PDanielY (1174)
Using the request module in nodejs to send GET and POST requests.
Today, we are going to learn how to use the request module in nodejs. The request module is like the https module but with better features and it is e...
BobTheTomatoPie (1449)
Newest Version of Pitlife Hi Everyone, I have spent a long time working on updating Pitlife, the last version released was something around version 0....
etian (33)
How To
how do you make it so that it would stop running after they get the password correct ?
JaydenWilliams7 (1)
Something Cool
Cooool Coool Coooool Cooool Coool
DJWang (1246)
The Four Doors Of Doom.
Hello! I made this game called "The Four Doors Of Doom." Basically you choose any door and try to find the path. This is my first coding competition s...
PYer (3515)
#WEEKLY Number to String! #4
Hooray! I just saw it this morning, so I'm a little late. This has been my favorite challenge yet! Any feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you so m...
CodeSalvageON (596)
Online Collaborative Book
Today's project signifies some progress I have made. From now on, I will use much more NodeJS. It will be great. Well, after I create Zwack Overflow o...
k9chelsea2 (708)
whats the point of cycles?
I know that its like a point system or reputation but what are they used for because I am as confused as my friends aunties salad
softwarenginner (10)
Hover Icon Effect
Made with HTML, Css
thedeathblade (3)
How to run node package scripts?
I am trying to use repl.it as an online environment for running firebase-tools. I used the package manager to install 'firebase-tools', but how do I...
AProgrammer (24)
Connect Four
Connect Four in C\# https://repl.it/@AProgrammer/Connect-Four
theangryepicbanana (1651)
Import a Ruby repl in your repl!
With this small function I've made, you can import a file from any repl (it doesn't have to be on your account!), and it will import the file into you...
trejo99 (0)
help :,)
hey :) so I've been trying to learn python but it is still kinda hard so do yll have any recommendations like yt channels or websites to learn python?...
ashishxcode (1)
Snake Game In Python
Implement the famous Snake game in this beginner tutorial! Learn also how to use the curses module to build terminal applications. This tutorial is ai...
Parallax Page Template
This is a one-page parallax site. Hope it's helpful! _not responsive_
eliyah (2)
Disable auto-save?
Hi im trying to use nodemon on my nodejs project. I don't want it to autosave because it restarts the project I want to use ctrl + s to save, is this...
sj42 (36)
Open world beta with AIs
https://repl.it/@sj42/Open-World-Beta You are the Y Go around the map and fight enemies \(E\). Pick up wood and stone Feedback is appreciated! You can...
marandari (2)
Simple Hangman Game
Hangman is a simple word guessing game. Players try to figure out an unknown word by guessing letters :) enjoy it!.
YvngBashit (16)
I have gaps in my knowledge. PYTHON
So like I am learning Python and I know some of the concepts, when ever I try to write my own original program it gets very difficult and I go a head...
Draco (18)
Tale of Zeal my RPG
https://repl.it/@Draco/Tale-of-Zeal A rpg I have been working in
TommyVictory (196)
Rock Paper Scissors
A rock, paper scissors game against AI that took me a few days at least. Who knew a simple rock paper scissors game would use 100+ lines of code?
CodeNamePEAR (2)
MLB quiz by Jasper
This is a baseball quiz so if you don't know a lot about baseball this is not for you! I made this for my class in school so yea!
CalvinLee5 (4)
Death place, a story / Note: (needs parental guidence)
A short choose your own adventure....
cchapman (2)
ex 11
Can someone help me I cant figure out what I am doing wrong
poetaetoes (287)
Scrolling Text Help
Hello there. Please help me on how to make scrolling text for my projects. TY, @poetaetoes
xxpertHacker (557)
Outside of a browser, where could an HTML parser be found?
Does HTML have any use outside of being displayed as a web page on a browser? Would it be feasible to use such a language for anything else? I know...
SixBeeps (3221)
#WEEKLY 9: Art Gallery!
Well, my submission turned out completely different from what I was expecting, but I'm really happy with how it looks! This only took me a few hours,...
ZarataDarkined (1)
How much is the storage of data base per Repl?
Is it 500MB or 50MB? and If it is 50, then what means 500 MB in the free plan, Does it mean the sum of all the repls (10) and how i use the data bas...
Cbarnes2000 (0)
Write the C++ program that will display the following output. These inputs do not have to be in any particular order; however, the outputs have to be...
lightningrock (137)
Repl.it Access one file from another repl?
So I am making a text adventure, and I have functions in the part one repl that I would like to use in my part two repl. Is there any way to do that?...