TST2024 (12)
The Trail 3 Beta! Text Based adventure!
Beta Version - Check back for patch notes, I know the code looks a little jumbled but it is a beta hope you enjoy! PATCH NOTES V 0.5 #Fixed some bugs...
Shemora1234 (1)
Console tab
why am I not seeing a console tab on my screen? I have the run button but not that tab.
techdog24 (0)
Stuck on this JavaScript function trying to figure out the cartPrice and the priceLookup?
I'm new to the coding world and currently I'm stuck on trying to figure the question 1 & 3. Can someone help me in the right direction thanks. let it...
MyselfAndI (5)
https://Oversight--MyselfAndI.repl.co Username: orientation_user Password: oversightiswatchingyou It is still in progress.
wayanjimmy (2)
Linked List in Typescript using Closure
## Linked List in Typescript but use Closure instead of Class Inspired by this post [Computer Science in Javascript: Linked List](https://humanwhocod...
DamDanielDaniel (2)
I am trying to make a working corana virus model with social distancing
I was wondering if there was a feature so if you select a line of text that repeats often in the code you can change all of them at once (NOT a variab...
Majestic0LH (10)
Counter to 100000000000000000000000000000
Well, just press run and see what it does. Not exactly fascinating but, whatever
Battledash2 (2)
How Can I Make 3D Games?
Hi! I'm trying to learn CSS transforms and stuff to make a 3D game. I managed to get 1 cube but I can't figure out how I would possibly get a second o...
HackerMan0303 (2)
Wich programming language should i learn next ?
I already know C++ and some python and html, css and js wich one should i learn next ?
GaelLepePonce (1)
Tree print
its a tree and it asks you what you want
AriStack (6)
A basic Beginning to a social media platform,
I need A php server to continue developing, So I’m moving to Sublime Text on my pc soon, but here’s the start.
Is the new database feature more reliable than storing data on files such as using pickle?
I just happen to notice a new feature when I opened my Python repl, which is basically an integrated dictionary, but seems like a super-dictionary wit...
AeneidVI (6)
Dice Game (but it's Java)
Learning Java, so I redid one of my old practice python projects. I thought I'd post it, both because Chō-Han is fun (admittedly more so against other...
Ardin16 (6)
when the user_species input is given an unaccepted answer it loops infinitely
how do i fix this? i have been looking into try except and other things but every time i use except or something else it gives me a python error or lo...
OliMaciek (1)
Litery Aleksandra Król 6c
Zadanie domowe 6c Informatyka FETH Aleksandra Król
MyongjaeKim (1)
Magic Math
Simple magic trick that will always work. Follow directions.
firepuff13 (10)
Higher or Lower
Pick two numbers, and a random number between those two will be chosen. Then you have to try and guess that number, and the game will tell you if your...
InvisibleOne (2198)
I have created a team for those that want to be in a team, just to be in a team. Anybody is welcome!
ZacharyWood (23)
My Python Work
This is pretty much all of my work (minus a few scripts) Enjoy!
InvisibleOne (2198)
How to Use repl.it/~/cli
# Using Repl.it cli First, you need to go to repl.it/~/cli Now, first you have your account commands. You start by typing ```account``` Now you will...
fsinit (1)
How disable python plots and enable web server instead?
I'm writing a little chart api on python3 for myself. So I'm using aiohttp web server and pyplot, and when I'm doing `import matplotlib.pyplot as plt`...
addisonday (3)
Cool Four Leaf Clover
A simple program inspired by St. Patty's Day. Check it out! https://repl.it/@addisonday/FourLeafClover
stephenpastore (5)
Tooltip issue in Firefox
Hi I just downloaded Firefox and used it with repl for the first time but I'm continually having an issue where the tooltips that appear when you hove...
_Space_ (2)
How do I add a logo on my webpage?
On every website, there is a logo on the top. Here is a picture for it. But I don't know how to do it. Can somebody help me? ![logo11](https://storage...
GabrielArctic (2)
Transgender Awareness Week Website
Just a young trans guy trying to learn code and make a difference. :-)
yuhione999 (1)
Title quiz
Prove your genius by taking this test....
Futuristics (51)
Ask, Python or Java
This took like an hour to make, because I had to relearn Tkinter. I also tried to use matplotlib but for some reason, it failed to load to Repl.it? An...
Ekashrejaiswal (3)
Hey Guys!! I Have recently joined this amazing and beautiful Replit Platform and I had made my new cute looking and sharp timing Clock Of Luck. If u w...
Beowoof (2)
My First 2020 Bibliotech Challenge Python Project
I made this for the 2020 Bibliotech Challenge.
GoldenFox5313 (0)
How do I make a P2P server on repl.it?
Hey! I'm trying to implement 2-player multiplayer in my game, and I'm using PeerJS for Peer-To-Peer Connection. I've got everything working, except ma...