GabrielKhalfin (3)
character jump
use as main movement for the game
CoderKid365 (8)
Tell me if you like it. Made this in my free time.
WAP to store a no. and divide it by 2 and find the &remainder and print both for java
I want to know that is it complimentary for using the double tag in this script (while writing the int part). Please give me the solution if u can (i...
Lumpy_Wiggles (85)
I just had an amazing bash session with `os.system('exec bash')` [here](, and here's how it went...
dainiuxt (19)
Simple Rock/Scissors/Paper game, 5 rounds human vs computer. Input into prompt. Results in the console after all 5 rounds.
optimistguy (24)
A Good API for the Online Music Hackaton!
Yeah so I have been searching for an API to find lyrics and stuff that to make an app the the Hackaton... and Yes! I have found a good api! https://d...
JackFranzel (28)
Random Password
Pretty self-explanatory. Thanks to @AidanWaner, we collaborated on this. Also open it in a new tab, the micro-bit in the replit share is to small.
Squirrel777 (112)
[WEB] Need help setting up Firebase
So yesterday I asked a question about which database is good and I tried out Firebase! It looks nice and all but I really could use some help setting...
LuckyOreos (186)
Would You Rather Questions Generator
This is the ultimate would you rather questions generator with almost a hundred questions!!!
sErn (9)
Check if key is being pressed down C++
I am trying to check if the space bar is being held down. I know that you could do this using `GetKeyState` or `GetAsyncKeyState` but this requires th...
Bitkoshy (19)
Error from IDLE dunno what to do!!
How do you solve this guys TypeError: can only concatenate str (not "int") to str ??? I am quite new to Python programming so I need some help over he...
JosephSanthosh (1198)
FutureInPython Team -- Teachers Needed!
FutureInPython Team -- Teachers Needed! ======================================== Hi guys recently I made a team called 'FutureInPython'. It is a team...
FraserGreenlee (4)
See your code execute as you write it!
This is a demo for a coding tool that will be released soon. It visualises the execution of your code as you write it. This means you're never unsure...
jd20121 (2)
String Justification Example
# `printf()` String Justification Using control strings to justify the output of a printf() statement.
royki (3)
There is no REPL for Scala Language
Hello, I couldn't find the repl for `Scala` Language. Can anyone please guide me if I miss this or give me any idea regarding Scala REPL in
who wants to make a game with me lol
comment below if u want to and what language u want to make it in
BushithaVickram (2)
simple GUI calculator entirely written in python
AndrewK7 (4)
MySql Databases
Is there anyway to use MySql databases in . Would it just be better to put the .SQL source code instead?
ikokkari (10)
101 Python Problems for Beginners
For my university-level course on Python, I have prepared a set of 101 programming problems, from which my students can freely choose thirty problems...
CatR3kd (420)
CPS Tester
Minor part of a HUGE project (mwahaha), just wanted to share!
KushLokula (3)
Python Turned-Based Fighting Game
Hello! Earlier, I posted my first post on talk on this game, where you can play against a "robot" and a friend (not physically, of course), i...
ironblockhd (419)
Bookmarklets sharing platform
# what are bookmarklets? They're bookmarks that start with `javascript:` instead of `https://`. They can run javascript # what is this for? There's no...
ItayElloul (1)
Knight Scape
A strategic 1v1 game in which you don't want to be the one to make the knight fall into the lava. This was programmed using python and tkinter within...
eekboi (283)
once againg im looking for commands :/
Hey, im looking for a command to make a taskk execute when a certain key is pressed, its going to be for a macro, ill handle the rest.
hcahoon01 (27)
Orange and Apple chatroom
In this project called Orange and Apple chatroom you are able to choose from two options for chat rooms one is Apple and two is Orange. You also can c...
r1200gs (4)
set breakpoint pyton 3.6
How do i set a breakpoint in the debugger? (Python 3.6)
Colstone (0)
Why Repl Posts Appear Differently when Opened
Whenever i click the open button in posts: ![Capture3](
CodingClubber (9)
A Bit of Trivia
Do you like trivia? Right here! Do you want to test your knowledge? Right here. Do you want to have a trivia score to brag about? Here. Yes, This is t...
mat1 (4365)
ATR: Advanced Text Reverser
# But what is ATR? - ATR is an advanced python program that can detect and reverse text, both forwards and backwards!! # How do I use it? - You first...
gjenkinsedu (3)
Graph Animation Code Step by Step coded in python/Pygame
### Code to teach how to animate a visualization of a graph algorithm: To help data structure students in Computer Science classes understand the Bre...