wrapper for SQLite Database
This is probably the biggest accomplishment for me right here lol. Let me start from the beginning... > scroll down to tldr for shorter thingy.. th...
lyntechi (2)
Python Challenge. Please Help! Thanks!
I am new to Python and having a hard time figuring this out. Any help would be appreciated it thanks.
ShikharVerma1 (1)
How can I install to my
I want to download the package ** to my repl How can I ?
CosmicWonderhoo (1)
How do I make the letters parallel to each other?
I would like to make the letters parallel to each other with delay and without having the word print out all at once. Please my fellow python programm...
Lord_Poseidon (159)
Dystopian monopoly
# Monopoly in Dystopia! What would be the state of board gaming when, after the fall of currencies (which will surely happen, mark my words...) Bitco...
RohilPatel (1181)
How do allow requests from only 1 page on
Hey, I have been experimenting with, and there is one dude on who bottled my chat, and now it's dead because he overflowed it, so ye...
hadthelad (10)
can someone help me with how im going to make my ai make decisions well
so im trying to make a poker game (texas holdem) and i dont really know how to make the ai know when to stay, fold, and raise. is there a way i could...
abc3354 (224)
Simple newletter app with express and nedb
# Simple newletter app with express and nedb This is a simple newsletter app I created with nodejs It uses : - express as a web framework - nedb...
zigzag404 (1)
Super sorter
Sorts a sentence's letters in alphabetical order