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Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
Coder100 (8394)
When do results come out?
So, the hackathon is now over. Who will get the Amazon Gift Cards? Will it be posted on the newsletter? *** **ALSO** how are we going to get the gift...
AjayManath (2)
python hang
guys pleaz list out some python simple ptoject ideas for absolute beginers
JosephJCaperton (1)
i'm not even sure what i've created.
it's like a thing where you talk to an a.i. except for there's no a.i. and it slowly gets stranger
StarBoy01 (2)
My first ever python game!!!
To move paddle on the right press up arrow and down arrow. To move the paddle on the right press 'w' and 's'. Do not let the ball touch the side of th...
Draw with Python Turtle
Use WASD and RT to control a turtle and draw what you want.
Vandesm14 (2381)
A Custom Typeable Screen
This is a typeable screen based on the TI BASIC character set. I am working on adding numbers and more symbols to the set.
JarodL (13)
Harder Clicker
This was asked for, so here you go. A harder version of my clicker game from before, made in Python.
xolyon (337)
managing external files in python
Ok so its quite simple with python to open a file you do this `file_example = open("[filename]", "operation")` here are the operations: ``` r - read...
adsarebbbad (146)
Java Guessing Game
after a 1 hour tutorial and a few google searches, i made my first guessing game in java! instructions in-game.
Jaax (1)
Compile code inside an Android application
Hello I want to know if there's a way to compile code into an android app. I'm building an app which is going to show a piece of code, but I'd want...
TheEnsphere (2)
How do I connect PostgreSQL database to replit?
How do I connect PostgreSQL database to replit? I'm used to just typing psql [URI] in the terminal but replit dosen't seem to support that.
SuvojitDhole (5)
Code auto-completion
Hi, I am using a python repl. After I create the repl, and start writing any code, the code completion suggestions come up after pressing ctrl+space....
MatheusCold (3)
MENU DE JOGOS (portuguese)
This is a menu of four games. You can select and exit when you want. A simple program with a lot of functions!
trevand1 (1)
My Very First Python Text-Based Adventure Game!
This was my first ever Python program, and while it may not be that complex and intricate, I'm proud of this and I cannot wait to learn more and write...
MemeManHimself (80)
Potato c u b e s
Made this for @potatojs I think ok bye
ProCoder123 (7)
vowel detector
this game tells you what vowels are in any series of characters in the world!
DarshanRajpara1 (13)
In case you did not know it is pride month. This is the month of celebration within the LGBTQ+ community. Make sure to update your profile picture!
JackMinnella (10)
Error: Could not find or load main class Main exit status 1
I am new to and coding and do not understand what is wrong. When I google the error code I don't understand what people are saying when they t...
pole55 (233)
4.5. For: Sum of cubes
For the given integer N calculate the following sum: 1³ + 2³ + ... + N³
Zach_Crandall (7)
The Dark (beta)\_Crandall/The-Dark-testing A text-based game I made on Python 3. Just a simple shell that I've worked on, I'm thinking of makin...
badvillain01 (80)
Web Scraping with Python
Mini tutorial on how to web scrape using python
PDanielY (1091)
I think a feature you should add to is mini-modules. Mini-modules will be like modules is python or node.js but you will only be able to acces...
gantr833 (161)
Check this out
JaivalShah (2)
my first code
i had made a small turtle
SarangPark (2)
PyChips - The easiest language to learn
# About Chips PyChips is a dynamicallly typed language. It can be used to create simple programs and UI(s) with the UI_Print Framework (Using tkinter)...
ThunderPython (23)
Trivia Time
Enjoy a fun 10 question trivia......... Have fun and make sure to get as many as correct....Enjoy ![Trivia](
darrylyeo (1)
Nectar: The Human-Friendly Knowledge Graph 🐝
# Nectar: The Human-Friendly Knowledge Graph 🐝 [Try Nectar on!]( **Nectar** is a flexible...
_PixelOrangeDev (4)
TheChatWeb -- My prototype chat app
TheChatWeb is my prototype chat app that I made using NodeJS and HTML. It doesn't work very well on the mini-screen below unless you re-size it, so I...
Adiisgreat (5)
How to upload your own project because I am new to repl
Upload your own repl because I am new to it and cant really upload to it
LienDo (1)
Can someone fix my error?
using System; class Arithmetric { static public int Add (int a, int b, int c){ int sum = a + b + c; Console.WriteLine (a + "+" + b + "+"...