BobNeo (39)
Crash Python
# This is a simple repl to crash python! Just enter the way you would like to crash it, and it crashes it! # How does it crash python? Take a look at...
ThePuzzlerThree (5)
I made a drawing!
I have been interested in learning turtle. Tell me what you think!
AdamDyer1 (0)
I'm new, just stuck on an assignment
Hi, just started looking into Bootcamps, completely new to code but I thought I was fairly decent at math, so can anyone please explain why: 'let y =...
gantr833 (161)
Check this out
Simple Corona Simulator!
In this repl... i made a Corona Virus Simulator! A lot of thanks to @NoelBryan cuz he helped me a lot! The thing that @NoelBryan made for me it's when...
Jakman (458)
It works. It uses a functional algo to find a fib via the Iterator trait being implemented.
Just to say hello to other fellow coders on Repl! Just comment your "Repl" names or any suggestions for projects below in the comments section. Thank...
pydevthon (35)
90's Website (games)
Dude its the 90's!. website containing some of the coolest tech in gaming industry Images from googl...
I need some help on this Zombie Apocalypse game (python)
I need help from some python coders to help on this Zombie Apocalypse game (python) game just started this game post in the comments if you are intres...
DynamicSquid (4393)
#WEEKLY Number 6
Hit some keys on my keyboard, and things worked.
RolandJLevy (649)
Google translate bug - can you help fix it?
Hi, my Google translate app has broken all of a sudden. Do you have experience with node modules and can you have a look and help? Thanks!
CodeLongAndPros (1472)
Is replit open source?
# Is repl open source? I don’t mean the tools, or the polyglots image, but moreover, the actual website, IE the markdown transcoder, the CSS… All the...
RolandJLevy (649)
My Repl no longer commits and pushes to Github
Hi, For some reason my Repl no longer commits and pushes to Github. Each time I press the green 'commit & push' button nothing happens, and the com...
RohilPatel (1428)
Google Sign In Application Starter
Well, I'm sure you guys liked my tutorial on this, but some of you were hesitant to do this. All you need to do is fork this repl and leave the descri...
AdamCrowe2 (2)
its a word game... that uses words... to tell a story... yeah... thats it really...
JimGiordano (3)
Google Authentication in for Google APIs
I am trying to use Google authentication API in but it is referring me to a website to authenticate, then when it tries to return it doesn't h...
matthewproskils (346)
FloLang Interactive
[Try Out Here]( Welcome to FloLang Interactive, an Interactive repl to try out FloLang. We update...
iWaroz (2)
Keeping repls alive
I made some discord bots on repl and i use uptimerobot to keep them alive, but recently my bots have been shutting down which can cause issues. Does a...
Daniel_Campos (12)
hi this is my thing im new and i thought that this was cool
Draw with Python Turtle
Use WASD and RT to control a turtle and draw what you want.
PlaySoccer (54)
alert function not working
So, I was testing out the alert system, but I am doing something wrong because it is not working. Is the problem with how I linked the files? or how I...
ByronLoarte (5)
Ejercicios sobre Funciones y Recursividad
Crupette (11)
Brainf interpreter
A small interpreter written in c++
TylerBeck2 (3)
Sharing file with output text
My son has written a Python script that takes prompts and writes the data to output.txt. When I share the project, it doesn't seem to save the data t...
AidanCashman (3)
Coronavirus match
Play coronavirus match with **coronavirus emojis** When you are looking at the grid, try to memorize the positions of the emojis. You will have 15 se...
pole55 (266)
4.5. For: Sum of cubes
For the given integer N calculate the following sum: 1³ + 2³ + ... + N³
macintacos (3)
Improve vim emulation so that "ESC" actually works
Right now, there is a vim "mode" in the editor, which is great and all, but the single thing I would expect to work (pressing "ESC" to get out of Inse...
NeutralLite (3)
Can someone help me to understand how to convert this string into a variable!!!! item = input("What do you want to buy? (Type the number the gun i...
Flyingcrabs (5)
can someone tell me python def
Hi i need help with def in python
Unzor (13)
How do you implement HTML into Node.js?
So I am making a node.js project, but I don't know to implement HTML. When I try going to the HTML file, nothing shows. How do you do it?