HenriqueKalke (0)
Bigrams Calculator
pt-BR: Calculadora de bigramas, sem uso de nenhuma biblioteca externa. FIz para um exame na faculdade; en-EN: That's a bigram calculator that I've mad...
Spyder101 (4)
Bank Chase 1
sdeniz (0)
https://repl.it/@sdeniz/Roulette-Game It's in Java; and it's basically a one-player random betting game
yourboyrekkr (2)
Incomplete Canteen Ordering System :)
Sorry it's not great. You can use it if you want to :)
hhshum7 (0)
Simple fun
Miguel_dede (7)
Perfect Numbers
Checks if a number is perfect. (http://mathworld.wolfram.com/PerfectNumber.html )Also generates a list of perfect numbers. https://repl.it/@Miguel_d...
aaronYoon (8)
API Thingy
MikolajFigura (0)
ChrisHill (19)
My Hangman game
Nothing too interesting about this one. Its a simple hangman game I made a few months back. https://repl.it/@ChrisHill/HangManGame
MattHooper (0)
Return an array from a variable number of arguments (all arrays) that includes only the unique values in the order in which they were presented as arg...
ChrisHill (19)
TicTacToe for Two
I tried to make a one player version but I couldn't get the Ai to work out, so I converted it into a two player version. Please feel free to comment a...
JDOG1141525 (2)
Cave Exploration Puzzle
Explore a cave to find 3 items necessary to summon and save your princess who got lost. Once you find the items, backtrack to the starting point to wi...
Victor_Suarez (19)
https://repl.it/@Victor_Suarez/Matrix I'm open to any suggestions for improvement, please report any bugs or issues found and hope you like it! oh y...
vedprad1 (879)
File Management System
A more "primeval" version of a file drive (like Google Drive) this File Management System is perfect to store multiple files! https://repl.it/@vedprad...
WyattGeorge (33)
Connect Four with Smart AI Player
Try to beat the AI! This is a version of Connect Four with a smart AI player that makes intelligent moves. The AI evaluates each possible move and pi...
mavrK (32)
RPN Calculator
https://repl.it/@mavrK/RPN-Calculator Reverse Polish Notation Calculator Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reverse_Polish_notation
jimxin2595 (19)
ZombieHordeFight V.3
https://repl.it/@jimxin2595/ZombieHordeFight-V3 Patch Log: -Just made things a bit more fancier -Fireball nerfed, now deals 25 damage Note: Progres...
MelvinPramode (0)
Loops Random Numbers
https://repl.it/@MelvinPramode/Loop-Random-Numbers Loops random numbers (works better with the .py file on pc (download it))
MelvinPramode (0)
Exponent Calculator for Whole Numbers
https://repl.it/@MelvinPramode/Exponents-for-Whole-Numbers Calculates exponents for whole numbers, includes negative and positive numbers. NO DECIMAL...
IsaiahAjaero (0)
LevMckinney (7)
A simulator for calculating the flight of a projectile in the atmosphere
Ever taken physics and wanted to not ignore air resistance well here is the program for you. It will calculate the distance a projectile will fly in...
OwenBradstreet (112)
Competition Classroom
This isn't an actual classroom. This is an area for intermediate to advanced python 3 programmers to complete challenges and even earn awards. Please...
cbuugdrama9 (3)
Dragon Realm
kingTalent (4)
encrypt and decrypt
function called “getEncryptedText()” that takes a random string and generates a password out of it and another function called “getDecryptedText()” th...
kingTalent (4)
Write a function called isSquare() that takes a number and tells if the number is a perfectsquare or not.
jimxin2595 (19)
ZombieHordeFight V.2
https://repl.it/@jimxin2595/ZombieHordeFight-V2 Patch Log: Added: Heal, Summon Tanky Minion, and Ice Barrier for the Player LifeSap and SharpenClaws...
AntonioToni (4)
Special and BEST Dice Game EVER made! :D
https://repl.it/@AntonioToni/Dice-Game-V2 please read code, you will have fun :D
ghostgirl (5)
that one geek
Victor_Suarez (19)
Simple Guessing Game
https://repl.it/@Victor_Suarez/SimpleGuessingGame My first python project. Input and suggestions are welcome for more projects would be greatly appre...