Ready set invest! (Invest game)
This is just a game where you have to invest and get to $10,000 ! You can mine, buy, and sell. But anything can happen. There could be a robber, scamm...
frostedbutton75 (38)
Markdown on your site
How? I’ve seen @amasad do it in his blog thing, but how do I insert it to HTML??
kofioppong (1)
Hello repl world !
Joined to update JS skills learned about 20 years ago
tinydimond (6)
no racism
black and white and all color lives matter. lets help each other instead of fight vs each other.this picture shows someone from another skin color/rac...
Jakman (458)
'is' in python and other languages.
The ```is``` keyword is to identify whether or not two or more variables are stored in the same memory location. Inside the memory two different varia...
MocaCDeveloper (511)
Ok. I think i was **HEAVILY** mis-understood in a tutorial I uploaded. I was listing reasons why I personally find C as the language to use, I was **...
gantr833 (161)
Check this out
Daniel_Campos (12)
hi this is my thing im new and i thought that this was cool
Anvaysharma (48)
This is my first code and I am new to python. I just started with python turtle to get a feel of coding. This is my first code on repel...
Hillo232 (4)
Why does my loop keep looping?
My cade keeps on looping over and over. Please help.
pydevthon (35)
90's Website (games)
Dude its the 90's!. website containing some of the coolest tech in gaming industry https://repl.it/@pydevthon/ArtisticEvenAnalysts Images from googl...
TylerBeck2 (3)
Sharing file with output text
My son has written a Python script that takes prompts and writes the data to output.txt. When I share the project, it doesn't seem to save the data t...
AmazingMech2418 (950)
π in Lua
I think I'm pretty much doing pi approximations in every language now, so, here it is in Lua! I still have the same issue with NASM and am working on...
Viper2211 (83)
# LOLCODE? LOLCODE is an esolang (short for esoteric language) made by Adam Lindsay. According to Google, esoteric means "intended for or likely to be...
xxpertHacker (505)
Outside of a browser, where could an HTML parser be found?
Does HTML have any use outside of being displayed as a web page on a browser? Would it be feasible to use such a language for anything else? I know...
CarrotCodes (3)
Simple Two Player Pong | Originally from freeCodeCamp.org
Play Pong with two players! Use WASD and/or the arrow keys to move your paddles up and down! This was a test of my skill because I'm relatively new t...
meternx01 (3)
.replit file documentation
Is there any documentation on what I can do with this file, or how can I customize this file for my runs?
MarcusWeinberger (589)
Creating a URL shortener in under 10 minutes (with video)
# [url shortener speedrun](https://url-shortener-speedrun.marcusweinberger.repl.co) Now, I know the name of the repl is really long, but it's functio...
Draw with Python Turtle
Use WASD and RT to control a turtle and draw what you want.
christopherflo4 (3)
Connect 4 game
Hello I am a high school senior, and I made this game as a final project. It was suppose to be a 2 player game for the project, but I went a few steps...
DorshReal (26)
Space Invaders with Java Swing
This is a game I created using a Java GUI application, which allows a player to control a space ship while shooting down encroaching enemy ships. This...
ThatSmart (88)
Esoteric Programming Language
So for Christmas I got _The Art of Computer Programming_ by Donald Knuth, which has an interesting way of defining algorithms. It basically works with...
Does anyone want to help on my Operating System?
I am making an Operating System in C/C++, Assembly, and Python, but I will never finish anything if I am doing this alone, so I am asking you guys if...
ChezCoder (1553)
Data sender 2000
my first PHP project, not bad... not bad at all... below is the php server, nothing will happen. You have to [click here](https://server.chezcoder.re...
MrMinimax (139)
Ship bot.
I was really just practicing my lists and somehow this turned into something. This quite possibly takes top spot for the stupidisst thing i've coded....
PolarAviary99 (1)
Online calculator! You can use it everyday and everywhere! You can also make your own version of this
pole55 (264)
4.5. For: Sum of cubes
For the given integer N calculate the following sum: 1³ + 2³ + ... + N³
Crupette (11)
Brainf interpreter
A small interpreter written in c++ https://repl.it/@Crupette/BrainF-Interpreter
OrionSmith (3)
ANSI console game - in Java!
I didn't think this was possible until a week ago, and now here I am showing off a game that is really a way to demonstrate more interesting ANSI cons...
MemeManHimself (92)
Person survey
Just a fun little thing I made! Stay safe, and enjoy!